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This is an update to our article:
“Conclusions Drawn from the N. C. Radiation Protection Report.”


We provide additional information about a new company connected to the Rossi fraud. We show that one of the properties, a condo connected to the Rossi scam, was sold for only $100. We show JT Vaughn’s earlier connections to Andrea Rossi. We show that many government and private pension funds are investing in Cherokee Investment Partners LLC, which is the company that has the affiliate, Industrial Heat LLC, which is now a partner with, and promoting the e-cat fraud, by the felon, jailbird and scam artist, Andrea Rossi. We provide proofs for many of our claims that Andrea Rossi is a felon and fraud, and spent many years in prison. We question whether Giuliano Guandalini actually helped Andrea Rossi sell EON srl, Italy for about one million Euros as Mats Lewan reported.

One of the most important issues in Rossi’s e-cat fraud is the fact that for almost all of his adult life Andrea Rossi has been involved in one fraud and scam after another. Just so people can appreciate the foundation for Rossi’s current e-cat fraud and understand his past, we would like to make some brief comments and provide proof for some of our claims concerning Rossi.

We published this video about Rossi’s Petrol Dragon fraud and scam here on youtube:
This short documentary shows the condition and pollution at Rossi’s Petrol Dragon properties at the time they were closed down.
Andrea Rossi – Petrol Dragon & E-cat Scams Pt. 1

For an informative overview of the legal and environmental issues of the Petrol Dragon fraud up to 1996, we include a machine translation of some parts of this Italian “Acts of Parliament” document. Click on the title to download the original PDF in Italian.
Italy Parliament on Waste
The English translation is in Appendix A at the end of this article.

In the original article “Conclusions Drawn from the N. C. Radiation Protection Report” we stated some facts about Rossi and his prior frauds and scams, including time Rossi spent in prison.

We will now provide proof of those claims. We can, and may in the future, provide much more proof. These are just a sampling of what we have on file.

  • Andrea Rossi was sentenced to 8 months in prison for environmental crimes, well documented in newspapers, and that sentence was never overturned.

1993 “8 months imprisonment and 3 million fine to Andrea Rossi 43 years CEO of Petroldragon and OMARhttp://archiviostorico.corriere.it/1993/marzo/24/Petrolio_dai_rifiuti_industriale_condannato_co_2_930324368.shtml

Verification it was not overturned:

1996 “Three years ago the strange activities at Omar had already procured Rossi being sentenced to 8 months imprisonment (become final few days ago), inflicted by the magistrate in Milan Maria Rosaria Marasco.”

  • Andrea Rossi had all of his operating and business licenses for waste handling, fuel oil and gas manufacturing and storage, and for his refinery, revoked for violating the “laws of the land,” and although Rossi fought mightily he never got them back, facts well documented in newspapers.

1994 “oil from waste? useless and toxic
the Region has ordered the closure of establishments PETROL DRAGON and the withdrawal of authorizations for the collection and storage of toxic waste. the owner Andrea Rossi was the ‘inventor of the patent to turn toxic waste into crude oil”
“The curtain falls on Petrol Dragon Andrea Rossi, l ‘inventor of the “miraculous” patent to transform the toxic waste in “crude oil“. Yesterday the Region notified Rossi, owner of “Omar” Lacchiarella (a ‘former refinery converted into chemical complex), the withdrawal of authorizations for the collection and storage of toxic waste. All the “Liquid Petrol Dragon” accumulated in the tanks (between 40 and 100 thousand tons, the “Pirelli”) must ‘be disposed according to a strict plan of reclamation that within three months, under the tutelage of the province, should avoid “every possible cause of pollution of the soil, of ‘water and’ air ‘
The decision regional ‘was certainly accelerated by’ episode on 14 December last. The State Forestry had seized a ‘tanker, from the filing of Petrol Dragon Piossasco (Turin), who was unloading about 10 tons of sewage in the tanks of Omar. Toxic waste transported without authorization, discovered the Rangers, and so contaminated by PCBs (polidiclorodifenile, highly toxic) as to be prohibitive for any disposal facility Lombard. L ‘entire complex was finished under sequestration, and even the appeal filed by’ lawyer Raffaele Della Valle, office of Petrol Dragon, had convinced the judges of the Court of freedom ‘. The analyzes on the cargo seized, carried out by the Presidium multizone hygiene and prevention of Parabiago, had confirmed a ‘very high concentration of PCBs. In dismissing the appeal, the college had emphasized the ‘absence of “commercial invoices related to products derived from the reuse of wastewater in question.” Motivation and ‘similar to that of the magistrate in Milan Maria Rosaria Marasco, who on 23 March had condemned Rossi to 8 months of arrest for storage and illegal disposal of waste just Lacchiarella. The reduced ‘s turnover of Omar el’ small amount ‘of “oil” actually distilled, the judge wrote, “indicate unequivocally that the chief activity’ turning point in Lacchiarella was that the storage of toxic substances harmful”. And he added a curious detail: among the best customers of Petrol Dragon contained a paper mill in the province of Frosinone, that between January ’91 and March’ 92 had purchased 600 tons of fuel self-sufficient. Too bad that the factory had stopped production since ’90.”

  • All of the property owned by Andrea Rossi, and used in his Petroldragon fraud and scam, including the land, the storage tanks, and the refinery, was impounded by the law and the courts. This land was eventually given to the local jurisdictions. But the local jurisdictions could only use the land after it was remediated at an expense of over $60 million Euros. All information well documented in newspapers.

2011 “The court of Parma said “yes”: the area of the former “Petrol Dragon” is now the property of the citizens of Airuno. Thus ends a legal battle started almost twenty years ago. The 25,000 square meters of land on which they were built 21 silos for the storage of potentially toxic go well in the hands of the municipal administration that, in the person of the mayor Adele Cats, went in the Emilian town for the signing of the act through which the area is granted to airunesi with the formula of “datio in solutum”.”

2014 “In closing mandate, the council of Airuno who, inheriting the “hot potato” from its predecessors, it is particularly spending in this sense, obtaining in 2011 the recognition of ownership of the entire area, aims to make a further step in – very long – retraining of the resort Game, better known as the former Petrol Dragon……
Next step, therefore, the passage in the city council to be followed by the publication of the public. “We, as a Government, that there are stakeholders to engage, we are aware of and ask so little to give. Then we will evaluate the proposals that will arrive, without excluding to accept more than one. ”
After more than twenty years from the first funds for reclamation, which started in 1998 and ended only in 2008, the Petrol Dragon is going to become more and more a distant memory …..A new page is ready to be written.”

  • Over 300 businesses were caught up in Rossi’s Petroldragon fraud and scam, resulting in legal action against them also. Many pled guilty. All information well documented in newspapers.

2001 “Rossi – toxic waste, improper storage and scam
Add some information on the good Andrea Rossi, so frightened that someone wants to steal his ingenious invention (you know, in the world there are so many truffatri):
With a transaction by 11 billion, the region is about to close the story of ‘pollution from Petroldragon Andrea Rossi, the’ entrepreneur who claimed to be able to extract oil from waste and meanwhile stoccava them illegally. Greens protest, Ds, PRC el ‘former chairman of the Environment Committee of the Regional Council, Silvia Underwire Clementi An. The transaction had been proposed by the regional government to 300 companies which, for decades, have given toxic waste deposits in the Petroldragon pollutants in Lacchiarella, Dresano and Caponago (Milan), Airuno (Como), Zanica (Bergamo) and Mosio Acquanegra (Mantova) . At the proposal of the Pirelli joined hundreds of leading companies. The green light should arrive next Wednesday by the vote of the Environment Committee of the Regional Council. According councilors Monguzzi Carlo (Verdi), Marco Cipriano (Ds) and Gianni Confalonieri (PRC), “11 billion are few compared to the costs of remediation.”

  • After one year of professional tests the Italian courts determined that Andrea Rossi’s patents for his garbage to oil scam was also garbage and could never work as described in the patents. All information well documented in newspapers.

1994 “How is it that a deposit of “secondary raw materials” as Rossi always said, “for the region became a huge health and environmental hazard on the outskirts of Milan”? In reality the scientific verdict on the Petrol Dragon already was issued March 16 ’93 by the Interministerial Commission responsible for testing the goodness of the patent. After a year of work, the government experts had concluded that “the processing cycle implemented is beyond the purpose required by law governing the treatment and processing of mineral oils and the resulting inter-ministerial concession for which the Commission was convened.” The activities of Omar Lacchiarella, in short, had nothing to do with the ”fiscally products similar to crude oil,” a category of goods introduced into the ‘82 thanks to a sneaky sponsored by the DC and the PSI. Based on laboratory tests, hydrocarbons did not exceed 3 per cent, the rest of the product was composed of water (23%) and three quarters of a cocktail of industrial solvents and acids such as endanger the same columns used for distillation.

  • Not one person has proved any of our claims about Andrea Rossi to be false, including this one – that in May 2000, Andrea Rossi was arrested in Italy for fleeing the country while on house arrest and for “aggravated fraudulent bankruptcy.” Then in October 2000 Andrea Rossi was sentenced to 8 years in prison, for “aggravated fraudulent bankruptcy” in connection to the collapse of his Petroldragon fraud. In addition, based on that jail sentence, Rossi spent at least 7-8 years behind bars for just that charge alone. It is a fact well documented in newspapers, including the news that as late as 2011 that sentence had NOT been overturned. If it had been overturned at any time since then we are absolutely sure Rossi would have put that fact in his internet bio, something which has never happened.

2000 “In the cell the “magician of oil ‘
Andrea Rossi arrested in Rome for the crash of the refinery Omar
Fugitive in the US after leaving tons of poisons in Lacchiarella
In cell the “magician of oil”
Andrea Rossi arrested in Rome for the crash of the refinery Omar
MILAN – “Pro Christo Omnia in Deo,” was the motto of his devout Petrol Dragon, when Andrea Rossi was still the sheikh of Hoofddorp, the patent holder to recycle industrial poisons in crude oil. A “dirty story” of the 80s, which had left dozens of stores in Northern Italy overflowing with industrial sewage to be disposed of at the expense of taxpayers. Fugitive for about a year in the US, Rossi was arrested, almost poetic justice, in Rome for the Jubilee, on a shuttle bus of pilgrims parked near the Vatican Museums. He was the leader Augusto Bellisario, the Commissioner Aurelio, to notify the ‘order of custody for bankruptcy fraud and aggravated fraud signed by the investigating magistrate in Milan Alessandro Rossato at the request of the prosecutor Marco Maria Maiga. In his pocket, Rossi had a plane ticket for the flight Bologna-Brussels-Boston 5 June. L ‘accusation against the’ fifties entrepreneur refers to the collapse of the refinery Omar Srl Lacchiarella, declared bankrupt August 3 ’95 by the Court of Milan for the “Sheikh” the party was over for over a year, ever since the ‘regional Councillor green to’ Environment, Carlo Monguzzi, had banned the storage of new waste. Less than two months before the crash, however, the ‘area had been sold for 400 million (all in bills never cashed) to a financier of Cremona. A bargain price, given that, once disposed of 57 thousand tons of toxic sludge, the ‘industrial area would have a value of no less than 10 billion. The strange sale had already come under the scrutiny of the District Court with the ‘hypothesis of illegal disposal, but the conviction was overturned by the Court’ s appeal. Andrea Rossi was however already gone from ‘Italy, leaving the City of Lacchiarella, the Region and the Ministry of’ Environment the uncomfortable legacy of cleaning up: more than 30 billion already spent, and 14 others to clean up everything. Region and municipality, defended by lawyers Luigi Mariani and John Mariotti, have meanwhile asked the bankruptcy judge to acquire the ‘area in reimbursement. Marco Castoldi”

Verification, 8 year prison sentence not overturned:

Rossi who loves the spotlight, disappeared from the world stage from 2000 till his patent application filing and collaboration with Sergio Focardi starting in 2008.

Since this felony conviction and 8 year prison sentence was very serious, we believe that if Rossi had been acquitted he would publish the documents on his bio.

2004 “On appeal, the process still hangs for bankruptcy fraud linked to the crash of Omar, the company that took over from Petrol Dragon refinery Lacchiarella which had to be distilled waste: for this process, in 2000 Andrea Rossi was sentenced under the summary procedure by Gup Milan to eight years in prison. To reclaim the approximately 70 thousand tons of waste accumulated in ‘system, in ten years the Lombardy Region has paid about 41 million euro. ‘L’ acquittal of Rossi clearly shows how the principle of “polluter pays” is often applied to the contrary: the polluter gains and gets away, “said Silvia Underwire Clementi, regional director of An. G. Gua.”

For Rossi in November 2011 still hung in the appeal process for bankruptcy fraud linked to the financial collapse of Petroldragon, after a conviction at first instance to 8 years in prison.”

2011 “(still hangs in the appeal process for the crack of his “Petrol Dragon”)”

To read our ongoing coverage of the exploits of the felon and con-artist Andrea Rossi along with his new partners at Industrial Heat LLC, please see these articles:
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…………This includes the latest report from the N. C. radiation bureau.
600+ Comments from Andrea Rossi about Working with Industrial Heat LLC, (Sales – R&D – Factory)
Conclusions Drawn from the N. C. Radiation Protection Report

To discover more about Rossi’s e-cat fraud, please read more detailed accounts of the exploits of the felon and con-artist Andrea Rossi including a lot of information relating to his past frauds and scams on these websites:

“Conclusions Drawn from the N. C. Radiation Protection Report”

When we covered the properties owned by Andrea Rossi and the REFC Real Estate Corp, we did not include the two properties located at:
1331 LINCOLN RD #601
1331 LINCOLN RD #505

The reason is because Rossi and family owned these properties before Rossi became involved with Industrial Heat LLC. We now think it is important to include this information, because we believe they were also purchased with money from Rossi’s frauds and scams. In this case though we think they were purchased from illegal gains fraudulently obtained from Rossi’s “Thermoelectric Scam” with money obtained from the DOD/DOE. Here is the history for these two properties.
1331 LINCOLN RD #505

The year 2007/2008 Rossi was released from prison/house arrest in Italy. Then Rossi spent the years 2008-2010 working with Sergio Focardi to perfect Rossi’s e-cat scam, with Rossi still living off the proceeds from the “Thermoelectric Scam,” which took place from 1999-2004. This property was purchased in 2008 by a relative of Maddalena Pascucci, Rossi’s wife, Oreste Pascucci. Rossi uses this property for a residence and business office here in the USA.
Cherokee01This property address was used in most of the early documents relating to the e-cat and Leonardo Corp. But you will notice that in 2011 this property, Unit 505, was purchased by ASELEF2009 LLC.

But what really concerns us is the fact that even though 2009 is in the name of the company ASELEF2009 LLC, it was not created till 2012. And it was created as a domestic corporation, not as a foreign corporation. There is no record that we can find of a ASELEF2009 LLC, anywhere else. Which is immaterial anyway since Oreste Pascucci is claiming on tax forms that the company was located at the property’s location, Unit #505.

Cherokee03 Cherokee04 Cherokee05The records also show that Oreste Pascucci paid the taxes on 11/02/2011 (November) and claimed that ASELEF2009 LLC owned the property on that date.

That is why the tax records show the property at Unit 505 was owned by ASELEF2009 LLC in 2011, a minimum of 3 months before the creation of the company, in the above information. We do not know what date Oreste Pascucci was claiming ASELEF2009 LLC became owner in 2011, but the 2010 tax filing showed Pascucci still owned the property then. But remember the information shows the transfer of deed was on 02/10/2012 two days after the company incorporation, for the sum of $100.

From our understanding of the law, providing false information like this is a criminal act in Florida.
Cherokee06Aselef2009 LLC also owns the property at 1035 West Ave 408, Miami Beach, FL 33139. See above. Purchased on May 02, 2012.
Cherokee07Aselef2009 LLC is a Florida Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on February 8, 2012. The company’s filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is L12000019768.

Let’s look at who owns ASELEF2009 LLC.
ASELEF2009 LLC, was incorporated on 02/08/2012
The name and address of managing members/managers are:
Title: MGR

Title: MGRM
1331 LINCOLN RD. APT. 505

Both of these people are relatives of Maddalena Pascucci, Rossi’s wife.
The street and mailing address of the principal office of the Limited Liability Company is:

The name and Florida street address of the registered agent is:
1401 N. UNIVERSITY DR #301

Principal Address, Mailing Address and Registered Agent Address:
7900 Glades Road #530
Boca Raton, FL 33434
Changed: 03/21/2013

Now where have we seen this name, HENRY JOHNSON ESQ before?
Henry W Johnson is the:
President of REFC Real Estate Corp
President of Leonardo Corporation

Now let’s look at 1331 LINCOLN RD Unit #601
1331 LINCOLN RD #601

As you can see this property was purchased by Maddalena Pascucci, Rossi’s wife, in 2010.
2010 is an important year. 2010 was the year that Rossi set up shop in the USA, trying hard to sell his e-cat scam. It is very possible Rossi first obtained money from his e-cat scam during this period. The reason Rossi had everything, (property and businesses), put in his wife’s, her relative’s or his company’s names was because Rossi still owed $millions in Italy. Maddalena Pascucci, Rossi’s wife is still listed as the owner. Rossi uses this property for a residence and business office here in the USA.
Cherokee08The name of Maddalena Pascucci, Rossi’s wife surfaces quite often in relation to Andrea Rossi and all of his businesses and scams. Mats Lewan writing for Ny Teknik had this to say about Maddalena Pascucci:

“Regarding Defkalion’s agreement with Rossi, Stremmenos said that it is provisionally signed, but that some clauses still must be met.
This was confirmed by Andrea Rossi’s wife, Maddalena Pascucci who is a commerce graduate and manages the commercial part of the energy catalyzer. Formally, the agreement was made between Praxen and the Italian company EFA srl, of which she is principal owner.

‘The contract can be defined by two basic steps. The first is an experimental test. If the test goes well, there will be an initial down payment. Thereafter, the principal payment of a greater economic impact will be done when the plant of one megawatt is delivered, ‘Pascucci said.”

In that same article Lewan included this information about companies and individuals involved in the E-cat:

* Andrea Rossi, inventor of the energy catalyzer.
Doctor’s degree in Philosophy from the Università degli Studi di Milano (1975).
Founder and owner of 50% of Leonardo Corporation (see below).
Founder of the parallel operations EON srl in Italy, now sold (see below).
Applicant for a U.S. patent for the energy catalyzer.

* Maddalena Pascucci, wife of Andrea Rossi.
Business consultant with a degree in economics, majoring in law.
Owner of 70% of the EFA srl (see below).
Owner of 50% of Leonardo Corporation (see below).
Holder of the Italian patent for the energy catalyzer.
Applicant for an international patent (except U.S.) for the energy catalyzer.

* Defkalion Green Technologies, Greece.
Holds exclusive rights to produce the energy catalyzer in Greece and Cyprus, and for distribution in these countries, plus the Balkan countries including Romania and Bulgaria. Defkalion is controlled by the company Praxen, registered in Cyprus (see below).
Registered April, 2011.
George Sortikos, born 1942 – Chairman
George Xanthoulis, born in 1987 – Deputy Chairman
Aurel David, born in 1969 – CEO
Alexandros Xanthoulis, born 1954 – Board member, representative of Praxen
Christos Stremmenos, born 1932 – Board Member
Ioannis Hadjichristos, born 1958 – Board Member
Andreas Meidanis, born 1953 – Board Member
Mouafak Saouachni, born 1961 – Board Member
Andreas Drougas, born 1945 – Board Member

* Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies (Global) Ltd., Cyprus
The principal owner of Defkalion in Greece (see above).
Officially based in Limassol, Cyprus.
Defkalion’s exclusive contract (see above) is formally signed by Praxen and the Italian company EFA srl (see below).
Registered December, 2010.

* Ampenergo, USA.
Receives under a contract with Rossi’s company Leonardo Corporation (see below) part of the royalties on all sales of licenses and products based on the energy catalyzer in North and South America.
Founded in April 2009 by Charles Norwood, Richard Noceti, Robert Gentile, and Craig Cassarino (read our interview with Cassarino here).
Note. Robert Gentile and Craig Cassarino founded around 1997 Leonardo Technologies Inc, LTI, along with Andrea Rossi, who later sold his stake.

[We find it highly unlikely that Rossi received any money from the sale of his stake in Leonardo Technologies Inc. We say that because the four people mentioned above, Charles Norwood, Richard Noceti, Robert Gentile and Craig Cassarino we some of the principal players in Rossi’s “Thermoelectric Scam.” These same four people continued the “Thermoelectric Scam” even after Rossi was arrested in Italy in 2000. The “Thermoelectric Scam” did not end until the final report in 2004. Please see our many articles of that story, (which is still not finished), starting with this article:
The E-cat & Thermoelectric Scam of Andrea Rossi – Part 1

* EFA srl, Italy
EFA has exclusive rights to manage licenses for the energy catalyzer in Europe.
EFA is negotiating with the University of Bologna regarding commissioned research into the energy catalyzer under a contract worth EUR 500,000.
Principal owner (70%): Maddalena Pascucci (see above).
Minority Owner: Among others the business consultant Giuliano Guandalini who confirmed that he helped Andrea Rossi to sell the company EON srl ~2008 (see below).

* Leonardo Corporation, USA
Basis for development and prototyping of the energy catalyzer. According to Rossi, the company has a factory in Miami, USA.
Previous activities: Among other things, the development of thermocouples, and the diesel generators (gensets) powered with biofuel (parallel activity to EON srl, see below).
Founded by Andrea Rossi in April 1997 in New Hampshire, USA.
Owners: Andrea Rossi (50%), Maddalena Pascucci (50%).
(Not to be confused with Leonardo Technologies Inc, LTI, with Rossi as co-founder and former owner of 33%. The other founders of LTI are also founders of Ampenergo, see above).

* EON srl, Italy
Develops and sells diesel generators (gensets) powered with biofuel. Founded by Andrea Rossi in 2002 and sold ~2008 for about one million Euros. Business consultant Giuliano Guandalini, now a partner in the company, and minority owner of EFA srl, has confirmed to Ny Teknik that he assisted Rossi in selling EON.
[We question the truth of this statement. It says Rossi started the company in 2002, but we know Rossi was in prison during the years 2000-2008. We are guessing that Giuliano Guandalini was the only source of this information. But we know Rossi disappeared for 8 years and we know that Rossi was arrested in 2000 and that Rossi was sentenced to 8 years in prison in October 2000, a sentence that was never overturned. We firmly believe this claim was a cover to account for the money Rossi received from the “Thermoelectric Scam.” ]

Remember EFA SRL, Italy is the company that shipped the 1MW e-cat device to Industrial Heat LLC.

NOTE: In an attempt to hide the real connection to Rossi, this shipping manifest shows the address of Leonardo Corp. as 1331 LINCOLN RD – Unit 301. In 2013, Unit 301 was owned by MARIA ONELIA GONZALEZ who has no connection to Rossi or Leonardo Corp.
Cherokee09Maddalena Pascucci, seems to be at all of the signings of any documents and contracts relating to the e-cat. For instance she is here at this signing with Prometeon SRL CEO, Aldo Proia:
Cherokee10Just a brief mention about Prometeon SRL CEO, Aldo Proia. He shut down his website after a falling out with Rossi. When Rossi refused to provide 1MW e-cats after Aldo Proia had buyers lined up, Proia threatened to sue Rossi, so Rossi bought back Proia’s license.

JT Vaughn

What about JT Vaughn’s earlier connections to Andrea Rossi? What is the earliest record we can find showing any connection between JT Vaughn and Andrea Rossi?

We know both JT Vaughn and Andrea Rossi was at the 2012 E-Cat conference in Zurich according to the participant register from the sponsors, TransAltec Inc.
Here is a PDF of the brochure for the conference.
And here is a list of the people who attended the conference.
Teilnehmer / Participants Kongress/Convention Zuerich 8./9. September 2012 Update 15.10.2012

It shows a “Vaughn, John USA 27601 Raleigh, C” was at the conference in September 2012.

When you watch the videos of that conference you cannot help but notice it is more like a religious gathering than a conference called for the e-cat licensees’. Was JT Vaughn so impressed by the dog and pony show that he was able to get Cherokee Investment Partners LLC along with many others to invest in this fraud and scam?

Now let’s look at some of the sources of the money feeding into Cherokee Investment Partners LLC.

We will show that many government and private pension funds are investing in Cherokee Investment Partners LLC. Therefore we have to ask, would all of these people be happy knowing that their money is in the hands of a company that is in bed with a felon and a known criminal who spent at least 12 years in prison or on house arrest? And the technology that Cherokee Investment Partners LLC and Industrial Heat LLC has invested into is nothing but a fraud and a scam?

The first question we ask is, who are the 14 investors that put $11.5M into the initial offering of Industrial Heat LLC? We only can answer about one, and that is Cherokee Investment Partners LLC.

The second question we ask is, who puts money into Cherokee Investment Partners LLC? Let’s look into that.

In the document, “PERSPECTIVES ON ENERGY REDUCTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL INNOVATION” we read: “Cherokee’s investors are large institutional pension funds, university endowments and state funds.”
Cherokee12In another document about Cherokee Investment Partners LLC, where they are promoting a project in Denver Colorado, we read: “Investors include public employee pension funds, corporate funds, endowments and foundations.”
Cherokee13But we find that Cherokee Investment Partners LLC not only receives funds all over the USA but even in their own back yard. In a Carolina Journal News Reports article: http://www.carolinajournal.com/exclusives/display_exclusive.html?id=6216

Pension Experiences Largest Losses in Real Estate Investments
By Sarah Okeson
Mar. 18th, 2010

We read:
“RALEIGH — The real estate investments in North Carolina’s pension fund lost about a third of their value last year; this was the worst loss among the categories of investments in the fund’s portfolio. Because information about specific real estate investments is not considered a public record, it’s impossible to know which investments brought down the pension fund’s value.”

In the North Carolina “State Treasurer’s Annual Report” both the 2009 and the “Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Report” we find that NC has invested in two of Cherokee’s funds: from the 2013 report

Published February 15, 2015

This is very interesting reading. But please remember it is only machine translated.
The original can be downloaded here Italy Parliament on Waste

Appendix A

We include here parts of the following document.
Acts of Parliament – 507 – Chamber of Deputies
1.3 – Lombardy

The specific case of Lombardy was the subject of particular attention by the Commission. The mission of 18 and 19 October 1995 had given way to supply additional information and details on both the situation of disposal of MSW in Milan (which in the weeks subsequent exploded in a sensational) is the state of degradation environment and health, faced some areas of high industrialization (And Dresano Lacchiarella, Cesano Maderno).

On the occasion of the emergency as manifested by the refusal the town of Cerro accommodate the RSU in the Milan, may have played a positive role, even composing political differences and produce what then was the solution adopted, the convening emergency at the Commission of the highest authorities involved in the affair.

After the mission were received by the Commission additional items of information, in particular provided by the Committee nationals Dresano and Lacchiarella and by the financial police in relation to the area of the former Omar and related events that occurred in the last weeks.

The Commission conducted a hearing February 14, 1996 the chairman of the Environment Committee of the Regional Council Lombardy, Silvia Underwire Clementi, the member of the same Commission Carlo Monguzzi and the administration official Regional responsible for issue remediation of contaminated areas, Nicola Di Nuzzo. For a summary of the hearings, please refer to chapter IL

For further information on the situation of Dresano and Lacchiarella (on which see also Annex / B) must be remembered that following the investigation carried out by the Commission on 18 October 1995 at the area of the ex Omar (following the failure of the srl Omar plant and equipment of the company were acquired by Trust Company Srl, based in Madingley) in the municipality of Lacchiarella, was issued by the mayor’s order suspending demolition of some structures, in the course of time inspection of the Commission.

The company would not have complied with that order, and would have to fact completed the demolition. The mayor of the municipality of Lacchiarella also issued in time other ordinances concerning the situation in the storage area subject of hazardous toxic waste.

The Trust Company Srl has not complied with the subpoenas union. During several visits undertaken by the technicians of the town Lacchiarella in the area concerned, has been found not only the loss of some reservoirs, but also a high contamination of the ground (this is presumably of waste hydrocarbon) with penetration in areas adjacent to the tanks themselves.

As far as cleaning up the site, the Commission, in its quarterly report, had reported Pinspiegabile diversity behavior of the authorities towards the two municipalities viciniori (Dresano and Lacchiarella) which led to unavailability adequate funding for the municipality of Lacchiarella.

On 19 December 1995, the town of Lacchiarella asked the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Protection Department Civil – and copied to the Presidency of the regional Lombardy, funding for the reclamation of the area in question and has prepared a project of reclamation of the same (they were foreseen a cost of about 50-60 billion) project that has been discussed during a meeting held February 15, 1996 at the Department civil protection of the Prime Ministers.

According to information received by the Commission, the charges for the operation remediation of the entire area should be supported by the Ministry the environment and the region of Lombardy; Furthermore, the Presidency Council of Ministers would be declared available to support expenses for the only “securing” of the plants (spending would amount at about 8-11 billion). The regional government of Lombardy in the month of December 1995 agreed to assign to the municipality of Lacchiarella Itl 2 billion for the execution of the first measures of “securing “And” cleaning up “the area.

Following the order issued by the prosecutor of the Republic at the District Court of Milan, the State Forestry Corps in date February 17, 1996, proceeded to the seizure of the area in question for failure to comply with Article 650 of the Criminal Code (non-compliance orders issued in time by the Mayor of Lacchiarella) and Article 26 of the Decree of the President of the Republic 915/982 (disposal of toxic and dangerous waste without the appropriate authorization).

One of the members of the Trust Company Srl, Andrea Pirani was arrested for fraudulent bankruptcy and false accounting of a the number of companies of which he is a partner or director one and only.

The Ali B – Dresano and Lacchiarella (Milan)

The Commission has acquired, following the mission carried out on 18 October 1995 a series of acts and documents in order to reconstruct, as closely as possible, the process of a story that appears emblematic for the different aspects of an administrative and judicial connected to the storage and disposal of illegal waste toxicological harmful in ways particularly widespread in the regions northern.

It should be noted at the outset that in 1980 the region of Lombardy Petrol Srl authorized the Dragon Caponago treatment of waste solid waste in order to derive fuel products to be allocated to furnaces and boilers. The Lombardy region, subsequently authorized the aforementioned companies to the treatment of special waste and toxic waste, always in order to get combustible material.

In 1989 the Public Prosecutor at the trial court circondariale Monza seized the facilities of Petrol Srl Dragon sites Hoofddorp, for violations of the decree of the President of the Republic 915/82; at the end of the criminal proceedings the administrator of the company was convicted of violations of the aforementioned decree of the President the Republic 915/82.

Subsequently, the Supreme Court, with its own means, has ordered the release of the plants. In the following years Srl Petrol Dragon, given the impossibility of placing on the market the material obtained from waste treatment, was a series of storage of such material in Lombardy and Piedmont, using former oil depots and seized dissequestrati following the scandal of the oils known ’70s and’ 80s.

The analyzes carried out on such stored material have established that issue of harmful-toxic waste with high concentrations of chlorine and Polychlorinated Biphenyls.

In particular, in the company’s sites in Lacchiarella are stored about 56 thousand tons of toxic waste, the where the cost of remediation estimated between 50 and 60 billion lire.

A further storage site of the above material is localized in the municipality of Dresano, where procedures were initiated remediation with an estimated cost of around 20 billion lire.

Following the judicial events that have affected the Petrol Srl Dragon, the entire area of Lacchiarella, where is located the factory the company was acquired by Omar Srl, a company incorporated on 28

June 1991 sorts with the acquisition of 90 percent of the capital Omar’s SpA, based in Lacchiarella (MI), Via Liguria, 5 (the Omar SpA still retains a portion of the area where are located two deposits).

The Omar SpA had main activities are the operation of a refinery that had the authorization until 27 July 1999. The Omar subsequently received additional authorization Ministerial for the processing of products similar to tax crude oil; it included the verification processing by part of a special commission of testing, the results of which (is the March 16, 1993) was that “must be spelled out the features of the processed raw material, since the only definition of product tax assimilated to crude oil is not sufficient to qualify the raw material in question and that, therefore, the processing cycle implemented beyond the scope of the same type of Commission. ”

Given this situation, taking into account that the materials obtained from Petrol Dragon from waste treatment were not products fuels by taxing manufacturing, supervision Standing at the plant by the Guardia di Finanza was suppressed.

On 4 December 1992 the mayor of Lacchiarella issued the order No union. 25 prohibition to receive at the refinery Lacchiarella hazardous waste or hazardous toxic, as well as material produced in the plant Caponago of Petrol Dragon, including those obtained in past and stored in other deposits; the ordinance forbade also to continue every activity of distillation. That order, contested by Mr. Andrea Rossi, owner of Ltd. Petrol Dragon, was suspended by the TAR on 21 December 1992.

The mayor of Lacchiarella, dated January 3, 1993, issued a new ordinance limiting the prohibition to only aspect connected to the reception materials; but again the TAR, on 24 March 1993 arranged to suspend the measure taken by the city, who then, in turn, to submit an appeal to the State Council.

On 24 September 1993 the Council of State rejected the appeal on the grounds that the execution of the orders’ stemmed a serious and irreparable harm. ”

Members of La Rocca Srl are:
– Andrea Pirani, born in Cento (FE) April 4, 1951;
– Magagnoli ENEA.

Administrator Srl La Rocca is the aforementioned Andrea Pirani. The sole director of the company is that Franco was born in Caccini La Spezia February 27, 1942 and lives in Cremona, Viale Trento and Trieste, 27 / A.

At 31 December 1994 the company had a turnover 7,264,362 lire, costs 13,315,465 lire, with a loss of exercise of 6,078,937 lire.

On June 15, 1995 is entered into between the Omar (mineral oils related refinery Omar) Srl based in Lodi via Calabria, 7 and Srl Trust Company based in Madingley, a bill of sale of property.

The company sells to Omar Srl Srl Trust Company complex industrial site in the municipality of Lacchiarella (MI), road Binasco-Melegnano, formed by several bodies of industrial structures and related fixed installations, processing and storage (essentially was purchased the entire area under consideration).

The sale price was fixed at Lit. 400 million (would have been issued numerous bills, the first in due in February 1996), where the fixed installations are hired to value nominal zero pounds.

With this act, the Trust Company Srl, with registered capital of lire 20 million, the purchase value of 400 million lire an industrial complex worth tens of billions, inside which are stored 56 thousand tons of toxic and hazardous waste, which involves a reclamation estimated cost of 50-60 billion.

By letter of 12 June 1995 the Trust Company Srl represented Omar Srl to the conditions to buy the industrial complex concerned, including:

– Part of the plant for which the concession above contain waste material for disposal or otherwise as by certain competent authorities considered material classified as toxic waste harmful or at least, just in order to measures laid down by the President of the Republic 915 of 10 September 1982, however refusal improperly stored;

– For the waste material and above have already been issued by certain provisions and the competent authority shall order that injunctions disposal, also the facilities and the area itself and will must be subject to reclamation;

– The Omar Srl guarantees that he had already prepared the necessary obtaining authorization for the construction, – inside its plant, a plant for the incineration and drying of hazardous waste and hazardous toxic, both liquid and solid -muddy, just cleaning up and disposing of points previous;

– The Omar Srl guarantees that the necessary authorizations referred in the previous paragraph will be made available later this year or, at the Later, by 31 January 1996;

– Just as a result of the aforementioned authorization, the Trust Company Ltd. shall bear the cost of disposing of the waste and the materials that will in storage facilities purchased as intends to implement, within the subject of the sale, that facility incineration and drying of waste and hazardous toxic, both liquid and solid-muddy;

– Buildings and plants with their contents are currently burdened by two orders of seizure and Omar Srl undertakes to activate as soon as the necessary paperwork to get the restitution.

By letter of 24 October 1995, addressed to the mayor of the town of Lacchiarella, now, with reference to the municipal ordinances related the reclamation of the land in question, declaring absolutely foreign to the production of environmental damage referred to by the Orders, which is not required to bear any fees and charges for the reclamation of the land.

In the same letter the company, holding that the Orders are illegitimate (as also the decision of the Regional Administrative Court of Lombardy n. 1051/93, regulating a case identical to the one under consideration) makes available to provide for the maintenance of the plants alone, competing to share the fulfillment of each activity reclamation.

By order of 30 October 1995, the mayor of the municipality of Lacchiarella possessed by the Trust Company for the immediate emptying and disposal of waste stored in the former Omar.

With another order of 30 October 1995 was always willing that the Trust Company Srl:

– Presented to the offices of the municipality a technical report on the state of efficiency of the security systems of the study area;

– May be performing detection of the thickness of each single tank to check the condition of the entire tank farm. The Trust Company Srl has failed in any way to the ordinances municipalities issued in time, opposing even appeals to Lombardy TAR.

On 18 October 1995, a delegation of the Parliamentary Commission Investigation on the waste cycle and illegal activities related to it, has carried out an inspection at the area of the ex Omar in the municipality of Lacchiarella, in the course of which has, inter alia, have found as they were ongoing demolition of some facilities without prior permission from the administration Municipal (there are reasons of such unofficial demolition). The site also appeared a situation of serious degradation of some tanks, filled with toxic waste and other components plant.

The Commission, therefore, called for an immediate intervention the city administration that did hold jobs waiting for the detailed design of remediation by the new owners (to that effect on 19 October 1995 was issued an order by the mayor of Lacchiarella).

The company has not complied with the order and the union fact completed the demolition; for such non-compliance, as for other non-compliance, she was reported to the court.

During the hearing of 18 October 1995, the mayor of Lacchiarella highlighted as the current situation was characterized by a lack of adequate funding from both the region by the government, that does not allow you to manage even the emergency phase let alone to prepare a reclamation project and remediation.

By letter of 23 November 1995 some municipalities in the area between where to Lacchiarella asked the Lombardy region and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the immediate financing interventions needed to safety of the area in question where are stored waste and the reclamation of the same total.

By letter of 23 October 1995, the Lombardy region represented that the county council by resolution no. 7 of 27 June 1995 had requested the Ministry of the Environment for the state of emergency Omar site in the municipality of Lacchiarella.

By order n. 2411 of 4 August 1995, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers stipulated that the authorization and the remediation designed to cope with the emergency situation has arisen in the municipality of Dresano (MI) due to the presence of stockpiling abusive of toxic and hazardous waste in former factories Procon Fertil and Petrol Dragon, and in the municipality of Lacchiarella due to the presence of stockpiling abusive of toxic and hazardous waste at the premises of the company Omar.

By the same order the mayors of the municipalities of Dresano and Lacchiarella delegates were appointed commissioners to implement the interventions that must be completed by June 30 1996.

For the implementation of interventions in the municipality of Dresano were allocated 24 billion.

The town of Lacchiarella Commissioner shall ensure the continued safety of the sites where the deposits are located Company Omar and to prepare appropriate programs aimed at overcoming the situation of impending danger and the ultimate reclamation Site (essentially the mayor of Lacchiarella was not assigned any sum for interventions willing).

The Commission in its report quarterly reported the inexplicable behavior of the diversity of regional authorities in comparisons of the two neighboring municipalities that resulted in the current unavailability adequate funding for the municipality of Lacchiarella.

On 19 December 1995, the town of Lacchiarella letter n. 11165 directly to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department civil protection – and for information to the Presidency of the Regional Council of Lombardy, has requested funding for reclamation of the area in question.

Pending the decision of Presideza Council of Ministers, the town of Lacchiarella has prepared a reclamation project area, with plans to spend around 50/60 billion. Such project was discussed during a meeting at the Presidency Council of Ministers – Department of Civil Protection – On 15 February 1996.

The Presidency of the Council would be declared available to support expenses for the only “securing” of the plants (whose spending would amount to about 8-11 billion).

As for charges relating to the clean-up operation the entire area, the Presidency of the Council would have represented that charges must be borne by the Lombardy region and the Ministry environment.

By letter n. 10373 of 23 November 1995, directed to the Presidency the Regional Council of Lombardy and knowledge alderman environment, the municipality of Lacchiarella required a contribution under Article 2 of Law n. 99/83 for urgent interventions for the security of the entire area, preventivando cost of about 11 billion and 826 million.

At the sitting of 22 December 1995, the regional government of Lombardy, also taking into account the requirements of the town of Lacchiarella with the footnote. 10373 of 23 November 1995, approved the assignment the municipality of Lacchiarella the sum of 2 billion lire in order to allow the deputy commissioner, appointed by order of n. 2411/95 of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of 4 August 1995, the execution of the first interventions for safety and remediation area and the definition of a global project of reclamation.

The municipality of Lacchiarella has already activated the procurement procedures for the execution of the audit and the state seal of 90 tanks containing toxic and hazardous waste and the sprinkler system.

As shown above, the Trust Company Srl has completed demolition of some structures located within the in question, without prior permission from the municipality Lacchiarella.

By letter dated December 7, 1995 directed to the municipality of Lacchiarella, the Trust Company Srl would declare the availability of company: at his own expense the works of maintenance that is not pure involve or relate in any way the content of waste pollutants; to bear a share of 25 percent of the cost for the full remediation of the soil, thus obliging directly to perform in a workmanlike plan foreordained by Commissioner ad acta, mayor of Lacchiarella, for an amount equal to 75 per percent of the amount needed, asking also the commitment to an agreement in order for future urban use of the land, with the signing of the Convention due.

In the course of repeated visits undertaken by the technicians of the town Lacchiarella in the area concerned, it has been found not only the loss of some reservoirs, but also a high contamination soil (presumable waste hydrocarbons) with penetration Areas adjacent to the tanks.

Hearing of representatives of the region of Lombardy (14 February 1996)

Mrs. Silvia Underwire Clementi, Chairman of the Committee environment of the Lombardy Regional Council, has played a brief exposure on its activities and on extensive documentation on disposal of hazardous toxic in the region and delivered to the Commission.

In particular, has collected data on the census areas contaminated in Lombardy, as well as photographic material that highlights areas polluted with toxic waste and the list of sites.

On each of the company’s former Omar Lacchiarella, Dr. Nicola Di Nuzzo, officer in charge of the office responsible for the region reclamation, after carrying out a history of the main interventions made by the junta, reported that currently is under consideration of a working group – which is part of – a reclamation project and verification of the contents of tanks present and the sealing ability of the themselves. It is, in fact, highly flammable liquids that make the area highly risky and highly polluted; the junta therefore, allocate a contribution to the municipality of Lacchiarella to allow one safe disposal. Dr. Di Nuzzo also stated that the USL and the PMIP (garrison multizone hygiene and prophylaxis) have detected a strong presence of aromatic substances inside of the area and is proceeding to the verification of the depth of the level of pollution. The junta also considers it appropriate and more functional that the disposal of 54 thousand tons of waste stored silos takes place in an authorized facility displaced inside and not outside the area.

On the problem areas of former ACNA, both Dr. Di Nuzzo that Dr. Monguzzi, a member of the Environment Committee of the Board Regional Lombardy, reported that measures are under way to private individuals for the building of a soil remediation related to the municipalities of Limbiate, Ceriano Pond and Cesano

Maderno; This explains the presence of companies within the commission technique established to evaluate the feasibility of the recovery plan.

The work of the Committee also participate in the USL and PMIP competent; about that reported having had news of exclusion USL 32, who first had begun to address the issue of such areas, the committee that evaluates projects reclamation and calls for action by the Parliamentary Committee aims to shed light on this singular episode.

Disposal of municipal solid waste in Milan, Dr. Monguzzi spoke of a “war” between ongoing economic economic groups contend that the contract for disposal; this situation, stressed Dr. Monguzzi, sprang from the imminent approval of a bill that delegates to the total private competence in the field. It also aired on suspicion of infiltration organized criminal groups within the government and the lack transparency on the names of the firms – revealed suspiciously late – And on the location of the sites.

The hearing concluded with an analysis of the general situation the region held by the company ad hoc Lombardy resources on demand of the county council: 530 contaminated sites have been identified 36 of which require action in the short term; region has already intervened in 70 percent of the 36 sites identified.