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Sterling D. Allan – Arrest Update – Its Importance to His Partner Andrea Rossi and the E-cat Scam

Published on March 7, 2016
From Allan’s own statements we believe that guilt was eating away so much at him, that Sterling D. Allan, knowing full well the repercussions when he confessed all to the FBI and sheriff, continued anyway with a full disclosure to them. (But only AFTER they came knocking on his door.) In addition Allan had to justify why Jesus would not come down and have a meal with him. Allan was claiming that just as he had escaped jail the world could escape tribulation by repenting. But now we know that public repentance for Allan  was not enough, does that mean God’s plan as outlined in Revelation will continue after all? Continuing along with this line of thinking we believe that to save the child victims and families from having to go through the humiliation of a trial we believe Allan will plead guilty and throw himself on the court’s mercy. Of course that is only our opinion.

Allan had his Initial Appearance on March 2, 2016. Allan’s “Waiver of the Preliminary Hearing” will take place on March 14, 2016. We don’t know yet if Allan will make a plea on that date. Allan is still currently in custody with a cash only bail set at $250,000.

We thought people following news about free energy claims, scams and frauds might find it informative to read and understand about the entanglement of some of the players and their impact on others in and out of the localized blogs and the field of free energy. In every major free energy scam there are the fraudsters themselves and always along with them are their supporters and/or partners. To our mind and way of thinking supporters may or may not be active partners and associates in the fraudster’s scam and fraud. We look at the extent of the supporter’s actions, their methods, and always we look at the money trail. Also it seems clear to us that a lot of people writing about the free energy field (Gluck, for instance),  who should know better do not understand the meaning of many simple words such as, “partner” and “associate.” Nor do they understand why it is important that critics show the connections between the fraudsters and scammers and their supporters and partners. In this article we will concentrate on Sterling D. Allan, but our comments and thoughts can be applied, if applicable, to everyone involved in the free energy field.

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It is funny but when someone wants to try and show that Andrea Rossi and his e-cat is not a scam they always refer to people connected to Rossi as if that proves anything. But when critics show connections that can be detrimental to the fraudsters the critics are lambasted. Here is just one example, ever since the Nobel physicist Brian Josephson voiced his support for Rossi, Rossi’s worshipers have pointed to that connection as somehow relevant, even though Josephson put a disclaimer on his video page and failed in his attempt to even test an e-cat. You must have the attention span and memory of a mouse to believe that Rossi is NOT operating a fraud and scam. Who can forget this test that NEVER took place but was reported at “ecatnews”?

This article on September 26, 2011 also mentions Rossi’s fraud partner Professor Levi and Levi’s claimed 18 hour warm-water test, that NEVER was witnessed by anyone not a part of the team, and that NEVER was published, as promised by Levi.


Dr. Peter Gluck in his article –
made some comments about our article –
Sterling D. Allan Partner of Andrea Rossi is being Investigated by the FBI and Local Sheriff

Here is what Dr. Peter Gluck posted –


Arrested2-2Now we find the following comments;

  • “Disgusting!”;
  • “Sterling D. Allan was accused of crime, pedophilia or pedophobia or both and this converts him instantly in an “associate” of Rossi who is criminal by definition.”;
  • “A contemptible form of journalism- deontology is dead?”;
  • “Guilt by association”

very strange coming from a wordsmith such as Dr. Peter Gluck. Gluck quite often goes in-depth with many different types of insights into the meaning of words and phrases on his blog.

So we ask, why would Gluck react this way to the title of the published article? After a little thought we clearly could see his explosive reaction was based on something much deeper than could be explained simply, therefore this article. Originally we were just going to send this to Dr. Peter Gluck in reply to one of his emails, but then we thought others might benefit from our insight.

We will separate this discussion into two parts –
Part 1 – is Allan a partner and/or associate of Andrea Rossi?
Part 2 – what impact does Allan’s arrest have on the free energy field, and on Rossi’s e-cat scam?

Part 1
Is Sterling Allan a Partner and/or Associate of Andrea Rossi?

It seems Dr. Gluck takes umbrage and displeasure in our statement that Sterling D. Allan is a partner of Andrea Rossi. Gluck must not believe that is true. But more than that, Gluck seems to be saying that even if Sterling D. Allan was a partner of Andrea Rossi, the fact that Allan’s troubles stem from pedophilia and are not directly related to Rossi’s e-cat fraud and scam, Rossi should not be mentioned in an article about Allan and his troubles. We respectfully disagree.

Is Sterling Allan a partner and/or associate of Andrea Rossi? First we must provide the definitions of the words in question. At   we find –

Full definition of partner
1           archaic :  one that shares :  partaker
a :  one associated with another especially in an action :  associate, colleague
b :  either of two persons who dance together
c :  one of two or more persons who play together in a game against an opposing side
d :  a person with whom one shares an intimate relationship :  one member of a couple

3           :  a member of a partnership especially in a business; also :  such membership
4           :  one of the heavy timbers that strengthen a ship’s deck to support a mast —usually used in plural

Full Definition of associate, associated, associating
1           :  to join as a partner, friend, or companion
2           obsolete :  to keep company with :  attend
3           :  to join or connect together :  combine
4           :  to bring together or into relationship in any of various intangible ways (as in memory or

intransitive verb
1           :  to come or be together as partners, friends, or companions
2           :  to combine or join with other parts :  unite

In all of our articles we use the definitions of partner and associate in their general meaning and common understanding, unless the context clearly means otherwise.

Now let’s look at some connections between Sterling Allan and Andrea Rossi.

Sterling D. Allan first became involved with Andrea Rossi and the e-cat story in January, 2011.

Arrested2-3Allan has covered the Rossi scam and fraud in depth; in hundreds of internet articles, in many speeches at symposiums, in many published videos, on many radio shows (many with a national audience), and on many internet radio shows and interviews. We can safely say without the slightest doubt, Sterling D. Allan has promoted the e-cat fraud and scam more than any other single person, excepting Rossi himself.

The following is not an exhaustive list by any means, but take a gander at some of the many ways and places Allan has promoted Andrea Rossi and the e-cat scam. We must make one thing clear, at the start of the coverage of the e-cat by Allan he had a partner, Hank Mills, who wrote many of the articles, but even those articles were published on Allan’s websites, and were under Allan’s control.

  • Next we will show the coverage by Allan of Andrea Rossi and the e-cat for only one year – 2011.
    Allan’s coverage and promotion of Rossi and the e-cat started in January 2011 and continued till Allan’s arrest in February 2016. Most of the items listed below are articles on Allan’s websites, in addition there are many listed radio shows and videos, most of them with Allan directly involved.

The oldest coverage is at the bottom of the list.

Arrested2-4 Arrested2-5 Arrested2-6 Arrested2-7 Arrested2-8 Arrested2-9 Arrested2-10 Arrested2-11 Arrested2-12 Arrested2-13 Arrested2-14 Arrested2-15 Arrested2-16 Arrested2-17 Arrested2-18 Arrested2-19

  • On the bottom of all of the articles about Rossi and the e-cat scam that were published on Allan’s websites during most of 2011 there was a variation of the message below, trying to get people to invest in Rossi’s scam.


  • All through 2011 Allan was promoting Rossi big time. Then Starling Allan traveled to Bologna to film the October 28, 2011, 1MW demo. Starting with Allan’s article published on October 28, 2011, we started to see a new item on every page about Rossi and the e-cat, this is what it looks like –

    Here is the complete top of the page –

    Here is another one a few days later –


  • The above disclaimer was on every article about Rossi and the e-cat until November 10, 2011. Then Allan published the article about National Instruments, in that article for the first time we read this —Arrested2-25Here is the complete top of the page –


  • Rossi could have easily started his own website for his company and to cover the development of the e-cat. That is what any legitimate company would have done. We believe it is part of Rossi’s new strategy in his latest fraud and scam the e-cat, to get others to do as much as possible. We believe Rossi incorrectly thinks that by having others do his dirty work he can stay out of jail, if charges are filed and he is arrested. That is why Rossi lets other people do his websites, publish news articles, write books about him and the e-cat and promote the e-cat in conferences, on blogs, on radio and in videos. Rossi didn’t like sitting in prison in Italy all of those years. Next we find Allan was going to be the one to start Rossi’s official website, we read –

    Arrested2-27Please take note of the phrase, “Brought to you in association with PES Network.”
    Allan said he was told by Rossi that Rossi would pay him to keep the site going. Even after Rossi went with for his website, Allan’s disclaimer that Allan had a business relationship with Rossi was still published on all his articles. Therefore the business relationship had more to it than just the website corroboration.

    Arrested2-28This disclaimer was used all through the rest of 2011, and continued into 2012. We quit looking at the web pages after January, 2012. It does not matter anyway because Allan, to our knowledge, has never published any article saying that he DOES NOT continue to have a business relationship with Andrea Rossi.

  • When we published the article, “Sterling D. Allan Partner of Andrea Rossi is being Investigated by the FBI and Local Sheriff,” we gave Allan the opportunity to publish a rebuttal article, and Allan was told we would then either make any necessary changes to our article or write an answer to his article. We made it very clear to Allan that any rebuttal article Allan published would have to be open to the public. Allan never published any rebuttal article, and never provided any proof or facts that anything we published in that article was wrong or incorrect.

In conclusion to part one, it is clear we have provided proof that Sterling Allan claims to have a business relationship with Andrea Rossi, and we are not aware of any published retraction of that relationship by Allan. Andrea Rossi and the e-cat is still to this day in Allan’s “top 5.”


For over 5 years Sterling Allan heavily promoted Andrea Rossi and his e-cat fraud and scam. And for over 4 years Sterling Allan has been a partner and associate of Andrea Rossi.

Brief note: Allan’s disclaimers on his articles come and go. Even if Allan doesn’t continue to use the disclaimer above on every article about Rossi, that does not mean that their business relationship does not still exist.

Part 2 a&b
What impact does Allan’s arrest have on the free energy field, and on Rossi’s e-cat scam?

Here again this section must be presented in two parts –
Part 2a – What impact might Allan’s arrest have on Rossi’s e-cat scam?
Part 2b – What impact might Allan’s arrest have on the free energy community?

Part 2a
What impact might Allan’s arrest have on Rossi’s e-cat scam?


  • A person normally cannot be held accountable for the actions of others.
  • In the case of Andrea Rossi, many of the people surrounding him seem more like disciples than anything else. And concerning many of Rossi’s partners and disciples, their ethics can easily be called into question. Sterling Allan’s coverage and connections with fraudsters and scammers is well documented on his own website PESN. Forgetting Allan’s current legal troubles, in our opinion, anyone who would become a close partner or associate with Allan based on nothing else but Allan’s continual promotions of, and partnerships with, so many of these scumbag free energy scammers for over 12 years, would have to have a screw loose as well, and their ethics would also come into question.
  • As the spotlight shining on Andrea Rossi, along with his partners and promoters becomes brighter and brighter, more and more of these unsavory situations will be exposed.
  • There is no need to discuss business ethics here, every school that gives out degrees in business has classes on ethics. At the very least a normal business, one not based on a fraud and a scam, or one not run by unsavory characters, would try to make sure that all of their partners and associates would not do anything illegal, and would not act unethically.
  • In our opinion, Andrea Rossi is running an enterprise covered under the RICO laws of the USA, as we understand them.
  • With the arrest of Sterling D. Allan, Andrea Rossi lost his greatest partner and associate and his greatest asset for promoting his e-cat fraud and scam.
  • It is seems that the e-cat fraud and scam is winding down. Rossi is floundering, constantly throwing out ideas, to see how his audience will respond. Rossi is clearly getting ready to put some kind of exit strategy into place.
  • Rossi, though, still wants to make that one last big score before he quits.
  • It is anyone’s guess who will come knocking on Rossi’s door first, a fool to give him $100M for his e-cat fraud and scam or the FBI and local sheriff.

Part 2b
What impact might Allan’s arrest have on the free energy community?


  • Sterling D. Allan was the only mainstream, and the greatest promoter of free energy frauds and scams in the USA.
  • It is going to become much harder now for these scumbags to get their message out and get people to give them money.
  • It is well documented in just one case that people lost over $1,000,000 in a scam heavily promoted by Allan. At least $500,000 of that lost money was directly related to Sterling Allan. And this was just one of the many hundreds of free energy frauds and scams promoted by Allan.
  • No one will ever know the full extent of the damage done by Allan in both lost money and lost support from people now thoroughly disgusted with all of the promotion of these scumbag free energy scammers.

What’s Next?


  • There will always be creative people who will see farther than what science tells us in textbooks.
  • There will always be people experimenting with new ideas.
  • There will always be times when these creative people need help, both technically and financially.
  • With the demise of Allan’s work, now is the time to do it right.
  • This is what we recommend.
  • Create a group of people to oversee out-of-the-box research and development being conducted worldwide.
  • Anyone with an idea or invention would be able to come to this group for help both technically and financially.
  • Once their project was assigned a readiness level, then it could be promoted based on the needs at each level.
  • There would be NO uncritical promotion of just anyone who was trying to raise money. Each project would have to be thoroughly vetted at each stage. Anytime an inventor was found to be lying, making false claims or making material misrepresentations about their ideas or invention they would be kicked out of the program.
  • A website could be created where a project would go into each category of a readiness level.
    This website would also have a place where everyone could talk about the projects.
  • We can envision where this project, if done correctly, could become a central depository of both valid and fraudulent technologies and a place where inventors would go first for an idea and invention assessment and promotion if vetted.
  • Once a project had been vetted then the group could use social funding programs, or other funding sources, to help the inventor get to the next level.
  • This group might also become a major place where anyone who wants to invest in high risk ideas can go, knowing the fraudsters and scammers have already been weeded out from the very start.
  • We are not talking about a venture capital business, we are talking about a grass roots group of inventors and business people helping others.
  • If something like the above does not take place, then based on past history, someone who thinks just like Sterling Allan will step up to fill his shoes, promoting every fraudster and scammer out there.


Published on March 7, 2016