Apr 172016

Published on April 17, 2016

It is very possible that Andrea Rossi will try and hide by withdrawing his lawsuit. That is why it is very important for Industrial Heat LLC to file a counter lawsuit with their answer. Please see our article – Industrial Heat LLC  vs. Andrea Rossi – the Don Corleone of Free Energy.

By accepting the wavier it gives the defendants under Rule 12, 60 days from April 13, 2016, in which to answer the complaint instead of the 21 days in the original notice. Nothing else changes by accepting  the waiver, other than a formal service of the complaint is not required, and the time to answer is extended to 60 days.

This filing also states that ALL of the defendants are being represented by the Jones Day law firm.

This is a world class law firm with offices worldwide.
From their website we find –

Jones Day is a global law firm with 43 offices in major centers of business and finance throughout the world. Its unique governance system fosters an unparalleled level of integration and contributes to its perennial ranking as among the best in the world in client service. Jones Day provides significant legal representation for almost half of the Fortune 500, Fortune Global 500, and FT Global 500.

Here is the info in the recent filing.DefFirm1


Published on April 17, 2016