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Sterling D. Allan – Business Partner with Man Arrested for Fraud – News and Articles for Hire

Another good example of “news for hire” by Sterling Allan, and why we keep saying, do not give any inventor or their promoters any money until the people, company, and technology are fully vetted. In Sterling’s latest blog article about the scammer and fraudster Michael Spitzauer, of Green Power, Sterling gives evidence that he, Sterling, asks for money from a company wanting him to write a news story, before they even talk about what the story is about. Sterling just put this information on his website yesterday December 13, 20013. This story has so many parallels to Andrea Rossi and his Petroldragon scam that it is eerie.

What is interesting is that Michael Spitzauer, of Green Power is a convicted criminal, who spent time in jail. All of the sordid past of Michael Spitzauer is available to anyone who will do their due diligence by first checking a person and their project before giving them any money, or promoting them.

Although Sterling was aware of Michael Spitzauer’s criminal past and the possibility that he was involved in a new scam, Sterling continued to write glowing articles about him, and continued to ask Spitzauer for money.

In the latest article by Sterling about Michael Spitzauer posted 13 December 2013 (UTC), and called, “Green Power owner faces several federal charges, including fraud, money laundering” Sterling makes these statements –

“In the past month+, Michael Spitzauer has been priming me to do a story about his progress, saying that several plants are now in operation. He showed me a copy of one of the contracts, which shows a sale to a group in Vietnam for ten systems, totaling $750 million USD. But he didn’t show me any evidence of the alleged running plants.”

Sterling continues with a partial transcription of his Skype chats with Michael Spitzauer.

“Here’s some excerpts of our dialogue by Skype:

•[10/25/2013 2:16:56 PM] Michael P Spitzauer: how are you
•[10/25/2013 2:17:39 PM] Sterling D. Allan: Hi Mike; in middle of conf.

•[10/28/2013 8:34:46 PM] Sterling D. Allan: looking forward to doing an interview with you to get an update on how GPI is doing. It sounds like you’ve made some great headway since we last spoke.
•[10/28/2013 8:35:36 PM] Sterling D. Allan: I’ve got some bills due, and am scraping to find a way to cover them. If you could do a $500 donation to XXX@XXXenergysystems.com, that would be greatly appreciate.
•[10/28/2013 8:50:55 PM] Michael P Spitzauer: Sent
•[10/28/2013 8:51:20 PM] Sterling D. Allan: got it. thx. you’re a champ. Looking forward to talking.

•[11/6/2013 5:49:34 AM] Sterling D. Allan: would you have time to do an interview today?

Sterling does not say who started this dialogue on 10/25/2013, but it would seem to be Michael Spitzauer because Sterling says he could not talk because Sterling was in the middle of a conference. It would seem that Sterling started the conversation on 10/28/2013, in which he asked Michael Spitzauer for $500.
Sterling clarifies in the material posted by him, the Skype interview took place on 12/1/2013, just two weeks ago.


On December 12, 2013 the story broke in many newspapers concerning Michael Spitzauer –

“The owner of a controversial, stalled biofuels plant in Pasco has been federally indicted for his alleged role in defrauding investors. Green Power CEO Michael Spitzauer is being held in federal custody as a flight risk after he pleaded innocent to wire fraud, aggravated identity theft and money laundering. He is accused of defrauding investors of at least $6.7 million during the past seven years, although his debts amount to at least $21.4 million, according to court documents.”


The sad part of this story is that Sterling was, and still is a partner with Michael Spitzauer and Spitzauer’s fraud and scam operation. In pages on Sterling’s websites we find these statements –

“Sterling D. Allan can be contacted regarding business/municipal interest in this technology.”


“In a spirit of full disclosure, I need to state that I have been involved in GPI at various levels for the past year plus, so this is not an independent account. I’m confident that Michael is doing the best he can, given the hug load he’s under to do a zillion things at once, while also attending to the needs of his own health and family and friend. I can relate to that.” Sterling Allan, August 7, 2009


“GPI has had their ups and downs, but now they have huge news, and we get to tell it to you first. (In spirit of full disclosure, I should inform you that GPI has been a major sponsor of us at PES Network, Inc.. CEO, Michael Spitzauer, is a good friend of mine. So this report can’t be considered unbiased journalism.” Sterling Allan, February 19, 2010


“Note: I have a relationship with GPI, so this report is not truly independent.” Sterling Allan, November 20, 2010. Below we include two comments in the article where the above quote resides.


“Full Disclosure: The author of this story has a relationship with GPI, so this story is not “independent coverage”. Sterling Allan, December 3, 2010”


On September 6, 2009 Sterling started a fund raising drive to raise $20,000. “PES Network free energy news and directory service passing the hat.” The fund drive ended on July 9, 2010 after collecting Subtotal: $11,573.85 + new laptop. On March 2010 Sterling updated the drive page with this comment.


On July 10, 2010 Sterling started a new fund raising drive. Sterling was only able to raise Subtotal: $1526.40 (Subtotal commenced July 10, 2010) this time around.

“Passing the Hat; Looking for Major Sponsor
Green Power Inc., a waste-to-fuel company in Pasco, Washington; generously sponsored us this past winter.
Last fall, I put out the hat, and many of you generously contributed to help us make it through then. Some of you are still making monthly donations commenced back then, which we greatly appreciate, whatever their size.
Green Power, Inc. (GPI), a waste-to-fuel technology company, was especially generous, coming forward as a major sponsor, providing many helpful financial infusions, including enabling my wife to join me for the Earth Transformation Conference I was invited to address last January, talking about the ten most promising free energy technologies.
Unfortunately, GPI has come on several challenges, including some personal burdens of the CEO, who hasn’t been as careful as he should be to take care of his own health. They seem to be in the process of getting back up, but have not been able to continue in their sponsorship as they had hoped.
So we are now to a place where we need to put the hat back out; and we would be especially happy if one or more of you could come on as a sponsor, so we could pull the hat back in, and put you on our site as a major sponsor.
In the last passing of the hat, we were hoping to raise $20,000. We pulled in a little more than half of that; so that gives you an idea of what we’d like to do this time around. We have some debt we’re servicing which would be nice to get out from under so we don’t have that monthly hit.”

Here is a screen shot of the progress –


And again Sterling started another fund drive Aug. 24, 2010 to keep the money flowing.

Sterling-33This one went from August to December 2010. Here again Green Power, Inc., unfolded its angel wings, to keep poor Sterling afloat.


Some comments on that page.

“Meanwhile, we need to keep holding out the hat for donations, and even need to ask for more than we have been getting because the rate of donations has not been keeping up with the financial needs to keep us from sinking. Today, for example, we hit a crisis point when our business account, zeroed out, pulled from overdraft protection when a check hit it, drawing $228.43 from our credit account, which will now add to our monthly debt load, but at the high-interest, “cash” APR, until that card is paid off. Ouch… Also, maybe one of you deep-pocketed people out there with favorable inclinations toward free energy might be willing to entertain a bailout of our various debts so we don’t have those monthly service fees that drain so much. I’d much rather pay interest to you when we can, as some of these deals come to fruition, than to be paying the credit card companies every month. We could probably get by without donations if we didn’t have to make monthly payments on our debt load.”

Look at all of the donations from Michael Spitzauer.

Sterling-36 Sterling-37 Sterling-38 Sterling-35

And so it went with all of Sterling’s writings in 2009-2011, using the disclaimer was standard procedure. With Sterling then closing out 2011 with these words, among others.


On January 2, 2013, Sterling looking back on 2012 had this to say.

One of the things that will be a very high priority for me in 2013 is to make our screening or vetting process much more robust. I want to move away from the Top 5 being my list, with input from others, to being a list that reflects the decisions of a brain trust of qualified people in the various genres represented. Having a proper, independent vetting organization will also be very useful for helping these emerging technologies get the credibility they deserve (if they deserve it). There is some good movement in this direction, which we will be reporting on in the coming weeks.

Frankly, after nearly 11 years at this, I’m tired of wild goose chases. I want to see the real deal get to market, and I’m not going to be in a very good mood until I do. I’m getting more jaded, less patient, more skeptical, and especially less inclined to be taken for a ride by a scammer. I’ve had too many of those rides. As we grow our network, we will also have a stronger legal team to bring down the frauds.

What Ever Happened to…
Weighing in at second place last year, this year, Green Power Inc doesn’t even show up in the runners up. They are beleaguered with lawsuits, unpaid bills, disgruntled former employees.

But Sterling never disavowed his business relationship with Michael Spitzauer and Green Power Inc, although his stories about them had slowed to a trickle. So it really shocked and surprised us when Sterling posted his Skype communications for October 28, 2013 with Michael Spitzauer, in which he asked and received from Michael Spitzauer $500, leading him on, with Sterling knowing that if he did write a story, it would not be very positive for Michael Spitzauer.

On September 30, 1997 the Associated Press published a story that was printed in many newspapers. Here is that short article.

“Austrian Says Nazis Voided Extradition Treaty Man Accused Of Cheating Victims In His Homeland Out Of $720,000
Associated Press The Spokesman-Review September 30, 1997 – Updated: August 27, 2 p.m.
An Austrian ex-con, jailed here, is fighting extradition to his homeland to face fraud charges filed when he stuck his best man for the expenses of his Seattle wedding.

Michael Spitzauer, arrested by U.S. marshals in January at the request of Austrian authorities, is contesting the U.S.-Austrian extradition treaty of 1930, saying it was rendered defunct by the 1938 German takeover of Austria before World War II. Those familiar with the case say it is the first time the treaty’s existence has been challenged in court. Spitzauer came to the United States in April 1995, shortly after his release from an Austrian prison. Within three months, he was married to a Seattle woman, with whom he now has two young sons.

A warrant for his arrest alleges he defrauded Austrian victims of about $720,000 in unrecovered loans and credit-card bills in travels from Vienna to Seattle to Lagos, Nigeria.
Spitzauer, 39, has lived in the Seattle area since 1995, when he met Melissa Larson while staying at the downtown Stouffer Madison Hotel. Larson, then a cocktail waitress, called it “love at first sight.” They were married by a judge on July 18, 1995 – just before the expiration of Spitzauer’s 90-day visa. Melissa Spitzauer said she’s anxious for her husband to return home. Michael Jr., 18 months old, constantly asks for his father, and 7-month-old Zachary has seen him only in court, she said. “He’s got two infants that he never sees,” she said. “I really need him.

Two months after they were married, the couple had a formal wedding ceremony at St. James Cathedral that was attended by family and friends, some of them from Austria. Expenses for the wedding and a honeymoon in Hawaii are among the issues raised in the Austrian warrant, which alleges that Spitzauer fraudulently used a credit card belonging to his best man, an Austrian, to cover more than $30,000 of those costs.

The warrant says Spitzauer portrayed himself to several victims as a successful international businessman. Among other allegations in court documents:
Two Austrian brothers claim they lent Spitzauer $424,000 for a Nigerian oil deal that never materialized.
His best man, Adolf Tscheitschonig, claims he lost about $140,000 in loans and credit-card expenses prosecutors attribute to Spitzauer. In one instance, Spitzauer allegedly persuaded Tscheitschonig to wire $37,000 from Austria – money he said he needed because a business partner’s check had bounced.
Austrian officials contend these alleged frauds were perpetrated to reimburse victims of an earlier fraud scheme for which he served four years of a six-year sentence before he was released on parole in 1995.”

Sterling-22 Sterling-23

Such are the partners Sterling Allan has associated himself with, other partners besides Michael Spitzauer include John Rohner, Andrea Rossi, Carl Tilley, Michael J. Brady, etc., all frauds and scammers. Sterling Allan still is begging for money as we write this, and wants you to send him some, so he can keep promoting other frauds and scams.

Your Friends,
December 14, 2013