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Sterling D. Allan – Alphabetics & Free Energy

Updated 12-3-2013, please see Sterling’s comment, and our answer, at the end.

All free energy researchers, inventors, fraudsters, scammers, and promoters are trying to make money off of someone’s idea, whether real or not. What we imagine is the most atrocious action conceivable, relating to free energy promoting, is using religion/spirituality as the basis and justification for support of these fraudsters and scammers, an action now being used by Sterling openly, blatantly, and boldly. Sterling’s basic thought pattern goes something like this; it’s true that by supporting all free energy projects, most will not amount to anything, and many are or will become fraudulent, but there will come a time in the future when a device will break the laws of physics and provide free energy. Therefore Sterling thinks, by supporting all of the ones that do not work, he will be justified in the end, because this is the work Sterling says he is destined to perform. Sterling believes he was sent by God to do this work. Because Sterling believes that it is OK to deceive, when he thinks he is doing God’s appointed tasks, he does not object to this type of behavior, by himself or others, until it reaches a level where he believes it is hurting his causes more than helping them.

It is our opinion and we believe, that in many ways, what Sterling Allan is doing with his websites and organizations, and the fact that he is supporting and in some cases actively working with, people and inventors involved in free energy frauds and scams, is worse than the actions of the individuals he is supporting and promoting. The reason we say that is because Sterling is helping many fraudsters and scammers, not just one, and they use Sterling’s articles in their own promotions and patent applications, Sterling helps them get funding, Sterling helps them sell licenses, etc. As people see Sterling helping so many of these fraudsters and scammers, it is conceivable and more likely than not, that Sterling’s support gives other people the incentive to create or expand their own fraud and scam, with Sterling’s help of course. Each fraudster or scammer only promotes their own project but Sterling has/is helping many of them, (hundreds maybe?), beginning many years ago. Sterling is constantly asking for donations from people to help him in his cause and help maintain his websites where he promotes these frauds and scams.

But is that a valid and loving way for Sterling to justify his actions to the people who are buying into and losing their money now, because of the frauds and scams he is promoting today? Could not all of the money going to these fraudsters and scammers, and other projects that are totally unrealistic, be better spent on real and valuable projects that will have a more immediate impact?

All references and the use of the phrase “free energy” in this article is for a device such as a perpetual motion machine or some other type of device that puts out more energy than it consumes (over unity), 24/7 365 days a year. In other words a device that uses “exotic” sources of energy (per Sterling), such as magnet motors, noble gas engines, electromagnetic (over unity), or zero point energy.

We believe one hundred percent that any person has the right to do any type of research in the free energy field, or help other people by funding their research. The problem arises when people try to obtain money, by false statements and/or claims, or as Sterling likes to do, promote projects without fully vetting the project first, ignoring any calls for proof for all claims. This vetting is necessary in the free energy and perpetual motion field because after hundreds of years not one person has produced a working device that has been truly and scientifically authenticated. But hundreds working in this field have went to jail for fraud, and untold thousands have just faded away taking their investor’s money with them.

Hopefully people reading this article will have a better understanding of what a fraud and scam is all about and how to stay away from them. It is our position that someone should not give any of their hard earned money to anyone involved in a fraud, scam or swindle; nor should they give money to someone who promotes or is a part of, any fraud, scam, or swindle. It would be interesting to do a very complete and thorough study to determine just how much Sterling has influenced free energy fraudsters and scammers in what they are doing.

The question as we see it, is this – when should a person, such as Sterling, who is supporting almost every “free energy” inventor and project no matter how bad their project is, be held responsible as “a co-conspirator to a fraud or scam,” or “a partner in a fraud or scam,” or “an accessory to a fraud or scam,” or “a supporter of a fraud or scam”? And second like unto it, when should you hold off all monetary support of people and projects claiming “free energy,” extending even to people like Sterling himself, who are promoting some of these frauds and scams? Hopefully this article will help you answer those questions.

Please see our definition for the words fraud, scam and swindle as used in this article.
The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

1. A deception practiced in order to induce another to give up possession of property or surrender a right.
2. A piece of trickery; a trick.
1. To cheat or defraud of money or property.
2. To obtain by fraudulent means: swindled money from the company.
3. To practice fraud as a means of obtaining money or property.
4. The act or an instance of swindling.

From – http://dictionary.reference.com/

1. deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.
2. a particular instance of such deceit or trickery: mail fraud; election frauds.
3. any deception, trickery, or humbug.
1. to cheat (a person, business, etc.) out of money or other assets.
2. to obtain by fraud or deceit.
3. to put forward plausible schemes or use unscrupulous trickery to defraud others; cheat.
4. an act of swindling or a fraudulent transaction or scheme.
5. anything deceptive; a fraud.
1. a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle.
2. to cheat or defraud with a scam.

Another way of looking at this is to try and determine when someone’s project goes from being a valid and legit research project and crosses the line into being a fraud and scam. Another valid question is this, if someone wants to publish and promote information about “free energy” projects do they have an obligation to do their due diligence and confirm the truth of the claims they are promoting? How that question applies will depend a lot on whether the publisher is a valid independent news agency and they are just reporting news, or if they make any money directly or indirectly from any of the projects they are “reporting” about. Just because you post articles on the internet does not automatically make you a valid independent news agency or true reporter. One of the accepted criteria, by all, for hundreds of years, is that to be a true news reporter you cannot have any monetary interest in the stories and articles you write. That is one reason why we do not believe Sterling is a true news reporter, even though he claims to be and would like everyone to believe that too.

Here are some suggestions for things you could look at to determine if a project is a fraud and a scam.

a) Has the inventor already obtained money in the past? If so, what did they do with it? Hold them to an accounting for all monies spent. Did they use the money for the purpose they told everyone it was going to be used for? Why do they need money now after spending lots of other people’s money in the past? Were people told the other times in the past that more money was going to be needed in the future, if not, why not? Is there a business plan with set goals and expenditures?

b) Has the inventor told a falsehood in relation to their project? It makes no difference what they claim the purpose for the deceit is, i.e., business practice, to stifle competition, to throw people off the track, etc. If someone tells even one falsehood they should not be trusted, from that moment forward their project becomes a fraud and scam. If an inventor does not want to tell the truth, then they should keep their mouth shut. Lying cannot be a “business strategy” when there is no “free energy” business yet after hundreds of years. The only kind of “free energy” business that could exist so far, up to today anyway, is for someone selling plans, or licenses for non existing products. Unless of course their “business” was a pure R&D firm.

c) Has the invention been vetted? If not why not? If the inventor will not allow proper vetting and they are raising money or selling anything, including licenses, then it’s more likely a scam and a fraud. Look closely at the project and see if there has been any false statements or other signs of a fraud and scam. If an inventor has a true valid project there are always ways to prove the invention without giving up any trade secrets. If an inventor is asking for money and refuses to have a truly independent third party prove the invention than it is probably a fraud and scam 99.999% of the time.

d) This of course does not apply to someone who just has an idea. At that stage they are looking for funding to build a prototype or do an experiment, they are not selling anything. Nothing wrong with true research and experimentation, as long as the investor knows full well all aspects of the situation.

e) Know exactly what the money is going to be used for. Does the inventor plan on using any of the money for salaries? Or to pay personal expenses? Most scams are just for that purpose. A lot of times the fraud and scam does not make a person rich, it just pays for all of their living expenses so they can live in a comfortable or luxurious lifestyle. If an inventor will not disclose exactly how the money is going to be used than 99.999% of the time it is a fraud and scam.

f) Is there plain and simple goals? Does the inventor clearly say what the money they are asking for will accomplish? Are they continually falling short of the intended goal and coming back asking for more money? If so it probably is a scam.

g) Is the inventor constantly moving the goal posts? Is the inventor working on new versions of the invention before the original version is vetted, tested, and marketed? If so it is 99.999% likely it is a scam and a fraud. To explain, we are not talking here about the difference between an experiment, and a factory ready prototype. Almost every invention on the market never looks like the original prototypes or experimental devices. We are speaking here of a project moving to a different model before data or vetting of the original idea or model is accomplished thereby proving the basic idea is sound and legitimate.

h) If it is a free energy device and the inventor has raised much money in the past and/or built one or more devices, but they cannot prove that they are using the device to power some or all of their own needs, than the odds of it being a fraud and a scam is 99.999%. One noticeable person in this field is Joseph Newman, with his Newman Motor, he has raised millions of dollars, and built many machines. But yet to this day he is not powering his own house or any of his energy needs by one of his devices, why? Another is Andrea Rossi, who has raised millions of dollars, but there is not any proof that anyone is using even one of his devices for anything, except for his dog-and-pony-shows.

i) Another sign to look for is this, the actions of the inventors themselves, how do the inventors react when challenged about anything? A fraudster will, more often than not, become angry and lash out at the ones seeking proof or vetting of the claims. This is their way to try and divert attention from the real issues. They also use this method to try to keep other people from asking similar questions. A good example of this is the fear Roger Green had concerning questioning Rossi, read the emails by and to Roger Green. Search on the internet for those emails.

j) Another sign is patent applications and/or patents. Are they valid or just a way to claim they have something of value?

k) And last we will mention religion/spiritual things. Just look at how many people have used the claim to be a prophet or leader of some religion/spiritual movement, or they claim their project comes from God, as the foundation for their claims of their free energy device. It is one thing to be religious and/or spiritual, no harm in that, it is quite another to use religion and/or spirituality to get people to invest or spend money for your non-existent free energy device. Here are just a few who come to mind, there are hundreds more –

a. Dennis Lee, Sterling eventually put him on the buyer beware page but promoted him for a long time.
b. World Improvement Through the Spirit (WITTS) Ministries, as late as 2013 Sterling is still promoting this outfit’s free energy projects which are frauds and scams, in our opinion.
c. Andrea Rossi, Sterling thinks Rossi’s fraud and scam is directly from God himself.
d. The Keshe Foundation, another scam and fraudulent organization in our opinion, they say they are not religious but at the same time they say on their website that 19% of all money coming in will be spent for “world religious studies and unification.” Sterling has been supporting them from the beginning.
e. Sterling himself is using religion/spirituality in his promoting, and partnering with, fraudsters and scammers, and it is getting worse by the day.

These are just a few of the hundreds of ways to spot a fraud and scam. Most of the signs above must be looked at in relation to each invention or project because the circumstances for each are different. But there are two signs that are without a doubt a sign of a fraud and scam 100% of the time; they are – if lies or falsehoods are told, or if an inventor tells everyone they need money for something and then spends the money on something else.

All of Sterling’s websites have two sides to them, a “material” side where everyone is trying to make money off of these free energy projects, including Sterling; and a “spiritual/religious” side where Sterling gives his view on that part of the subject.

On the top of his home page Sterling says his own projects and websites are for:

  • “Finding and facilitating breakthrough clean energy technologies.”

This seems like a valid and noble cause. If Sterling could find someone making solar panels and a complete installed system cost just $0.10 a watt, with a high power density per square foot, having a lifespan of 100 years, that would definitely be a “breakthrough clean energy” project.

  • “If it appears to break the laws of physics, and it works, that’s when we get interested.”

This is where things start to break down, we have searched all over Sterling’s websites and we cannot find even one free energy project there that literally “breaks the laws of physics.” Talked about yes, authenticated no. The real problem though are the words “and it works.” This implies that before Sterling even gets interested enough to write about it, that “it works.” So first a project must “work,” second it must “appear to break the laws of physics.” But Sterling has never put on his website one project, let us repeat, not one project, that appears to us to break the laws of physics, and that works. Now of course we are taking for granted that Sterling is using the common meaning of those words. In our mind “it works” means “it works” as claimed. Maybe Sterling could expound a little more about his catch phrase.

What the “laws of physics” are and how they could be broken is for another time and article. But one thing we know for certain, the subject of research going on today will be the basis for the technology of the future. And using history as our example, it is very likely that some sacred cows will get slaughtered along the way, because of that research.

Here is why we have trouble with Sterling’s choice of words. When someone goes cruising by his websites or is directed there via Sterling’s constant promotions and they read those words they might think that everything Sterling is writing about is “legitimate” when most of the time it is not, or “works” but here again, most of the time it doesn’t, at least not as claimed.

Sterling is either asking for donations or selling something on all of his web pages and in many cases Sterling is promoting some project where he receives money directly from the people he is writing about and promoting, such as for instance his latest scheme – Aviation 2.0 with Raphial Morgado. What is interesting is that the amount of effort (number of articles, etc.) Sterling puts into promoting someone’s project is in direct relation to how much and how soon Sterling thinks he will make some money from the project he is writing about. See for instance, Sterling’s coverage of Aviation 2.0 with Raphial Morgado, and John Rohner with Inteligentry.

It would be appropriate to talk here a little bit about what you are doing when you donate to Sterling directly, or via one of his web pages. Sterling’s complete operation, including all of his websites are “for profit.” Nothing Sterling is doing, that we have found anyway, is non-profit 501(c)3, which means you cannot write off on your taxes any donations to him.

So where is your money going? For Sterling and his family’s complete living expenses, costs of running his websites, trips all over the world for many different reasons, some just for religious reasons, supporting Sterling’s church and other spiritual endeavors, etc. Basically when you give or donate money to Sterling he uses it for whatever he wants. Sometimes not even for the purpose he originally told the people it was going to be used for. For instance, when Sterling went to South Africa this last time, he discovered that the claims were bogus as usual, so he stopped by Defkalion in Greece to justify his trip, [some including us, thought he had planned this all along], which increased the cost of his trip, then when he returned home the $5,000+ he had raised to buy one of the bogus devices was used towards the purchase of a house. What about the time Sterling went to Switzerland recently? While there he went on his little mountain forages when he should have been reporting on the magnetic motor demonstration, another case of Sterling’s promoting a bogus project.

What – you didn’t know that your donations helped support Sterling’s religious activities and his church? Remember Sterling uses all donations and any money he receives however he wants. Let’s examine the spiritual side of his free energy operation a little.

Sterling says that the purpose of his website GreaterThings.com “is wholly designed to support this quest,” of Sterling’s “Church of the Firstborn.” Remember that GreaterThings.com is where Sterling publishes most of his alphabetics material. The material and links flow back and forth between GreaterThings.com and all of Sterling’s other free energy websites. For instance on the homepage of GreaterThings.com we find these.


On the Church of the Firstborn home page Sterling says this:

“The gospel, removing us from natural carnality, brings us into communion with God (which includes coming to an awareness of our spiritual heritage as heirs); and when we get there, God (which includes our highest awareness within ourselves in harmony with the church of the Firstborn — those mortal and immortal who have overcome, including the head honcho) is the ONE who works with us one on one to direct us in our path.
“That’s about the sum of it.”
– Sterling D. Allan (2/17/01)”

We need to say at this point that we firmly believe in everyone’s right to believe and practice in any religion or belief system. This is a right given to us by God himself, and confirmed by many governments. Nothing we are saying here is to be construed to mean Sterling’s religious beliefs in and of themselves, are under attack. Our point here is to let people know that when they are donating to Sterling on one of his free energy websites, or on projects where Sterling receives a commission or some other compensation such as, Aviation 2.0 with Raphial Morgado on Indiegogo, they are also supporting Sterling’s “Church of the Firstborn” and his alphabetics research, and all of his religious websites as well.

When Sterling first started putting his writings on the internet they were only about spiritual things. Starting with his coverage of the Carl Tilley affair Sterling added free energy to the mix.

“It was actually that story that launched me into my career as a reporter for the Free Energy community. I began by posting updates day after day on the latest developments in the Tilley saga…”

And from the very beginning of his work and writings Sterling has followed his god, Joseph Smith, Jr. and just like him, has used Masonic, Kabbalists (Qabalists, Cabalists), and Gematria symbolism, numerology, chiasms, parallels, and various bible codes such as the Torah Code and Theomatics, in his beliefs and writings. Then in 1996 Sterling started using what he calls alphabetics.

Sterling’s alphabetics, which is not a religion, as a matter of fact we cannot figure out exactly what it is, other than of course, the product of a mind seeking justification, redemption and confirmation for some really far out and strange beliefs. There is not anything wrong with people finding comfort wherever they can find it. If they feel that some words and numbers in dictionaries, concordances, or other such books give them comfort, what is the objection?

But this article is about Sterling who is using religion and spirituality to try and convince people to support many of the frauds and scams in this world, including Sterling’s own websites, organizations, and projects. It is our position that anyone who directly supports (not just reports on) a fraud and scam, is part of that scam by conspiracy, but to a lesser degree of guiltiness, (yes, that is a word). There are many ways a person could be supporting a fraud and scam. You don’t have to tell your readers to buy stock or buy a license from some company to be supporting that company or project.

What is alphabetics?

Alphabetics is a true science, maybe one of the oldest sciences of all next to astronomy, alphabetics started when people first recorded words and thoughts on material objects thousands of years ago. From first use till today, that is the only meaning of that word except for one person, Sterling D. Allan. Sterling admits he is the only person on the planet who uses the word as he defines it.

n. 1. The science of representing spoken sounds by letters.
Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co.

What is alphabetics according to Sterling?

Anyone can add to the definitions of words in the online Urban Dictionary. On May 30, 2009 Sterling entered the following definition into the Urban Dictionary.


n. 1. The science of representing spoken sounds by letters.
n. 2. Commentary on modern people, places, groups, and events based on the alphabetical arrangement of words and the numbers associated with the alphabetical sequence of Biblical words.
Word 4545 in the Old Testatment Hebrew lexicon means “web”. The very next word, 4546 means “highway”. According to alphabetics, these two neighboring words foretell the “web highway”.
Word 4150 in the Old Testament lexicon include the meanings: “Place of assembly,” “tabernacle,” “temple,” “seat of the prophets,” “an appointed sign,” “the vision belongs to a time.” By paying attention to the alphabetics, we note with interest that (8)4150 are the last four digits of the zip code of the Mormon Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.
by sterlingda May 30, 2009

Let us look at some other definitions as used by Sterling. The website where he has most of his writings on alphabetics is here – http://www.greaterthings.com/word-number/

“Alphabetics is a study of how modern people, places, groups, and events are commented on based on the alphabetical arrangement of words and the numbers associated with the alphabetical sequence of Biblical words. The Lexicon as Prophetic Scripture!”

Sterling continues his definition here, http://www.greaterthings.com/Word-Number/definition.htm

“Definition Alphabetics:
The study of (1) word meaning relationships in their alphabetical sequence context as well as (2) the numbering associated with that sequence and the correlation to other occurrences of a given number, whether it be (a) the numbering of the words such as in a Biblical lexicon or (b) the numbering of the pages on which a word definition comes. The premise is that there is a supernatural code built into the alphabetical sequence of words and their associated numbers. The words alphabetically before and after a person’s name, for example, lend sometimes uncannily specific commentary to that person. The number of a word, for example, can relate to that same number in another context, such as a year or an address or a physics constant.”

Now that we know how Sterling defines alphabetics, it will be interesting to find out where it came from. Sterling admits he is the only person on the planet that uses alphabetics, even though he has been trying to get people to use it for about 17 years now. The explanation for that will be found in this little expose, people cannot use something that makes no sense. Where did alphabetics come from? Let’s use Sterling’s own words to answer that.

Q. What evidence can you produce that this is of God?
A. The proofs are many; nay, they are innumerable; but, like any other matter of divinity, require an element of faith to be embraced and believed.

When asked for evidence Sterling just says that there are innumerable proofs but does not give one example, we can only conclude there is no evidence or he would have pointed to it. Someone must embrace and believe it came from God because Sterling says so. Therefore is the “element of faith” required to embrace alphabetics and believe it came from God – faith in God or Sterling?

Sterling believes and claims that alphabetics, as he defines the word, comes directly from God: “The Lexicon as Prophetic Scripture!” as Sterling calls it.

“Q. Can the code be used for making predictions? [speaking of alphabetics]
A. ‘Prediction’ is not really an appropriate word to describe the codes prophetic mode. ‘Prediction’ connotes the idea of a fixed outcome. That is not the ultimate purpose of divine prophecy — to tell us what is going to happen no matter what. Rather, the purpose of prophecy, including alphabetics, is to show us what will happen when a given path is taken…Alphabetics is but one of many tools given us by God to bring our lives into harmony with his will, and part of that is by aiding us as we look to the future at the possibilities of where we might end up and inviting us to amend our current course to bring about a better outcome.”

We must first stop and make an observation, it is extremely hard to believe anything Sterling says, and to take it literally as most people would understand the meaning of his words. For instance Sterling writing about his excommunication from the Mormon church, and his attempt for reconciliation, wrote these now infamous words below. It seems that Sterling, as did Bill Clinton, learned how to apply the age old method as taught by the Catholic Jesuits, of how to lie and give different meaning to words and phrases, but in your own mind try to claim you are not lying or giving a false impression.


Read the last paragraph of the above words by Sterling Allan very carefully. Sterling, after many years finds his memory of those events “humorous.” Since this type of thing only happens within the mind of the speaker or writer how do we know whether Sterling is still using the same tactics today? Every time Sterling speaks or writes something we never know if he is using the same meaning for the words as generally understood by everyone else.

This whole concept of “lying for the Lord” is as old as the Mormon religion. It officially started right after the church was organized, and really hit hard when the Mormon church wanted statehood. One of the shortest and best essays on this is, “Lying for the Lord: An Essay by B. Carmon Hardy, 1992.” Here are a few choice comments from it.

  • “In early 1907 the First Presidency issued a major address in which they specifically denied the use of duplicity in any of their dealings.”Enlightened investigation,” they said, had always been the goal of the church. Again, in 1910, when the magazine crusade against new polygamy was reviving, an editorial in the Deseret News said that not only had Latter-day Saints always been truthful but that they, of all people, were most obliged to be so. They “cannot say one thing and do another.” Those adhering to the gospel must operate “in full light,” said Apostle John A. Widtsoe.” There is no secrecy about [Mormonism’s] … doctrine, aim, or work.” The church, he said, had always fought darkness, and, in its pursuit of knowledge, should let chips from “the axe of truth” fall where they may. A contemporary apostle repeated these injunctions, declaring that there simply is “no justification for lying.” And a member of the First Presidency, enlarging on the same theme, warned that when one resorts to falsehood and deception, [p. 364] even in behalf of a worthy cause, there is danger such practice will spread to other employments “like a disease that is endemic.”

In other words once you think it is OK to lie about one thing, even for the Lord, then when does it stop?

  • “A month before he was killed, the Prophet Joseph Smith admitted that it seemed he had been married little more than five minutes to his wife Emma before it was charged that he had plural wives. Talk of spiritual wifery and adultery so plagued the church, he said, that “a man dares not speak or wink, for fear of being accused” of [p. 365] such things. At the same time, the fact of plurality on the part of Joseph and his associates and the coloring of truth in connection with it has been reported by almost every student of the period.”
  • “Not only do such defenses ignore repeated denials that they were engaging in the practice under any name but there are grounds for believing that the term spiritual wife was, in fact, employed by Mormons both before and after their exodus to the Great Basin. Beyond this, later in the century, as part of the skirmishing between Utah and RLDS Mormons, the contradictions were acknowledged and described as “very wisely drawn,” as one of the evidences that plurality was indeed in vogue among those close to the prophet. There is testimony that instruction was expressly given on how to conceal it. And one must confront pretzled language like that of the prophet when, though husband to scores of women, he exclaimed, “What a thing it is for a man to be accused of committing adultery, and having seven wives, when I can only find one.”
  • “Polygamous activities by the leaders, and the deceit considered necessary to shelter them, contributed directly to the assassinations of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. During the city council debate over allegations in the Expositor concerning his doctrines and behavior toward women, Joseph found it necessary to double back upon himself, declaring he had not kept the doctrine secret but had taught it openly. It was nearer the truth a few months later when, raging against the proposal that it was yet necessary to hide things about the church, the prophet’s widow told William Clayton that “it was secret things which had cost Joseph and Hyrum their lives.”
  • “Referring to the charge that Latter-day Saints in Utah resorted to falsehood when asked about their marriage patterns, Richard Burton repeated their answer, saying they wished only to deny imputation of [p. 368] any similarity between the Mormon practice of “true patriarchal marriage” and the “spiritual wifedom,” “free loveism,” and “Fanny Wrightism” familiar to outsiders. Claims that the generality of people were unprepared to accept all truths received by God’s oracles continued to be made to justify Mormon reservation. And the turning of words or attribution of qualified meanings to certain passages of language was defended as communicating truth in a way that ‘those who had the spirit of truth could understand.’”
  • “Not all were happy with this approach. Speaking at a church meeting in Nephi, Utah, Apostle John W. Taylor branded Caine’s statement on the death of polygamy a “d—d lie.” If plural marriage were dead, he declared, “the whole religion was dead.” More importantly, Taylor devoted most of his reported remarks to the error of employing mistruth as a defense. In the first place, he said, it was impossible to deceive the nation in such things. The Saints were sure to be found out. More importantly, honesty was also a part of the Gospel. Instead of prevarication, Taylor said, Mormon spokesmen should tell the truth and take the consequences. Rather than bending and deceiving, they should declare firmly for polygamy as a Mormon essential, leaving members to conduct themselves according to their own consciences. Deception as a part of Mormon strategy was an issue of growing difference between Apostle Taylor and other church leaders. Referring to the time of the Smoot investigation, his wife Janet said: “John was considered a little out of harmony because he didn’t like this way of doing. He was a frank man and didn’t like to say one thing aloud and another in a whisper.”
  • “Citing Mormon history as precedent, fundamentalists defend the propriety of reticence and false denial when dealing with the things of God, especially plural marriage. The use of codes and ciphers when threatened by hostile laws is approved. The priority of covenants and friendships is affirmed. And when placed in difficult circumstances, they have broken pledges to civil authorities to secure freedom for themselves and their families. Dorothy Allred Solomon, recalling her upbringing in a prominent fundamentalist home, summarized the atmosphere by saying, “Although we were reared to treasure truth and ‘cling to the light,’ our way of life was filled with secrets.” The resort to distortion, what was referred to as “Mormon logic,” rested uncomfortably on every aspect of their existence. She remembered that this was justified by her father, a fundamentalist leader, with the aphorism ‘We must sometimes disobey a lesser law to keep a higher one.’”

Sterling has given us examples in his own writings of his use of the mind games used by those in his church from its beginning, so we can only say always look for hidden meanings and twisted logic in anything he says or writes.

One other thing that stands out here is that the “lesson that was burned into his soul,” the ability to forgive rather than revile, must have healed over, please see Sterling’s scathing attacks against Mark Dansie in relation to Sterling’s latest attempt to get major money from someone’s project that at this stage of the game does not seem like a worthwhile use of people’s money based on the fact that Raphial Morgado has never supplied verification that his engine can operate and has the qualities that he claims. Even though by his own words, Raphial Morgado has received over $4 million already and the only thing he has to show for it today is an engine that runs on compressed air. Also Raphial Morgado has never fully accounted for the use of about $3 million of the original $4 million.

Alphabetics has no hard and fast rules like in mathematics. The object of alphabetics, as far as we can determine, is to find word definitions or meanings that give positive meaning and confirmation to what you already believe. You can take any word, name, or number you chose. You can use any book you chose. You can start looking where you want in those books. You can ignore material that does not mesh with what you are looking for. You can go up or down, right or left, or forward and back as you chose. When you run across something that directly contradicts what you are looking for, you are free if you want, to take the opposite meaning of that word or phrase.

Based on the above observation, one we came to after reading many of Sterling’s writings, we can only conclude that any writings or conclusions based on alphabetics is totally meaningless except to the person doing the looking. If that were not so then Sterling would give rules for alphabetics that everyone could follow and all would come to the same conclusions when searching for meaning. Absent that it has about the same value as reading tea leaves and throwing bones.

In our opinion it would be wise for anyone using “alphabetics,” to use that material in the same way Christ told us to pray in Matthew 6: 5-7:

Mat 6:5 “And whenever you pray, don’t be like the hypocrites who love to stand in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they will be seen by people. Truly I tell you, they have their full reward!
Mat 6:6 But whenever you pray, go into your room, close the door, and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.
Mat 6:7 “When you are praying, don’t say meaningless words like the gentiles do, for they think they will be heard because of their wordiness…”

So let’s analyze together some of Sterling’s use of his alphabetics.
First let’s look at Sterling’s favorite example. Sterling says of this one, “That’s probably one of the best examples of a spot-on resonant definition that I love to share when talking about alphabetics. It is irrefutable. No one can honestly say there is no correlation on one extreme, or that this is purely coincidental on the other extreme.” Sterling uses this example on all his talk shows, in the Urban dictionary, most other write ups where he is trying to get people to believe there is something to his alphabetics nonsense. He even used it in his latest rant on the SmartScarecrow show. That number he is most fond of is the last four digits of the LDS Church Headquarters zip code (84150). So let’s look at his analysis.

1. It is not clear what spiritual value there is in matching up numbers and words in a lexicon or dictionary. But before we even go there let’s look at the number itself.

2. The way Sterling picks his numbers is very strange. First of all why use a zip code number? How about adding up the number of buildings in that square city block and use that number? Sterling says this about numbers: “I have found that comparing these numbers to the numbers that relate to a person (or institution in this case), such as an address and phone number, can produce some amazing results. My observation has been that the key players in the Lord’s plan have significant correlations when this method is applied.”

3. Sterling is saying here that if a person is a key player in the Lord’s plan there will be significant correlations, (Sterling also calls this same thing resonance most often), when you compare numbers that relate to that person (or institution in this case) when his alphabetics method is applied. Sterling also believes the opposite is true as he wrote concerning Mark Dansie.

4. So our question to Sterling is this – if his system will tell him if a person or organization is a key player in the Lord’s plan as he claims, why doesn’t he use this method to screen every person and free energy project before he starts supporting it on his websites? Just look at all of the hundreds (?) of people he has supported in the past who have turned out to be fraudsters and scammers. What about Carl Tilley? The most recent one that comes to mind is John Rohner with Inteligentry and his noble gas engine. In just one field of free energy alone, we see that Sterling is now on his support of his 33rd or 34th HoMoGen.

5. But back to how Sterling is choosing his numbers.

a. If Sterling is going to use a zip code why use just the last 4 numbers? Why not use all five?
b. Why not use the first four numbers instead? Or any two numbers?
c. Or why not use the last, middle or first three numbers? In this case 841, 415, or 150?
d. The same thing applies to social security, birthdates, phone numbers, or any other number. Why only use the last four numbers?
e. Why not use all variations of a number and see what each study then finds?
f. Why not take all numbers available for a person/organization and all variations of those numbers and provide the detailed analysis of all of those in a write up?
g. For instance Sterling said Mark Dansie had many phone numbers, why then didn’t Sterling provide an analysis for all of the numbers instead of just one?

6. Why does Sterling use the LDS Church Administration Building Address for his analysis? See these websites http://www.greaterthings.com/Word-Number/4150-chi.htm and http://www.greaterthings.com/Word-Number/4150-chi.htm You would think that the address of the temple itself would be the correct address to use, when you are talking about the most important building in Mormon church history, wouldn’t you agree? But when you look at that address here http://www.ldschurchtemples.com/saltlake/ it says the address and zip code are,
Physical Address and Mailing Address
50 West North Temple Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150-0701
United States


7. Since Sterling likes to use the last four numbers in a zip code why doesn’t he use 0701 for his Mormon church analysis?

8. What we do not understand is the conclusions Sterling reaches from the matching up of numbers and words. What is he actually saying in his articles?

9. Let’s take this case and assume that there is some conclusion to be reached by matching the words and numbers, what is a valid conclusion? On the first website Sterling comes to no conclusions at all, he just gives the meanings of the matching numbers, but does not say anything else. On the next website where there is a more expanded discussion of 4150, Sterling comes to these conclusions:

a. “The first thing that jumps out is the buzz phrase, “mighty and strong.” Virtually any Mormon, well seasoned in the culture, will immediately think of the prophecy about the Lord sending “One mighty and strong to set in order the house of God.” This notorious revelation from Doctrine and Covenants 85:7,8 is probably the most applicable prophecy to the topic at hand of all the scriptures brought forth by Joseph Smith. It prophecies of the drastic, divinely administered removal “by the shaft of death, like as a tree that is smitten by the vivid shaft of lightning” of the “man [of sin] who was called of God and appointed,” who “putteth forth his hand to steady the ark of God.” The One Mighty and Strong, on the other hand, is described as ‘holding the scepter of power in his hand, clothed with light for a covering, whose mouth shall utter words, eternal words; while his bowels shall be a fountain of truth.’”
b. “Word # 47 in Greek, and the words before and after, bring up an equally famous, Biblical prophecy, which uses the same imagery as that of D&C 85. As with the Hebrew example above, this set of words is also juxtaposed with God’s true and ideal order of things, emphasizing that which is most important, namely establishing our foundation on Jesus Christ alone through the mighty change of heart. This is the new wine.
The paradox is that while on the surface these word definitions capture the ideal picture that Mormons paint of themselves, on a deeper level they condemn the current idolatry of placing man above God — the ultimate expression of which will be the arising of the anti-Christ from, and by, the very ranks of those who claim to be the one true church of God on earth.”
c. You would think that Sterling was using this information to try and prove that somehow God had a hand in making sure that the zip code Sterling was using was in place so Sterling could prove that the Mormon church was the one and only true church. If that was your thinking you would be wrong because Sterling then says:
“This particular set of words at first appears to contradict the theme, exonerating 47 E. South Temple Street as being pure. I truly wish it were so, for that is what we latter-day husbandmen have been commissioned to be.”
d. First of all, why is he talking about 47 E. South Temple Street? But more than that Sterling goes on a lengthy scathing attack of the church for all kinds of things.
e. “But we don’t have Zion. Yet Zion will come, and many of her most stalwart adherents will have come from the ranks of the foreordained-to-fail Mormon stewardship attempt over the church of Christ. When purified, her folly will bolster the dedication to Christ of those previously entangled around a man whom the people demanded instead of God.”
f. Sterling also condemns the church about tithing and meat eating among other things.

10. How does Sterling get to these conclusions? Let us quote him.

11. “A phenomenon I see repeated in using these various approaches is that for each word there is usually an equal and opposite meaning. Sometimes these are given within the definition of the same word. Often, the opposite meaning is given in the neighboring word. One of the reasons I find Zodhiates’ New Testament word study guide so valuable is that he gives an exhaustive listing of derivatives, synonyms and antonyms for many of the words.
Because of this phenomenon, sometimes in looking up an application such as we are doing here by looking at word #47, the riddle requires one to take the opposite meaning. This may seem arbitrary and open to any combination of extravagant interpretations. I have found, however, that the second or third witnesses have a way of isolating the meaning very clearly.”

12. We can only conclude that if you want to use alphabetics you must be; a) good at solving riddles, b) good at leaving all sense of reason and common sense behind in your studies.

To understand further how Sterling uses his alphabetics in real life, let’s follow step by step his article that was the cause of his latest rant on the SmartScarecrow show. Sterling called his article “Why I’m Destined to Become the Richest Man in the World — for Good.”


Based on many things, including its very long length, and the subjects discussed, it is very clear to us that this whole article by Sterling is his attempt to justify his actions and comments which are getting more ridiculous every passing day. Without the support of his family and friends from his church, Sterling’s little empire might crumble very fast. This whole article is about damage control and in an attempt to justify his comments, this article becomes very strained.

This reminds us of another incident where Sterling acts without thinking. Remember Sterling’s trip to South Africa in 2012? This incident was when we came to realize first hand that Sterling was not the squeaky clean, honest person he claims to be. For the first and only time, we took the time to follow one of Sterling’s stories from start to finish. When people got upset because Sterling was not doing what he said, and because of other facts surrounding this case, and after Sterling put out his plea and received over $7,000 for this trip, this whole incident was being discussed on Sterling’s website, with people quoting from the two pages Sterling used to obtain the funds. So Sterling deleted the contents of those two pages. This was a deliberate action by Sterling. As Sterling was returning from South Africa he dropped off to see Defkalion in Greece. Because Sterling was so impressed with Defkalion the following incident happened, in Sterling’s own words:

“Here I was in a country in meltdown mode [Sterling or the country we ask?]. I didn’t know if I would have time to compose a story that evening before I left, and the message of what was right in their own midst could really help ease the anxiety in the country — hope is on its way and nearby.
When I went out to grab a bite for dinner…I walked by a group of younger people milling about outside an establishment (some kind of party). I pulled up a chair, stood on it, and started saying, “May I have your attention, please. I would like to tell you about some hope that you have for Athens.”
But then two security guards came up to me and escorted me away because I was interrupting a party. When I told them briefly what I was going to say, they looked at me like I was some kind of idiot and walked away.”

Step 1. Background
1. Sterling says at the top of the article, “To understand this article will require that you be in a spiritual (right-brain) and concentrating (left-brain) mindset.” We are in this mindset state as we write this article. And we think we are as spiritual, or more so, than Sterling was when he wrote it.

2. To put the following analysis in perspective please consider all of the following:

a. Sterling’s father David W. Allan is a very smart man, he has won many prestigious awards, was very well respected in his chosen scientific field before his retirement, and still is to this day. David Allan also is a very well respected leader in his church, Stake President/Bishop.
b. Sterling has been excommunicated from that same church. Sterling left his original scientific work at a young age, with no accomplishments of note, and now is promoting “exotic free energy” as his full time job, along with his religious endeavors. As Sterling recently said in a speech in Brazil, this job of his occupies his time from his waking up till he goes to bed.
c. We think Sterling is trying to reach a level of respect that his father has deservedly achieved. But more than that Sterling wants to be the spiritual leader of the group that he thinks will bring in the new age, the 1000 year millennium of peace. More on this later.
d. Sterling has gradually been having money problems as his anticipated roll-out of a free energy device only months away has not materialized. Every time some project comes along that Sterling thinks will make him tons of money, he rushes to make a deal with the inventor. Sterling promotes their invention, in return Sterling will get part of the action when it becomes real and starts making money. This has been documented over and over.
e. Sterling said in his recent trip to Brazil that when he first started promoting free energy he thought a device was going to be ready to go public in just a few months, he said things have not changed and a device is still months away. This must be a perpetual thing, like an hour from now is always going to be an hour away. Sterling said in his speech he started thinking about why a free energy device has not materialized and he came to the conclusion that God is holding it back because the people of the world are so wicked. Therefore now Sterling has changed his methodology and his full attention is directed to try and get enough people to become the gods they are destined to be, and when that magic number is reached he thinks God will allow a free energy machine to be manifested.

Step 2. Prologue
“Yes, I’m involved in what is sure to be the next huge thing: exotic free energy roll-out worldwide, but that’s only part of the reason why I believe I’ll become the richest man in the world. And it’s not about ego, but about lifting others to also be successful in filling their God-ordained missions in life.”

Now this statement creates some questions that need to be answered. When will Sterling become the “richest man in the world”? From all we have read about Sterling’s beliefs it will start like this:

a. Since Sterling is saying that the wickedness of the people is what is holding back the roll out of exotic free energy, then at some point this wickedness has to be turned around.
b. That is why Sterling has now devoted his waking hours to preaching this message.
c. Remember when we quoted what Sterling said earlier? “But we don’t have Zion. Yet Zion will come…”
“Only a Zion people can bring in a Zion society. And as the Zion people increase, so we will be able to incorporate more of the principles of Zion until we have a people prepared to receive the Lord.” Ezra Taft Benson. New Era, May 1975.
d. So what happens when enough people become the gods they are destined to be, as Sterling believes? Sterling believes that a Zion society will be built, and its members will live like this:


e. “There are no poor among them, for they have all things in common, not by compulsion of government decree but by free-will consecration of excess to the good of all.” So if everything is owned by all equally how can Sterling be the richest man in the world?
f. Does Sterling mean the richest man meaning having the most money? Sterling may try to make you think he is talking about some type of spiritual richness, but that is clearly not the case, Sterling thinks he is destined to become the richest man on Earth having the most money.

There is one other possibility here, Sterling thinks the President of the Mormon church is the richest man on Earth, does Sterling think he is going to become the President of the church that has excommunicated him?

“I know; that’s quite the precocious story title, and it’s sure to evoke quite a few snickers and snarls, especially since in the 11½ years that I’ve been running this exotic free energy news and networking service, I’ve had the “donations” hat out quite often. Even now, we still need the augmentation of donations to get by. So what makes me say that I’m destined to be the richest man in the world, and to say it with conviction? Why would I make such a statement at this time? Of course, some of you think that obvious answer to that is that I’m completely out of touch with reality.”

This makes it clear that Sterling is talking about money now and in the future.

“I believe that exotic free energy will be the next huge wave, and I’m in a leadership position in that movement. But my thought of becoming the richest man is not within the present context of rich vs. poor, but in a future context of a more ideal world, where there are no poor — in large part because of the arrival of these exotic free energy technologies that will bless and lift all mankind.”

First of all there is no “movement” in free energy. There have been people searching for the perpetual motion machine for hundreds of years, but there is no society, no membership, no structure, no leaders, only inventors and scam artists. Sterling is in for a very rude awakening if someone he is not associated with were to make this happen, or if it does not happen at all. Second, Sterling says “these” meaning more than one, so he thinks two or more different free energy technologies that have never produced anything in the past will miraculously all of a sudden start working and will be sold to the world, thereby making him the richest man in the world. Good luck with that Sterling.

“Up until recently, I’ve seen my mission to be a revolutionary of the martyr type, putting my life on the line for a good cause, not likely to become wealthy any time soon, but probably later, when Exotic Free Energy technologies begin to emerge into the marketplace, certainly not anywhere near the top of the heap — no desire for that, nor did it even ever cross my mind. But thanks in part to taking some amazing classes by XXXX of XXXX, I’ve had a paradigm shift, and now I see things very differently. And it’s not about ego or seeking to be better than others.”

Why does Sterling see himself as a martyr type putting his life on the line for a good cause? What does he mean by that? A martyr must suffer persecution and/or death for a belief or refusal to believe something. Sterling needs to clarify what he means by, “putting my life on the line for a good cause,” because nothing we have read or heard tells a story of anything like that.

The only thing that would even remotely apply is when Sterling was excommunicated from the Mormon church. Sterling was called a “radicalized prophet of the far, far right” in the article, “The making of Immanuel, Brian David Mitchell and the Mormon Fringe; by John-Charles Duffy, October 2003,” he makes the following statements:

“STERLING ALLAN, a lifelong Latter-day Saint, was only twenty-six years old when he founded the popular but ill fated American Study Group. Inspired by President Benson’s call to study the Book of Mormon… The year after Church intervention led to the collapse of his study group, Allan tried to approach the podium during General Conference to deliver a talk warning the Church that it was moving towards apostasy. [Author-Sterling was removed by security] In November 1992, the same month as the Church’s “housecleaning” campaign, Allan fled to a remote location in California, convinced that nuclear holocaust was imminent.
Upon his return home to Manti in January 1993, Allan was excommunicated for his allegiance to teachings of Avraham Gileadi…Allan has said that, like Mitchell, he once considered running off with a 14-year-old girl. This was during a period of life when, also like Mitchell, Allan believed himself to be “the one mighty and strong.” Most recently, Allan has announced on his website that a recently discovered Bible code implores him to run for president in 2004 and predicts that he will win.”

But why did Sterling say he was excommunicated?

“On February 5, 1993, Sterling D. Allan was excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for ‘apostasy’ because of his “extreme position regarding a Davidic Servant.”

“Prior to the excommunication, I had been going around publicly for nearly a year teaching various groups about the awful situation in which we find ourselves (e.g. secret combinations, apostasy of the Lord’s people), and reminding them that our most important loyalty lies with the Lord, not the brethren; and that if we should ever have to choose between the two, that we must choose the Lord.”

Other than excommunication, the only other problems we are aware of are the financial difficulties Sterling is having and use to justify the constant begging on his websites, but all of those types of problems are created by himself by his chosen means of income, and for relying on money from his websites, donations, and other sources. That is not being a martyr and it is not persecution and/or death.

Step 3. My Vision of “Richest Man”

“Everything needs to be overturned so it is right-side-up again. This is another word for ‘revolution.’”

“I believe I will become the wealthiest man on earth by helping everyone to become wealthy and responsible (Thrive), while cleaning up the planet, providing clean energy, fixing the corruption, getting into sound monetary policy, enabling the rollout of healthy solutions, and open commerce with our extraterrestrial visitors, etc…I honestly believe I have a destiny to become the richest man on earth — the new earth that is coming; and I think I have some good reasons to support that position, some of which I’ll be presenting here.”

Here we have two statements that need to be highlighted,

a. “open commerce with our extraterrestrial visitors,” Sterling is a firm believer in extraterrestrials, and now he is saying part of his immense wealth is going to come from “open commerce,” with them.
b. “the new earth that is coming…” Sterling is here talking about the millennium where a religion/world government will start in Missouri, and spread to the whole earth.

Sterling than makes a very unusual statement, that clearly shows that Sterling deep down does not even believe this himself, and he is doubting his own words. After saying over and over, things like he is destined, it is his calling, he is called by God, etc., now he says IF I DO BECOME. This whole article is supposed to be an extensive document showing some of the many proofs of why Sterling is saying he is GOING to be the richest man. Sterling how can you expect other people to believe what you say when you doubt it yourself?

If I do become the richest man in the world, the difference between my wealth and the “poorest” person will not be that great…”


The 10-30 years Sterling is talking about here must be how long he thinks it will take for the whole world to be converted once the transformation starts.

“I’m thinking it will probably take 10-30 years for me to get to that point (richest man), though I see the transformation of the planet to that better realm happening sooner than that.
According to prophecy, the coming world is not going to have any evil people. They will have killed each other off, been destroyed by calamities, or they will have gone through a mighty change of heart so they are no longer evil.”

Since this is one of the longest article by Sterling on the website we are glad it is a brief one.

“So, that said, let me briefly tell you the story of how I came to this belief that I am destined to become the richest man…I say “briefly”, because there is much more to this story, but I’m going to just cover what has transpired in my life over the course of about one week, which brought me to this conclusion.”

Sterling believes that this new earth, and the start of the millennium is dependent on the beliefs and actions of all of the people on the globe, the people have to change and his thinks he is THE ONE, like in the Matrix, who will lead the people into this revolution.

“A world of abundance is coming, and you can shift your thinking now to being manifesting that in your life now. The more of us that do this, the sooner that new world can arrive.”

Step 4. Sterling’s “Ah-Ha” Moment

“On the morning of the third day of this seminar, a lady got up in the audience during a Q&A session and said something to the effect: “Kirk, may I have your permission to bypass you?” He replied, “Good luck!”, and they then went into some fun banter…
I had a flash of inspiration, so I stood up to make my statement, without mulling it over and talking myself out of making so bold a declaration. It felt right to me at first glance, so I went with it…and said, with great conviction, something to the effect:
“I’m going to one-up, by quite a bit, what this brave lady just said. And given that for the past eleven+ years I’ve struggled just to maintain a survival level of existence, this may sound quite preposterous…It is therefore not inconceivable that in playing a key role in helping bring free energy to the planet, that I could become the richest man on earth. I dare any of you to surpass me, and I welcome your involvement in bringing about this vision of the empowerment of humanity.”
Then Kirk said something to the effect, “Do it!!” [My wife, who was sitting next to me, has a very different read on what took place. She’s an empath and picks up on what people are feeling, and she said people were thinking I was seeming a bit like a lunatic, and Kirk was trying hard to be diplomatic.]”

Yes, Sterling you should ask your wife’s opinion BEFORE you speak in the future. Here are some thoughts about Sterling’s outbursts. We are sure there are many more but just look at these three.
1) Concerning this one, what did you accomplish?

a) You totally ruined the spirit in the room, the “fun banter” was gone and replaced by a childish outburst. Who knows how much courage it took the woman to speak up in the first place, and you killed any good that others might have received from that, by directing all of the attention to yourself.
b) We would like to conjecture that your inspiration comes from an imbalance of chemicals in your brain, and not from some heavenly source.
c) The phrase “think before you speak” was written for people like you, please take heed.
d) Your statement that you are a leader in the “exotic free energy sector,” was a false statement because there are no leaders in “exotic free energy.” You just appointed yourself that, just like you appointed yourself the one and only Davidic Servant for over 10 years.
e) If and that is a big if, exotic free energy ever becomes a reality, we firmly believe you will not be the one to make that happen.
f) You owe a public, in person, apology to that lady and the group.
g) So what was the result? That group thought you went nuts, and most people reading about your story think you went nuts. Isn’t the purpose of inspiration to be uplifting?

2) We remember of course your other inspired moment, in Greece when you stood on the chair and was taken away by the security guards. Remember you were going to tell them how wonderful Defkalion was and that in just a matter of months Defkalion would have created so much business that it was going to help bring Greece out of their financial difficulties. Remember they thought you were nuts then too.

3) And of course who can forget your inspired moment when you tried to crash the Mormon General Conference, attempting to rush the speaker platform and was escorted out by security guards yet again.

4) One of these days Sterling you are going to realize that all of these so called inspired moments are not from God, because God would make sure that you would be able to get your message out. You were allowed to speak at the last meeting only because the people were too polite to tell you to shut up. We know you think you are a prophet of God, but we believe a true prophet of God would not write and say the things you do.

Step 5. Sterling’s Alphabetics

Isn’t it funny how Sterling can take a phase that is talking about the “corrupt king of Persia” and somehow twist that into part of the proof that Sterling will become the richest man on earth? And Sterling wonders why no other person on Earth uses his system.

“Word 6238: Richer
That phrase, “shall be far richer than they all” seemed relevant, even though it was talking about a corrupt king of Persia; so this made me even more curious to look up that word: 6238. (For those who are curious, here’s a link to a photo of the whole page 660 of Gesenius, where that word is found.)”

Sterling did you ever watch the movie, A Beautiful Mind (2001)? It is about the true life story of John Nash, a Nobel Laureate who developed paranoid schizophrenia and endured delusional episodes, some of which included patterns in words and numbers similar to those you see. You should watch it and take heed.

Then on to Raphial Morgado you went, in an attempt to convince people your support of him was from God and everyone should donate to your Indiegogo fund raising campaign.

“Raphial Morgado and Myself with his 14″ engine.
It turns out that this definition (shown to the right) is an amazingly positive portrayal of riches in a good sense, while the words around it, especially before it, depict the negative associations of riches (we’ll cover those below).
There are 1580 total chapters in the Mormon “quad” which includes the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. I don’t think this word association should be brushed aside as insignificant, but rather, should be seen as another way of saying: ‘All the scriptures teach you how to be rich and good, if you will implement their teachings in their true essence.’”

Dansie Again
It is not clear to us why Sterling keeps slamming Mark Dansie. Dansie has only given good advice about how to vet these projects Sterling keeps promoting that are frauds and scams. Sterling said Dansie has more than one phone number but Sterling did not give the analysis for all of them. Why not Sterling, afraid that those numbers and meanings would not fit into your program for trashing him?

“Those of you who regularly follow my news, will also know that I recently wrote an article in which I pointed out that my nemesis, Mark Dansie, who has totally trashed Raphial Morgado, and killed any momentum there was for people to support his Aviation 2.0 project, has a cell phone number whose last four digits have the following definition in the OT lexicon…With him it’s “guilty until proven innocent” when it comes to any exotic free energy claim. He sees no problem with that attitude and is actually quite proud of it as the basis for his skepticism…”

Rossi’s E-Cat Tie-in
Next Sterling tries to show God is behind his support of Andrea Rossi and his e-Cat fraud and scam.

“You see the string “to join together” near the bottom…It’s all resonance. The reason I bring this up is to point out that the string “join together” for the word for “richer”, also ties into this definition 260 and its link to Rossi and the other exotic free energy technology inventors…”

After this Sterling continues with thousands of more words trying to prove why he is going to become the richest man on Earth, all of which is just more mumbo jumbo. See the following for other examples.

“Now, unintentionally, the same morning, I had stumbled into my name right next to “money”, providing another Alphabetics witness that I am destined to be “The richest man in the world — and good.” Just in case you’re still puzzling about this whole Alphabetics thing, let me remind you that the very first word in the New Testament is ab which means “father”. It is spelled “alpha, beta” — or, if the second letter is given in its Hebrew equivalent: “alpha, bet” — AlphaBet, from the Hebrew and the Greek. I’d say that’s a pretty strong endorsement of the term. The first messianic advent was focused on the son — the spotless sacrifice for sin. The second messianic advent is the work of the father among his latter-day fold — primarily the Mormons, illustrating: “inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me,” since ultimately we all are gods in the flesh. And word 656 (the Theomatic value of Messiah) in the Greek NT lexicon means “excommunicated” — which is typically how those who wake up and put on strength are treated. The Jews, anciently, rejected their own, and thus has it been in these end times (fullness of times) as well. And out of that rejection will come an awakening, by which a remnant will then finally put on strength and build the kingdom of God on earth, which will encompass not just the principles of the gospel (first coming) but also of freedom and government (second advent) — and free energy!”

And again we have Sterling’s messiah complex rearing its ugly head.

“If there is nothing to Alphabetics, then none of this means anything. If there is something to alphabetics, then the vicinity of these words is yet another witness to my reasons for saying I’m destined to become the richest man in the world — and to help the rest of the Earths inhabitants step into their godhood as well, so there are no poor and no wars, etc…”

It is the Mormon’s rejection of the latter-day, again the second time, Messianic mission in their midst, being carried out by many, like myself, who are among those considered Ones Mighty and Strong. There will eventually be 144,000 of them, and that is just a quorum number, not a limiting number. And no, they’re not all going to come from the Mormon background.”

Sterling taught for over ten years he was the one and only, the One Mighty and Strong, now he has decided that he has the right to change the word, One to Ones, and he now believes the One Mighty and Strong is not just one person but the 144,000 talked of in the Bible and in Mormon books.
Sterling continues.

“As you can imagine, I have been getting quite the range in input regarding this report. One person, very close to me, thinks I have a god-complex, based in pride, that I need to deal with psychologically because it is sick and wrong. My rebuttal is that the reason they have such a hard time with this is because they are steeped in the traditional mindset that has God sitting on a throne at the center of the universe, untouchable, uncomprehendable, etc. But if you use the analogy of Santa Clause — we’re all Santa for our own kids — and apply it to God — we’re all part of God’s workforce, serving as guardian angels when we die, and serving as the guardians for those under our charge here on Earth — then you might think I’m dethroning God. But in reality, I’m telling you the true nature of God — so much more approachable. And when you realize that, then the task of stepping into our own godhood, and becoming ones mighty and strong, isn’t such a leap anymore. If Sterling can do it, anyone can. And Sterling’s not even there yet.”

“Now, maybe, you can see why I’m going to be calling the Alphabetics show…Alphabetics on Gods Incarnate, to show from the code how we all are gods, and we can do great things if we step into our godhood and stop listening to the negative chatter that tries to tear us down.”

“And Sterling’s not even there yet” but Sterling used to think he was, and he still does when you read his other writings. We are just waiting for Sterling to claim he can perform miracles. When Sterling says you will become gods, he means just that. Sterling believes that God is just a higher form of a man, in fact used to be a man, but is now an enlightened being. Sterling believes that a man can become a god, just like God, with the same attributes. Did you know that Sterling used to sign his name like this: Sterling D. Allan, God?

Than Sterling tells us why he is promoting all of the frauds and scams he calls exotic free energy.

“And the word prior to that captures the idea of why I’m willing to put my life out there so transparently and vulnerably (do you think I enjoy being made fun of; and don’t you think I know by now that reports such as these are bound to incite a bunch of negative chatter?). I want to see us evoke the repentance clause of prophecy… That’s been one of the reasons why I’ve been a proponent of exotic free energy technologies for these near dozen years: they provide a solution to empower the people and disempower the corrupt powers that be.”

And just before the comments section Sterling had this to say.

“A vast majority of the comments below are negative. Many think I’ve lost it. I think that’s kind of funny, actually. Expected. This is not easy stuff to understand, I guess. I’ve had years of immersed time in the scriptures, and in chiasms and parallels and alphabetics. It is super easy for me to see these things. But I guess not as easy for others to see.”

Well Sterling, what you don’t understand, is that what you are doing is easy to understand. You are playing a game where only you know the rules, but more importantly the rules keep changing as you play each new hand. A human mind can see patterns in words and numbers that no other mind can see.

After you have cherry picked your words, numbers, books, locations of words and numbers, pathways in following those words and numbers, etc., the meaning you derive from those relationships exist only in your own mind, the methods you use cannot be taught to another, or you would have done so, you have been trying to get people to believe this stuff since 1988.

You want people to send you money so you can keep producing more of this rubbish instead of doing something productive with your life. Well count us out, and we hope others who see your web pages will be able to see through all of your twisted thinking, and restrain from sending you, or any of those you support any of their hard earned money.

The buyer beware page.

Why, we ask doesn’t Sterling move every one of the inventions and projects on his main pages that clearly are unscrupulous and put them here? If he did almost every one of his exotic free energy people and companies would be in here. Every time you see a story where it is clear they are unscrupulous check to see if they are here in this section, if not, ask Sterling why not.

Are there projects on Sterling’s website where things are labeled frauds, scams, or swindles? You would be hard pressed to find them, but some are there. On the left side of his website there is one section called “buyer beware.” Sterling says of this page:
“Free energy claims and organizations of an unscrupulous nature.”

If Sterling was going to be consistent on his website, any project, company or organization he talks about on his website that is of an “unscrupulous nature” should be listed here. But actually though, very few are here, why is that we wonder? What does “unscrupulous” mean? Why did Sterling use that word instead of fraud or scam?

“unscrupulous” means:
having or showing no moral principles; devoid of scruples; oblivious to or contemptuous of what is right or honorable; not honest or fair.
Synonyms are: unprincipled, unethical, immoral, conscienceless, shameless, reprobate, exploitative, corrupt, dishonest, dishonorable, deceitful, devious, underhanded, unsavory, disreputable, evil, wicked, villainous, etc.

In our opinion every “free energy” story on Sterling’s websites would fit under that definition.

To understand why Sterling would have certain projects listed on the “buyer beware” page, but not others, we must compare those projects with some of the projects Sterling does not have on that page.

On the buyer beware page, right away we see there some interesting things such as this one.

When the story broke about Andrea Rossi and his phony factory in Florida, Sterling wrote a scathing article about Rossi called “Rossi Tells Florida Bureau He Has No U.S. Factory, No Nuclear Reactions” [the original title included liar in it (Liar Rossi Tells…)]. Sterling removed Rossi from his “top 5,” only to put him back up there later. So now ever since, Sterling has had Rossi in his “top 5” and on his “buyer beware” page. We have never been able to understand how Sterling can justify having the same project in both places. Such is the inner workings of the mind of Sterling.

Let’s pause for a moment to look at Sterling’s Top 5 page. Sterling explains what the top five are by using these words.

“PESWiki covers the spectrum of clean energy technologies. While we address conventional methods such as solar, wind and geothermal; we specialize in unconventional or “exotic” modalities such as cold fusion, overunity electromagnetic motors, magnet motors, gravity motors, and vortex technologies. Here are five of the best exotic technologies we’ve found so far, which are closest to the market.”

Now any person who maintained a list like this should have specific rules for why a project would be on this list in the first place, and you would think a project would start at the bottom and work their way up to number one. And since these are the cream of the projects out of hundreds talked about on any given day in this field, and based on Sterling’s statement that these are those “which are closest to the market,” you would think that once on this list they would never leave it, until “free energy” was in the market place.

How old is this list? Prior to this list Sterling had other lists like his top 100. But the top 5 list was started about January 8, 2011. Here are the top 5 on that date:

1) Company “V” claims megawatt free energy generators for sale.
2) ‘Child simple’ 6-12 kW gravity generator prepping for market…being ready by early March.
3) Plasma Expansion Motor Could Revolutionize Renewable Industry.
4) ERR Fluxgenerator by Noah’s Ark Research Foundation.
5) Engineers unveil Lutec 1000 free energy machine.

All of these first top 5 projects are now either off the radar, established frauds and scams or as in the case of No. 3 – John Rohner’s Inteligentry, involved in active litigation. The US Attorney General, FBI, and SEC thought that Inteligentry was a fraud and scam and shut it down the first part of this year. Sterling really thought he was part of the real thing with Inteligentry for a long time, then he started waffling back and forth about whether Inteligentry was a fraud and scam or not. Finally settling on it was a scam after a friend lost money to Inteligentry after Sterling recommended that he get involved.

Six months later in June, 2011 these were the top 5.

1) Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat)
2) ERR Fluxgenerator by Noah’s Ark Research Foundation
3) Aviso’s Self-Charging Electric Car, MEG, and Repelling Force
4) Freddy’s Cell alleged to run pick-up truck on 100% hydroxyl
5) OBM’s “Multiple Angular Force Generator” (MAFG) Nears Production.

The one year mark, January 2012, shows these projects in the top 5.

1) Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat)
2) GPI hires hundreds to manufacture 200 W2E plants in next 18 months – Green Power Inc.
3) Breakthrough Solid State Generator.
4) PlasmERG’s Noble Gas Engine
5) The Potentially Core-less Cold Fusion Hyperion of Defkalion

Here is the top 5 list as it stands today.

1) E-MAG Magnetic Propulsion Engine by Platinum Invests Group
2) ValyEnergiStar Posts Another QMoGen Demo Video
3) Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over
4) Evolutions in Energy — Company Claims Commercial Product
5) Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat)

The most amazing thing is that Sterling tells people to go to his top 5 list for confirmation of “five of the best exotic technologies we’ve found so far, which are closest to the market.”

For instance Sterling wrote a scathing review of the people selling plans via websites saying “Power Companies Hate This!,” he said in that December 2, 2012 article, (with a link to the top 5).

“I assure you that if any of these things were real and verified, they would probably be featured in first place in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing. Unfortunately, at this time, I don’t know of anything of this kind that is actually ready to go.”

If Sterling is promoting all of these projects and companies on his top 5 page, that end up being frauds and scams, what does that make him? Sterling has never provided proof that any of the projects in his top 5 have worked as claimed.

Sterling has a section on the buyer beware page, called “Alternative Energy Companies.” This is the section where Sterling lists companies that are, we can only assume, “unscrupulous.” Companies listed here are:

  • Inteligentry / Plasmerg
    (John Rohner’s operation was shut down by the FBI and the SEC. As of the date of this article John Rohner has not yet been arrested or charged with any crime.)
  • Precombustion Technologies Inc. (PTI)
    (This was a project by Robert “Bob” Potchen and Bob Boyce using “an onboard electrolysis system generating hydroxy gas.” Anyone reading about these two guys would agree this company should be in this section.)
  • Dennis Lee
    (Ahh, Dennis Lee, I was asked by many people to give my opinion of Dennis Lee, so I went to one of his dog and pony shows. As a result of watching his show in person, I did not have one good thing to say about him. A scumbag of the highest order in my opinion, because he is of the class that uses Spirituality/Religion to reel in his victims.) (Sterling didn’t like him either it seems.)
  • Tilley Foundation
    (Sterling says: “It was actually that story that launched me into my career as a reporter for the Free Energy community.” Sterling likes to think he is the mouth piece of the free energy crowd. Sterling now says that Tilley was a fraud and scam.)
  • Leonardo Corporation
    (Sterling cannot make up his mind about Rossi, most of the time though he is defending him, but to cover all bases, just in case, Sterling keeps Rossi in the top 5 and here also.)
  • Future Horizons
    (Sterling does not say outright that this company is a fraud, he says very little on this page. “Entertaining site with numerous kits and plans for sale; but science is often shoddy, claims stretched or outright bogus, and ethics questionable.”)
  • Air4Zero
    (Sterling says: “The company seems very suspicious to me. In my opinion, there are many reasons for someone not to invest in this company.”)
  • Cycclone
    (Sterling says: “Company claims to have an all-permanent-magnet engine. The company has been under investigation by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission since April 2006.”)
  • Boswell Power Production
    (Sterling says: “Claims that something turning in a 5-gal. bucket elevated on a 4-foot PVC pipe, having 12-gauge wire coming from it is producing 5.4 kW and has been powering his home for months. Documents PG&E vehicle stopping by the day after he posted his video.”)

Other Companies – under this section Sterling lists these projects:

  • • N-Motion: The Perpetual Motion Vehicle Company – Snazzy-looking website gives the appearance similar to Tesla Motors, Co (a legitimate electric car company), but with no supporting technology. A “perpetual motion” company with no “perpetual motion” working technology. (PESWiki; Jan. 30, 2007)
  • • Electromagnetic > GMC Holding > SEC Files Action On Fuelless Motor Fraud – The US Securities and Exchange Commission has filed an action against GMC Holding Corporation (GMC) and its CEO, Richard Brace, for defrauding investors by issuing false press releases touting the company’s development of a motor technology device capable of generating unlimited energy. (PESN; Feb. 27, 2008)
  • • AKOIL Power Generator fraud charge – An energy professional who closely inspected the company and the technology on-site recounts the frustration of trying to verify the technology with an adequate test procedure. (PESWiki; Oct. 19, 2006)
  • • Latest News on Perendev – 1) At least 20 customers are documented as not having received the goods they paid for, but they are powerless to complain or receive remedy due to the way the paperwork has been ran. 2) Another public demo canceled. (PESWiki; Nov. 5, 2007)
  • • Europositron Rechargeable Aluminum Batteries Alleged as Fraud – The “inventor” of the battery, Rainer Partanen, is being held in custody for fraud. Europositron Ab has sold stocks to hundreds of Finns for at least 1.3 million Euro, but police say there is no actual product. (PESWiki; Nov. 6, 2007)
  • • Hydrogen Injection > HAFC >
    Hydrogen-Assist Fuel Cell Warning from Former Installer – Richard Coyle said the units sometimes work at first, but then the improvements go away, and in their place some serious problems arise such as stuck idle motors, boiling water and gunk in the motors, plugged air filters. (PESWiki; July 22, 2008)
  • • Solar > Citizenre > Citizenre: A House of Cards? – Jeff Wolfe asserts that the new multi-level distributor company that claims to be able to offer solar power at or below grid energy pricing toward the end of 2007 does not have its act together and is actually diverting solar customers away from real technologies to false hopes. (Renewable Energy Access; Feb. 12, 2007)
  • • Hydrogen > Genesis World Energy > Kelly Sentenced for Stealing Funds Invested in Bogus Fuel Technology Venture – Genesis World Energy founder lied about the technology and its alleged partners, defrauds investors, misallocates funds, including $2.5 million from around 500 New Jersey residents. (PESN; Nov. 15, 2006)

Because of all of the projects we have watched Sterling promote and partner with over the years, at first we thought the only thing that would incur the wrath of Sterling was if an inventor or project leader was arrested and put in jail. But over the years we have come to realize that is not the case at all.

What we have attempted, is to try and find out why these projects on his “buyers beware” page would receive the wrath of Sterling but other projects on his website do not. Some that even Sterling calls a fraud and a scam.

Another point of interest, did Sterling originally promote or partner with any of these companies before he moved them onto his buyer beware page? If so, what was it that caused that to happen?

The “Overview” and first section of the buyer beware page, is – “On March 31, 2008, Sterling D. Allan conducted a live, 1-hour interview with Eric Krieg as part of the Free Energy Now radio series. A look from the perspective of one who is highly doubtful about many of the free energy claims and claimants. After ten years, his offer of a $10,000 prize for a free energy demo is still unclaimed.”

What we do not understand is why Sterling does not use the two very good critics that are/were already part of his organization Eric Krieg and Mark Dansie. Mark Dansie used to be a member of Sterling’s New Energy Congress from May 25, 2006, but he resigned on May 21, 2009. Eric Krieg is a New Energy Congress member since Oct. 1, 2005.

Why does Sterling have critics as part of his organization but not use them? Sterling wants to give the impression he is legitimate. Sterling, he says, is afraid of “throwing out the baby with the bath water.” Sterling’s totally false premise is that if you don’t support every inventor and every project, no matter how bad or stupid it sounds, then you are putting out negative vibes that will keep a “free energy” device from materializing. He also says if you don’t support every inventor and every project, then it will put a “chill” on them coming forward, and you might miss the real one when it comes along.

Where is Sterling headed today in his writings? Sterling is getting frustrated that a free energy device has not materialized. He is going to seminars to keep balanced. Sterling seems to be going from one extreme to the other. In a October 1, 2013 article Sterling admits he has been struggling with the idea of having lots of money.

“A dozen years ago, I was so convinced that riches are a spiritual curse that I thought taking a vow of poverty sounded like a good idea.”

“…I heard Kirk Duncan saying things like: “Our interpretation of the verse: ‘The love of money is the root of all evil’, has been used by the adversary to mess with people’s minds and keep them from pursuing a path of success that will empower them to really step forward into their foreordained missions in life,” while part of me thought there is something to what he is saying, part of me was fighting him, because of how deeply engrained that verse is in my life paradigm.”

The comment directly above does not make sense. If Sterling hated money so much all of these years, why has he been pursuing it so hard on his websites for so long?

Your Friends
December 1, 2013


Update – 12-3-2013 — We received this comment from Sterling today.

Name: Sterling Allan
Email: sterlingda
Comment: I can’t log in to post a comment. Tried.

In your Alphabetics article about me (I’ve just started reading it), you said in the introduction: “Sterling believes that it is OK to deceive, when he thinks he is doing God’s appointed tasks, he does not object to this type of behavior, by himself or others…”

This is slander. I believe no such thing.

I have a “Buyer Beware” page at PESWiki which indexes the various frauds and likely frauds as I perceive them.

Unlike some in this industry, I believe that we should follow the principle of “innocent until proven guilty,” and that the evidence needs to be very strong to conclude “guilty.”

It is downright evil to take the approach of “guilty until proven innocent.” Shame on those who do that.

We will be vindicated, and you who fight against us will be seen as fighting agianst the good that is destined for this planet. You might want to rethink your position.

Time: December 3, 2013 at 1:05 pm


We are not fighting you Sterling, we are fighting against the actions of people promoting, and enabling fraud and scam artists. If you do not like being in the limelight than stop all of that kind of activity.

How easily you forget Sterling, (by design?), did you actually forget the scam you were involved in, the Mylow motor scandal, in 2009? Many, a large number, of people were telling you it was all a scam, but you were selling bogus plans on your website for a long time.

And guess what, Mylow still is not on your buyer beware page. There are many more scams on your website that do not show up on the buyer beware page.

Why is that? One reason we think might be the cause, if most of the things you are reporting on end up there, how would that make you look?

“We will be vindicated, and you who fight against us will be seen as fighting agianst [sic] the good that is destined for this planet. You might want to rethink your position.”

Not knowing how you may be twisting your internal thoughts, we will take these words as most people will understand them. It seems to us what you are saying is that anyone who writes about, and exposes your promotion of, and participation with, people involved in frauds and scams is fighting against making this a better world.

Or you could be talking about some spiritual advancement you think you are destined to lead, and your spiritual takeover of planet Earth requires you to support and promote free energy frauds and scams. We do not accept your logic in either scenario, we will stand by everything we write, unless provided evidence and facts to the contrary.

Please feel free to write us more comments and we will post them for you, as long as you keep it civil, and do not start calling us names like you did Dr. Judy Wood, on the Pete Santilli show.

Want us to go on?

Your Friends
December 3, 2013