The E-cat & Thermoelectric Scam of Andrea Rossi – Part 1


The E-cat & Thermoelectric Scam of Andrea Rossi – Part 1

Part 1 – Is a brief introduction to the Thermoelectric project.

Andrea Rossi, the director of the e-cat project, is being followed by a few reporters. The part of Rossi’s life that received the least amount of attention is the Thermoelectric project. The Thermoelectric project received millions of dollars from the USA government without producing one device that worked as claimed, nor was any device independently tested by a true third party. The Thermoelectric project was a collaboration between three private companies, Leonardo Corporation, New Hampshire, Leonardo Technologies Inc, (LTI), and Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) along with the USA government departments of DOD/DOE through the Construction Engineering Research Laboratory. The main and leading personnel involved in the Thermoelectric project were the following people: Andrea Rossi, Craig Cassarino, Dr. Tom Kelly PhD, Franklin (Frank) H. Holcomb, Robert Gentile, Christopher (Chris) L. Munson.

The Thermoelectric project was a fraud and scam against the USA government, and the American taxpayers. To our knowledge no investigation was ever done to determine how this happened, who knew what and when, and what safeguards have been put in place to prevent things like this from happening again. We have known for many years that R&D within the USA government is full of fraud and scams, i.e. people receiving millions of dollars annually, while producing nothing but a few reports that could have been written by a senior high school student. What is amazing is that many of the players and all of the companies involved in the Thermoelectric fraud and scam (except for Leonardo Corporation, New Hampshire) are still involved with the USA government drawing millions of dollars yearly from the government coffers.

The story of Andrea Rossi and his first major fraud and scam in the USA, the Thermoelectric project, can only be told by going back and looking at a little history of Rossi.

But first, just in case someone reading this article is not familiar with the author we list some of the original stories by Gary Wright concerning Andrea Rossi and his e-cat fraud and scam.

1)    When Andrea Rossi was claiming that he was manufacturing e-cats, e-cat modules, and even 1MW e-cat plants, and was building in Florida an automated factory to build the e-cats, Gary Wright was the one who contacted the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control. The formal complaint to the Florida BRC resulted in an investigator going to see Andrea Rossi in person. Since Rossi had already spent many years in jail in Italy, Andrea Rossi thought it wise to tell the truth to the investigating officer, therefore Rossi reversed course concerning all he and Focardi had been telling reporters, putting on his blog, saying in videos, etc., and Rossi told the BRC investigator that he was not building or selling anything in the USA, and his e-cat did not produce the radiation and transmutation both he and Focardi had been claiming for over five years. This story resulted in much internet gossip and because of Wright’s exposé one of Rossi’s partners called Rossi a liar in an internet article. This story is documented here at these links –

The Florida Bureau of Radiation Control Report

More Rossi lies – and new information from the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control

62+ Quotes Rossi making e-Cats in Factory in Florida, USA

110+ Quotes by Rossi about Gamma Rays and Transmutations

2)    When Andrea Rossi was claiming all along that he was not taking other people’s money for his project the e-cat, and to show many details of the fraudulent nature of the e-cat scam, Gary Wright published a series of emails between Robert K. and Roger Green. Roger Green with businesses in New York City and Australia, is a business partner of Andrea Rossi. This story also included a never before seen video of Andrea Rossi, Roger Green, and other partners trying to get some people from India to invest in Rossi’s company, by trying to get the India investors to purchase licenses to sell non-existing products.

Gary Wright thinks that one of the most important facts (among many) resulting from this series of articles is the fact that Andrea Rossi himself, said that his personal blog, “Journal of Nuclear Physics” was an authoritative source for information concerning Andrea Rossi and his e-cat project. In essence Rossi implied that anything he said on his blog was factual and was to be believed by a potential investor.

That story is documented here at these links.

Fraud in 2012 – e-cat Australia – Roger Green & Andrea Rossi

Andrea Rossi & Roger Green Fraud & Scam Update

Fraud in 2012 – e-cat Australia – Roger Green & Andrea Rossi – Video

Fraud Update to the Fraud Update – $1.00 a share for Roger Green e-Cat Stocks

3)    Gary Wright also broke the story about the forging of signatures on legal documents and peoples confusion between Rossi’s two different corporations.

More Legal Fraud in Rossi Farce

4)    Gary Wright is also the one who forced Andrea Rossi to publish his SGS certificate. The type of certificate that Rossi was claiming he was issued, i.e. one that gave him the authority to sell his 1MW e-cat plants worldwide, was not the same as the one he actually received. You can read all about the SGS fiasco at these links.

No Certifications – No Theory – No Patent – No Ecat

SGS No Certification for Rossi

Rossi’s Lies to Investors about SGS Certification

And the final article about the SGS certificate was published just recently, where it is documented that the person in Italy who signed the SGS certificate, Davide Brambilla, said Rossi was using it illegally, Davide Brambilla said –

In the disclaimer we clearly state our certificate shall not be used for commercial purpose. It seems to me here the certificate was sent with a scope in violation with our disclaimer.

We sent the report to the client and according to SGS rules we cannot deliver report to third parties. Your customer could ask it to the customer directly if he wants to read it.
Anyway my personal judgment is SGS name is being used to deliver the idea of a kind of certification totally different from what we stated.

You can read the final SGS article here at this link –

SGS and Andrea ‘Sweetie Pie’ Rossi the Final Certification Story

5)    Gary Wright also worked behind the scenes in a few other original stories about Andrea Rossi, but that involvement cannot be disclosed at this time.

When you look at all of the many articles published about Andrea Rossi, together they show that Andrea Rossi, during his adult life spent most of his time involved in some type of fraud or scam. First in the Petroldragon and gold scam, second in the thermoelectric scam, and third in the still ongoing e-cat scam.

It is hard to find out the truth about Rossi because he is such an insignificant person that there are no biographies written about him by any neutral third party. We could easily document thousands of lies and falsehoods spoken or written by Andrea Rossi and his partners, therefore anything coming from Rossi himself cannot be trusted as the truth without further confirmation.

Briefly according to Wikipedia:

Andrea Rossi is an Italian citizen born June 3, 1950.

In 1974, Rossi registered a patent for an incineration system. In 1978, he wrote The Incineration of Waste and River Purification, published in Milan by Tecniche Nuove. He then founded Petroldragon, a company for developing oil from waste, which collapsed in the 1990s amidst allegations of dumping toxic waste, and accusations of tax fraud. Its assets were seized, together with Rossi’s personal assets, and Rossi was arrested pending trial. Rossi spent four years in prison working on his legal defense in 56 trials, 5 of which ended in convictions related to tax fraud. Rossi wrote that he was acquitted in the other 51 trials. The government of Lombardy spent over forty million euros to dispose of the 70,000 tonnes of toxic waste that Petroldragon had improperly dumped. According to the mayor of Lacchiarella, Luigi Acerbi, “In the years when [Rossi] was working here, he didn’t produce a single drop of oil, as far as we know.”
At the conclusion of the trials in 1996, Rossi moved to the US.

Electricity from waste heat
In the US Rossi started the consulting firm Leonardo Technologies, Inc. (LTI). He secured a defense contract to evaluate the potential of generating electricity from waste heat by using thermoelectric generators. Such devices are normally only used for refrigeration (Peltier effect), because the efficiency for generating electrical power is only a few percent. Rossi suggested that his devices could attain 20% efficiency. Larger modules would be manufactured in Italy.

Rossi sent 27 thermoelectric devices for evaluation to the Engineer Research and Development Center; 19 of these did not produce any electricity at all. The remaining units produced less than 1 watt each, instead of the expected 800–1000 watt.

Claims regarding nuclear fusion
In January 2011 Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi claimed to have successfully demonstrated commercially viable cold fusion in a device called an Energy Catalyzer, although in an interview Rossi claimed that his Energy Catalyzer does not work on the basis of cold fusion, but weak [force] nuclear reactions. The international patent application received an unfavorable international preliminary report on patentability because it seemed to “offend against the generally accepted laws of physics and established theories” and to overcome this problem the application should have contained either experimental evidence or a firm theoretical basis in current scientific theories. Journalists were not allowed to examine the core of the reactor, and there is uncertainty about the viability of the invention.

The only reason people here in the USA know about the Petroldragon and electricity from waste heat stories is because of the claims, and more importantly the demonstrations, by Andrea Rossi and Focardi starting in January, 2011. After the first demonstration of an e-cat in January, 2011 Rossi became the focal point for every armchair sleuth following the cold fusion story who wanted to be the first one to get a new bit of information about Rossi, and then put it up on some internet blog that was covering the Rossi and Focardi saga.

It was because of this sleuthing that the information about the Petroldragon and Thermoelectric stories came to light. The Petroldragon story is covered very well in only one place on the internet. If you want to read the most complete Petroldragon story you must go to the site of Steven Krivit, who has covered the Andrea Rossi story better than any other reporter. Here is a link to Krivit’s main Andrea Rossi investigation webpage.  Andrea-Rossi-Energy-Catalyzer-Investigation-Index

Although coverage of the other two known frauds and scams, Petroldragon/Gold and the e-cat, is very complete, the story of the Thermoelectric project never was covered in detail in any article. The main reason for the lack of information concerning this story is that none of its major players have talked about it, and when they are interviewed are never questioned about it. Another reason is because it was a DOD/DOE project and most people do not know how to investigate that type of story. One last reason is because those few comments that were published never clearly stated it was a fraud and scam, so most people thought it was an invention of Rossi’s that just never worked out.

What we will show in this article is that the Thermoelectric project by Andrea Rossi was clearly a fraud and scam just like Rossi’s other frauds and scams – Petroldragon and the Energy-Catalyzer (e-cat).

The only document available to the public concerning the Thermoelectric project, before the documents which will be attached to this current article, in Parts 2 & 3, was the document –

Application of Thermoelectric Devices to Fuel Cell Power Generation: Demonstration and Evaluation.
Published September 2004.

It had the following names listed as authors –

Michael J. Binder and Franklin H. Holcomb
Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
PO Box 9005
Champaign, IL 61826-9005

John Huston, Chris Wyatt, and Chris Nichols
Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC)
100 CTC Drive
Johnstown, PA 15904-1935

The document was prepared for the –

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Washington, DC 20314-1000
Under Work Unit No. 007KEA

By the –

Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
As the Final Report for ERDC/CERL TR-04-20

The document Thermo(2004).pdf was available for many years from –
This link is now dead, we presume, as a result of our investigations.

The document is still available though, as document “ADA432046.pdf” from this government database –

In case that link disappears we will also host the same document exactly as downloaded, here on this website – Click this link  “ADA432046

Copies are also available from the –

National Technical Information Service
5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161.

More information concerning this document –

U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)
Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL)
PO Box 9005
Champaign, IL 61826-9005
Office of the Director,
Defense Research and Engineering
1777 North Kent St.
Suite 9030
Rosslyn, VA 22209
NUMBER OF PAGES – 152 (This applies to the printed version, the PDF has 147 pages.)
The Department of Defense (DOD) is concerned with reliable and cost-effective power generation of onsite power generators as well as minimizing the environmental impact of these generators. Thermoelectric (TE) devices offer the opportunity to generate power without additional fuels, without moving parts, and with negligible environmental impact. An electrical energy conversion efficiency of approximately 15% would be required to obtain an acceptable return on investment for TE devices. A feasibility study to [sic] was performed to determine how, assuming a 16% efficiency, TE devices could impact the DOD’s power generation capabilities.

Based on research indicating energy conversion efficiencies of 20%, TE devices were built and tested. Of 27 TE devices supplied, only 8 were functional; each device produced only 1 Watt of power. Current manufacturing processes and design parameters were assessed and recommendations made. Three locations were prepared as demonstration sites for TE devices, site evaluation criteria were outlined, and process results given. Control and Data Acquisition (CDAQ) Systems for single and multiple test stands were developed to gather all necessary data variables during the demonstrations, and a portable technology system was developed to enable personnel to demonstrate the technology in any location.

Since this document is listed as the final document on this project all other documents relating to this project must be dated earlier than this one. We have obtained many of the documents relating to this project through FOIA. Those documents will become available for download as they are mentioned in Parts 2 & 3 of this story.

But first a list of most of the main players – people and companies that are part of the Thermoelectric Story.

It must be clearly stated and understood that we are NOT saying that every person listed here knew about, and actively participated in, the fraud and scam. Many of the people listed here, involved with the project at various levels, may not have known the true nature of the project, and the falsehood or truth of the statements and claims being made. It does bring forth the question why someone will put their name on a document, relating supposed “facts,” when with a little fact checking the falsity of those supposed “facts” quickly become apparent. We will just provide the facts and let the reader decide the culpability of each of the players.

The above disclaimer points to one of the flaws in having multiple authors on a document. Most people believe as true all statements of a friend and/or colleague. So if a document has many authors, one or two might be aware of false statements and facts in it, but the others might have no clue.

Most of the significant people involved in the Thermoelectric story.

Andrea Rossi
Michael J. Binder
Franklin (Frank) H. Holcomb
John Huston
Chris Wyatt
Chris Nichols
Charles Norwood
Richard Noceti
Robert Gentile
Craig Cassarino
Dr. Tom Kelly PhD
Jack Adams
A. Thekdi
D. Rapp
Dona Blais
Gene Kight
Christopher (Chris) L. Munson
Dan Markiewicz
Bob Dolence
James (Jim) Dombrosk
William R. Owens

Many more people are involved in the story, but they are mostly sources of information or they provided other types of help. These names will be brought forth as their part of the story is unfolded.

Companies and/or Government Agencies involved in the Thermoelectric story.
Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT)
Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC)
Ampenergo, USA.
Nuclear Laser, Inc.
Hi-Z Technology, Inc.
Leonardo Corporation, New Hampshire
Leonardo Technologies Inc, (LTI)
University of New Hampshire
Energy and Environmental Efficiency Management, Inc. (E3M, Inc.)
Parsons Corporation
Advanced Energy Systems
Atlantic Partners

The Thermoelectric Scam of Andrea Rossi – Part 2, soon to be posted online, will begin with the Thermoelectric story starting in 1996.

For the record we have contacted Andrea Rossi more than once for input, to answer questions, and for documents, all relating to the Thermoelectric story, but we have to date, never received any reply.

Gary Wright
January 21, 2014



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