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Sterling D. Allan – Where He is Leading You

Thoughts on Sterling’s claim of leadership of the free energy movement.
You will find this article a little easier to understand if you read all of our articles about Sterling — Here are some already posted.

We will present to you some thoughts about Sterling Allan’s claim to be the leader of the free energy movement, including some thoughts on what he actually believes and where he is leading you if you are one of his gullible followers.

All references and the use of the phrase “free energy” in this article is for a device such as a perpetual motion machine or some other type of device that puts out more energy than it consumes (over unity), 24/7 365 days a year. In other words a device that uses “exotic” sources of energy (per Sterling), such as magnet motors, noble gas engines, electromagnetic (over unity), zero point energy, or some who claim commercial ready and working cold fusion/LENR devices.


Speaking of leadership in general Sterling had this to say.

“May 1, 2000
Never, either in religion or politics, does God expect us to just give a
blank check to those in leadership over us. Rather, he expects us to keep
them on their toes, being ever vigilant, watching them and voicing our
agreement or dissent.
So long as they are reasonably responsive to moral rectitude, they are
deserving of our sustaining vote for their work, even in those instances in
which we disagree in a particular matter.
But if they get far a-field, then it behooves us to implement their removal,
which process is expediently accounted for in God’s law. It is only when
tyranny sets in through lack of vigilance that such removal or overturning
is extremely difficult, bringing the loss of many lives.

Sterling was speaking about religion and politics, therefore this comment applies because Sterling has turned his program of searching for free energy into a religious movement. Sterling at first promoted his top 100, after abandoning that list he than promoted his exotic top 5. After 12 years without the manifestation of a free energy device Sterling is now claiming that even though an exotic free energy device would violate the laws of physics as we know it, some could still be built, but God will not allow the world to obtain such a device until the people change their wicked ways. Sterling says, “But if we are wicked, none of that can come, because it is dependent on an evolved society.”

By bringing his brand of religion openly into the mix, Sterling is trying to lead the gullible down into the pit he is in, therefore our concerns require us to be vigilant, understand his ideas, and voice our dissent when appropriate.

On John D. Lee

We find it interesting that Sterling with Tom Smith added a new page on May 9, 2013 to Sterling’s website at PESN called “Free Energy Psychosis.” Though Sterling uses this page to debunk inventors with mental problems, we think this same analysis and spotlight should be focused on Sterling. Spelling is copied as it is on the original page.

“A directory of resources, information, and an examination of the sometimes strange psychological ‘landscape of the mind’ which some have, who seek exotic ‘free energy’ – the unicorn of the searcher for new truths.

“Psychosis is a loss of contact with reality that usually includes: False beliefs about what is taking place or who one is (delusions); Seeing or hearing things that aren’t there (hallucinations).” (National Library of Medicine [US])

Those who are “inside the box” of total scientific orthodoxy often attribute a belief in the possibility of exotic free energy to be a case of Psychosis. This, when applied to all, is obviously a trivial form of insult. However, there is such a thing as Psychosis, defined above. It may sometimes be the only acceptable diagnosis for the behaviour of those who are “outside the box”. This is terrain that can be very attractive to psychotic dreamers, because it gives them easy access to a receptive audience. This is because that same audience is also hoping and searching for the very truths our psychotic dreamer claims to possess.

Ultimately, what separates the dreams of the deluded from the reality we all inhabit is validation of their claim.”


“From a truly practical “life-planning” perspective, perhaps an ideal rule of thumb is that the angels in charge of guiding a person in how to conduct their journey in life typically would not give a person more than one or two major tasks to accomplish…

Another tell-tale symptom of psychosis may be a narcissistic outlook.
“Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition in which people have an excessive sense of self-importance, an extreme preoccupation with themselves, and lack of empathy for others.” (National Library of Medicine [US])”


“From a cautionary point of view, we need to be careful not to spend unwarranted time or resources on helping the deluded pursue their impossible dreams. This does neither them or us much good. Remember that a spiritual synonym for psychosis can be demonic possession — not a source of revelation that is likely to bear good fruit.”


Sterling has mentioned more than once that he thinks he is the reincarnated John D. Lee, the latest time he said this was during the, Exotic Free Energy in Encoded Prophecy — Lecture by Sterling Allan, Global BEM 2013, you can watch here, starting at about 18 min.


One thing that really concerns us is the doomsday mentality of Sterling and his claim to be the reincarnated John D. Lee. John D. Lee was the leader of the group of men who killed about 120 men, women, and children, some as young as 8 years old at the Mountain Meadows massacre, where approximately 120 of the Baker-Fancher party were killed by Mormon militia, leaving only about 17 small children as survivors. John D. Lee in his own words –

“I believe that most of those who were connected with the Massacre, and took part in the lamentable transaction that has blackened the character of all who were aiders or abettors in the same, were acting under the impression that they were performing a religious duty. I know all were acting under the orders and by the command of their Church leaders; and I firmly believe that the most of those who took part in the proceedings, considered it a religious duty to unquestioningly obey the orders which they had received. That they acted from a sense of duty to the Mormon Church…”

That massacre was the largest slaughter of people in America until the Oklahoma City bombing. Sterling’s only reason for believing he is the reincarnated John D. Lee is based on what he calls alphabets, and after 17 years of trying to get others involved in using alphabets, Sterling acknowledges that he is the only one that uses his system. We believe, and it is only our opinion at this time, that using numbers and books like this, i.e. to claim to be the reincarnated John D. Lee for instance, may be the product of a schizophrenic mind.


Photograph of Lee (seated next to the coffin) just prior to his execution,
for his role in the Mountain Meadows massacre

The book published in 1886 written by J.P. Dunn, titled, Massacres of the Mountains: A History of the Indian Wars of the Far West, New York: Harper & Brothers, included a chapter called Mountain Meadows covering this incident. The author was not kind to the Mormons.


Psychotic Break Coming?

The reason this concerns us stems from our investigation into why Sterling’s mind is telling him he is John D. Lee. Is this some kind of foundation Sterling can relate to if he were to snap? The John D. Lee story was not a happy one for Mr. Lee, his family, or the Mormon church from 1857 to 1877, the year Lee was finally executed. Even Sterling does not seem happy when telling the story. If Sterling were to have a complete psychotic break – the mind is a powerful thing – what might it tell him to do? Would his mind tell him he is a warrior for God? We say this because Sterling actually wrote this, “Meanwhile, there is one thing I would like to bring up now that I think could really help morale among our troops in the world of exotic free energy.” Does Sterling think he is some kind of general in this army? One of Sterling’s gods, and the self appointed prophet who originated his church, Joseph Smith, shot three men, just before his own death. Sterling also believes he is a prophet of God, if Sterling’s mind told him to do something bad, even to kill, or perform an act as horrendous as that of John D. Lee, would Sterling act on it?

“Before experiencing a psychotic break, schizophrenic patients often experience a prodromal phase during which they have less severe symptoms of psychosis. These may include anxiety, restlessness, hallucinations, delusions, and a gradual loss of reality. Even though schizophrenic patients are experiencing odd thoughts and strange symptoms during this early prodromal phase, their inner turmoil may not be apparent to observers. It isn’t until the symptoms strengthen and become overwhelming that the schizophrenic individual begins to act in a bizarre way that reflects their odd perceptions.” From schizophrenic.com.

Also on the same site listed above we find the two most common symptoms of psychiatric disorder are hallucinations and delusions.

“A delusion is a false belief which a person holds with a strong amount of conviction. The belief isn’t typical of his/her culture or religion, and he/she adheres to the erroneous belief despite evidence and proof which totally contradict it.

The most common type of delusion associated with schizophrenia involves persecutory delusions. The schizophrenic believes that he/she is being followed or is under surveillance, or that he/she is being made fun of, tricked, or treated very unfairly by others.”

[Sterling; “Up until recently, I’ve seen my mission to be a revolutionary of the martyr type, putting my life on the line for a good cause, not likely to become wealthy any time soon, but probably later…”]

“Delusions of reference
This is when the person believes, for example, that things written in a newspaper or stated in a newscast, passages found in a book, or the words in a song are about him/her.”

[Just look on all of Sterling’s websites about what he sees in “alphabetics,” and other number systems. For instance, Sterling has found revelations via his “alphabetics” on; 911 terrorist attack, numbers in the bible such as 888, 1480, 144,000, 767, words such as Jesus, Christ’s first and second comings, Lucifer, George W. Bush, zip codes, phone numbers, exotic free energy, “Internet Foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code,” “Echelon — Worldwide Espionage Network Exposed in Alphabetics,” “Y2K: Dangerous; Near to Falling”,  Joseph Smith, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutional Convention, and “the Founding of the first Congress.” This is just a very small portion, Sterling says he spent 5 years doing nothing but the study of words and numbers via codes and numbering systems. Including almost every number that has had anything to do with Sterling’s life.]

“Grandiose delusions
Grandiose delusions involve the belief that he/she has exceptional power, talent or worth, or is someone famous. He/she may believe he/she is God or some other type of deity.”

[Sterling claims he is a God (capital G). Sterling wrote on November 14, 2013, using the capital G – “So when you send me an email, me being God in the flesh, it’s not like you’re sending from your lowest level to the highest level possible and are not worthy to do that.” The most disturbing though, is Sterling claiming to be the reincarnated John D. Lee who was the leader over those who killed about 120 men, women, and children, at the Mountain Meadows massacre. Sterling also has admitted, he seriously thought about kidnapping a 14 year old girl, to take for a wife. Sterling has lately claimed he is destined by God to become the richest man in the world, it would be hard to believe in anything more grandeur.]

Sterling’s Claims of Leadership

Shouldn’t we see if Sterling really claims to be a leader? Here, as in most things about Sterling, it is hard to pin down the facts. For instance, when did Sterling start and end his first attempt at leadership, the American Study Group? The dates vary. Most accounts give the start date as August 9, 1990 and the end date in October, 1991.

But then we run into a problem. In a deposition of Sterling Allan, recorded in a court document relating to the 2010 trial of Brian David Mitchell, Sterling testified that the American Study Group did not start until 1992, the year after it was disbanded. This document was the “Stipulation of Testimony of Sterling Allan.” It was signed by both the plaintiff and the defense council, because it was based on deposition testimony of Sterling Allan. Based on prior statements and records of the dates the American Study Group that were in existence, this testimony was, in our opinion, perjury. Unless of course the lawyers and/or transcriber recorded the wrong date.


1992  Stipulation of Testimony of Sterling Allan

Using local newspaper records, and Sterling’s Bio, Sterling’s first attempt to be a leader of any note started in August 9, 1990 when answering the call of Ezra Taft Benson for study about the Constitution, “…We must learn the principles of the Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers. …Are we abiding by these principles and teaching them to others? …Do we know what the prophets have said about the Constitution and the threats to it?” (CR., Oct. 1987), Sterling started the American Study Group, which eventually reached about 4,000 members, with “weekly courses focusing on scriptural foundations of Constitutional government, its destiny, and threats to it.” The American Study Group was formally shut down after complaints by the Mormon church in October 1991 just about 14 months later.

The American Study Group became part of the news again in 2010 during the trial of Brian David Mitchell. In a document called the “Stipulation of Testimony of Sterling Allan” filed with the United States District Court District Of Utah, we find these comments.

“The United States of America, by and through its undersigned counsel, and the defendant Brian David Mitchell, by and through counsel, hereby stipulate that, if called as a witness, Sterling Allan would testify as follows:
1. Between 1988 and 2001, Sterling Allan was immersed in the “Mormon fringe,” a term he uses to refer to members or former members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ( or “LDS Church”) whose beliefs are outside the mainstream.
2. In early 1992, Mr. Allan founded the American Study Group in response to a call from LDS Church President Ezra Taft Benson for members to study constitutional principles in conjunction with Mormon prophecies. At one point, the American Study Group consisted of approximately 4,000 members.
3. Mr. Allan remembers Brian David Mitchell attending American Study Group classes. Mr. Allan specifically recalls Mr. Mitchell introducing himself.
4. Among other things, the American Study Group emphasized the teachings of President Benson, the study of Book of lsaiah, the works of LDS scholar Avraham Gileadi, and the ideas of Patriot movement leaders like Bo Gritz and Lindsay Williams. Most members of the American Study Group were politically ultra-conservative.
5. Mr. Allan encouraged members not to put the Prophet of the LDS Church as the ultimate authority but rather to listen to personal revelation from God. The American Study Group promoted the idea that personal revelation from God was part of each person’s birthright and encouraged people to write down revelations in real time. These writings often spoke in the voice of the Lord. In this way, a majority of the people Mr. Allan knew wrote their own scripture.
6. The American Study Group regularly discussed the idea that the mainstream LDS Church was out of order. Nearly all the members of the American Study Group believed that “one mighty and strong” would put the Church back in order. Most members also believed in polygamy and believed that polygamy would be restored when the Church was set in order. Mr. Allan did not personally believe in polygamy.
7. During his association with thousands in the Mormon fringe, Mr. Allan has encountered approximately 200 people who consider themselves to be the “one mighty and strong.” At one time, Mr. Allan believed that he himself might be the “one mighty and strong.”

Another document in the trial of Brian David Mitchell was the 149 page “Memorandum Decision & Order Determining Competency,” (of Mitchell), in that document we read;

“Mitchell began to experience a “deepening identification with fundamentalist LDS.” He started attending the American Study Group (“ASG”) meetings led by Sterling Allan. The ASG was “a fundamentalist LDS group” that was “way out on the edge of the LDS culture.” Like other fundamentalist LDS groups, members of the ASG believed that the LDS church was “out of order” and that LDS scripture had prophesied that “One Mighty and Strong” would come to “set things straight.” Indeed, Allan entertained the idea that he was the One Mighty and Strong and personally knows over 100 people who have made such a claim.”

Brian David Mitchell, who along with his wife was convicted and incarcerated for kidnapping a 14 year old girl at knife point, wrote a 27 page “manifesto.” What is interesting is that Mitchell extols the virtues of a book written by Rick Joyner called “The Final Quest.” Mitchell says this about Joyner;

“For I say unto you, that I raised up my servant Rick Joyner unto the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, and I gave unto him visions and dreams, and I revealed unto him many glorious truths which shed far greater light upon my true doctrine and upon the coming forth of my great and marvelous work in these last days. And behold, I command my servant Rick Joyner to write it in a book, and by the power of the Holy Ghost he wrote it and he named the book The Final Quest, and it came forth by my power. and lo, because the book, The Final Quest, sheds far greater light upon my true doctrine and upon the coming forth of my great and marvelous work in these last days, it is of great and eternal worth unto all the House of Israel and unto all the inhabitants of the earth, saith the Lord.”

The essay, “Ezra Taft Benson and Mormon Political Conflicts” by D. Michael Quinn had this to say, about the ASG, “In 1990 apocalyptic-minded Mormon members of the Birch Society had also organized “the American Study Group” which grew to 1,400 members within two months.” Which connected Sterling, who was a member, and his study group to the John Birch Society, a favorite of Benson.

After the American Study Group was disbanded in 1991, some groups continued to study together. It was in the period from 1992 till 1995 that over 200 church members, by some counts, who studied with the American Study Group were excommunicated. Those excommunicated beside Sterling, were Bo Gritz and 20-30 members of the Davidic study group.

The ASG was a religious study group, as far as we can determine Sterling has not been a leader in any other group of note. Sterling does claim many times to be the leader, or one of the leaders, of the free energy movement. Sterling never tells us who the members of this “movement” are, or the names of the other leaders. Obviously some people have been following those inventors trying to invent a perpetual motion or free energy machine for many years, by giving talks, putting up websites, and writing books about the people and their devices, but does that make them leaders?

To be a leader you must have followers, right? Or you would probably use another word to describe yourself.  Who are Sterling’s followers? There are some movements that include free energy. One that comes to mind is the thrive movement started by Foster Gamble. When you go to their site and look at the members of their team, Sterling is absent. Another group is the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement. But here again when you go to their website and look at their webpage called the core team, Sterling is again absent. Only when you go to their webpage called the Advisory Board will you find Sterling’s name. We don’t think someone who is only an adviser and not part of the core team is the leader.

The only conclusion we can reach, is that some of the people from the American Study Group, though formally disbanded, might still call Sterling their leader, but we have never found any documentation to justify that statement. Just starting a bunch of websites about free energy, Sterling’s claim to fame, does not make a leader.

Since Sterling so desperately wants to be a leader, we say this because Sterling calls himself this quite often, we should look at what he is presenting to the public, and his thoughts on why people should follow him. What is Sterling teaching now?

 Some of Sterling’s Beliefs and Teachings

Sterling Allan is a complex person, with a belief system that combines a blend of thoughts from these sources, among others; fundamentalist Mormon, New Age, Free Masonry, original Bible, Kabbalah, etc. Words enclosed in quotes are copied directly from Sterling’s own writings. Below we list only a very few of Sterling’s many diverse and out of this world beliefs and teachings.

  •  “Much of what they said resonated with what I have learned, both in my Mormon upbringing, as well as in my post-Mormon meanderings and exploring and adopting of other paradigms that made sense to me, as I took personal responsibility for my spiritual life as an independent, rather than leaning on any denomination for my identity.”
  • “We get the government we deserve.”
  • The USA is going to be attacked with nuclear weapons.
  • The US Constitution has been discarded by those in power.
  • The justice system is corrupt.
  • “We deserve tyranny.”
  • “We as a society have been sowing wickedness, and as a society we are reaping tyranny.”
  • “Society, which doesn’t yet deserve these technologies, by their wickedness in deserving tyranny, has been allowing conspiratorial forces to hold these technologies at bay.”
  • The powers that be are all corrupt.
  • “…in garages and shops of tinkerers around the world, there has been a silent revolution taking place in the research and development of advanced clean, affordable, portable energy solutions that will make the powers that be obsolete, and dethrone the corrupt power structure.”
  • “Even as Jesus was born in a manger, among the most humble of circumstances, and maintained his meekness throughout his life, I would posit that so also have the myriad of exotic free energy technologies been born in humble circumstances. And though the establishment may try to reject and crucify them, their destiny is to come forward for mankind, to empower the individual and bring down the mighty.”
  • Sterling thinks the laws of physics have nothing to do with the lack of a free energy device.
  • He thinks that there have been many free energy devices built that work but that the reason they do not make it into the real world, is because of things like the personality of the inventor (they are their own worst enemy, he says), inventor paranoia, lack of funds, etc.
  • Sterling has decided the real reason we do not have a free energy machine in the market is because the world is not ready for that yet, it is too wicked.
  • “The primary error of humanity is arrogance, which causes people to become blind to their pathologies, and because they don’t see what is wrong, they don’t go about repairing it, so the corruption grows like a cancer. The internal anti-Christ rises to power and takes control.”
  • “And I’ve said that to the extent that we can get exotic free energy technologies into the market, prior to economic collapse, will be the extent that we can mitigate or lessen the severity of the collapse, and facilitate our survival during the collapse, and help recovery on the back end, going into a new world — the repentance clause of prophecy.”
  • “With my recent call by the Lord to work from within the LDS Church in support of a move by the Spirit to evoke a repentance clause to turn away the calamities that are otherwise slated to come upon the wicked inhabitants of the earth — beginning first “upon my house” that should have known better but did not arise to its obligations to be a light to the world in turning away the calamities…The scriptures present the calamities as being a result of non-repentance.”
  •  “The Jews, who were expecting a political Messiah, rejected Jesus anciently, as he came to save them from their individual sins, so the kingdom was taken from the Jews and given to the Gentiles, who subsequently fell into apostasy (Dark Ages). In these latter days, the kingdom was restored to the Gentiles (Mormons), who are focused on the gospel, but are supposed to be building on that foundation to help promulgate a government of God that will protect the freedoms of all mankind. Because they reject that mission, the kingdom will be taken from them and given back to the Jews (House of Israel).”
  • “…the unleashing of Exotic Free Energy technologies is going to take the world by storm — when we finally merit them.”
  • “I addressed the prophetic role that the emergence of Exotic Free Energy will play. I demonstrated that it will be shown to hold as significant a place in history as the American Revolution and establishment of the Constitution played in safeguarding the principles of freedom for this country — depending on the people’s vigilance in upholding those. I even showed how the emergence of exotic free energy has important ties to messianic prophecy, it is so significant.”
  • “The exotic free energy community is becoming a very spiritually-rooted community.”
  • “…many North American Mormons (such as myself) are adopted into the tribe of Ephraim.”
  • “Every one of us have the ability and right to have direct and regular communication with God, or whatever you want to call the higher power. No intermediaries required. Go direct. Put simply, follow your conscience. Be good. Do what your higher self is urging/coaxing you to do.”
  • “God is pretty smart.”
  • This is who Sterling thinks he is – “…this brings to mind one of the most controversial prophecies of Joseph Smith, recorded in Mormon scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 85;
    • 6 Yea, thus saith the still small voice, which whispereth through and pierceth all things, and often times it maketh my bones to quake while it maketh manifest, saying:
    • 7 And it shall come to pass that I, the Lord God, will send one mighty and strong, holding the scepter of power in his hand, clothed with light for a covering, whose mouth shall utter words, eternal words; while his bowels shall be a fountain of truth, to set in order the house of God, and to arrange by blot the inheritances of the saints whose names are found, and the names of their fathers, and of their children, enrolled in the book of the law of God;
    • The name “David” in this context is significant, since in Mormon prophecy (not mainstream, but out-side the box), the “One Mighty and Strong” prophesied in D&C 85 is also referred to as the ‘Davidic Servant.’”
  • “David’s Messianic ministry among the Gentiles (Mormons especially and Christians more generally) is about moving the body of God’s people to the next quantum leap forward: from Terrestrial, walking by the Spirit, to Celestial walking with God.”
  • “Our skulls do not block our thoughts from being perceived by others; our skin does not let our feelings invisible to others. Our attitudes are perceived and have impact on those around us. In the coming days, as people become more enlightened, only those businesses that are based on good values will continue to attract customers.”
  • And about future commerce – “We’ll join our galactic and intergalactic neighbors in commerce and exploration of the universe.”
  • “The Church of the Firstborn (celestial brotherhood who each have a direct connection with the heavens), supercedes the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (terrestrial brotherhood); even as Christianity anciently (terrestrial brotherhood, founded on the mighty change of heart brought about by the atonement of Jesus Christ) superceded Judaism (telestial institution founded on the arm of flesh being the means of salvation, God proving that man of himself is incapable of overcoming his fallen nature), because they rejected the Lord.”
  • “Having thus overcome our fallen natures, we are called after the holy order of God and become his emissaries.  We attain unto the stature of prophets, priests(&priestesses), kings(&queens) unto the Most High God.  We become numbered among the general assembly of the church of the Firstborn.”
  • “Those who penetrate the veil and come into communion with God and his holy angels and are called after the holy order of God. The Church of the Firstborn is not an earthly denomination but an ecumenical general assembly of believers who attain communion through the veil with Almighty God and the holy angelic hosts. It consists of humble men and women who have sought God diligently to the point of coming into his(&her) very presence and being called after the holy order of God, that they might be princes of peace, preachers of righteousness in carry forth God’s work on the earth.”
  • “The gospel, removing us from natural carnality, brings us into communion with God (which includes coming to an awareness of our spiritual heritage as heirs); and when we get there, God (which includes our highest awareness within ourselves in harmony with the church of the Firstborn — those mortal and immortal who have overcome, including the head honcho) is the ONE who works with us one on one to direct us in our path. “That’s about the sum of it.” — Sterling D. Allan (2/17/01)”
  • Therefore Sterling has decided he must concentrate on making the world a better place. But more than that he must create a Zion on Earth.
  • And that brings us to the reason this article was written, to explain how Sterling plans on trying to create this Zion on Earth.

To understand where Sterling is headed today you must understand where he has failed in the past.

  • His first attempt at leadership, the American Study Group, was shut down after about 14 months.
  • Sterling’s first attempt at a free energy device was with Michael J. Brady, which ended up with Michael J. Brady, in jail for fraud.
  • Sterling started the Bedini SG project, now abandoned.
  • Sterling promoted John Rohner and Inteligentry for years, even recommending to a friend to invest. John Rohner’s business was shut down by the FBI and the SEC early in 2013.
  • Sterling has promoted the fraud and scam by Andrea Rossi and his e-Cat, with no true validation or product after 6 years, lately it has been reported, that at least one licensee has asked for his money back.
  • Sterling started in 2005 his New Energy Congress which was supposed to vet and authenticate all of these free energy devices, but Sterling found that none of them could pass the tests, and therefore he decided this type of program does not fit into his plans, so that program has also been abandoned.
  • Sterling during the last 12 years, actively promoted and claimed, that many free energy inventions “worked,” according to his definition of the word, but after a few months they always turned out to be frauds, scams, or just plain bogus.
  • To this day Sterling has never seen nor does he know for a fact that any free energy device actually works as claimed.

Sterling believes that because of society’s lack of enlightenment, the angels are holding back free energy technology. We though, believe the opposite is true. Doesn’t the Bible say, “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come”? Note it says the gospel would be preached, the testimony given, it doesn’t say everyone will be converted. If that is true then wouldn’t free energy help to spread the message, and to bring into reality and hasten the second coming? If free energy can hasten the second coming why would the angels hold back free energy, wouldn’t that mean the angels were working against God himself?

It would be instructive to try and understand Sterling’s current attempt to use religion to reach his goals. What are Sterling’s goals? Sterling has written tens of thousands of words about this, but we will try and distill it down without losing any of the core beliefs.

  • Sterling’s ultimate goal is to become a “God” with the same attributes as the real, one and only God. Sterling would then be given a planet, solar system, galaxy, or universe to rule over, or maybe he might be given the ultimate, his own chance to create his own system or universe, with all of its beings.
  • Knowing he is not ready for number one above just yet, after all he is still on this planet, and the second coming is still far away, Sterling must settle for option two. Option two is for Sterling to do all in his power to bring about the building of the temple at Adam-ondi-Ahman in Missouri. Sterling believes a future meeting of the priesthood leadership, including prophets of all ages and other righteous people, will take place there prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This is the temple that was dedicated by Joseph Smith in October 1838 but is still incomplete.
  • Next Sterling will do all in his power to build the city of Zion in the state of Missouri and prepare it to be inhabited by the Lord with his saints, after the second coming.
  • These two items, building the temple at Adam-ondi-Ahman and building the city of Zion, are the real reasons Sterling thinks he is “going to be the richest man on Earth.” He needs the money to make these happen. Remember Sterling says this is all going to happen within 20-30 years time.
  • This brings us to Sterling’s most immediate goal. Sterling is saying he thinks the “one mighty and strong” is a group of people, the 144,000. But that was not his belief for many years, he actually believed for over 10 years he was the one and only. After a detailed study of Sterling’s thoughts and knowing how he likes to use deception and say one thing while believing another, and knowing Sterling once had a following of over 4,000 people, a following he cannot give up easily, we have come to the conclusion that Sterling still believes he is the “Davidic Servant,” and the only “One Mighty and Strong.”

Sterling is saying that the angels are holding back free energy until mankind becomes less wicked. Sterling must have a plan on how to bring about this revival or reformation as he calls it. To attract a lot of followers again, Sterling must prove to his followers that HE IS the “Davidic Servant,” and the “One Mighty and Strong.” In our opinion, that is what Sterling is trying to do at this time.

How is Sterling going to prove he is the “Davidic Servant,” and the “One Mighty and Strong”? Good question, but since it would be very presumptuous for us to claim to know the future – even so much as to know what is going to happen as soon as tomorrow, we must keep silent.

There is though one thing we can safely predict, those in the Mormon church, and those working in the free energy field have not heard the last of Sterling D. Allan.

Your Friends,
December 9, 2013