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Thumbs<<<  Rossi giving a thumbs up to his new investors after showing them his phony report after the one year test of the fraudulent e-cat device!

“Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” British philosopher, political theorist John Stuart Mill – 1867

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04/25/2016 – We added the following disclaimer to the article, John Dash – A Suppressed Video Resurfaces

The best way to educate the public about what is and isn’t a fraud and scam is to show examples from both sides of the coin, so to speak. Therefore to lead by example we are going to start giving examples of legitimate research, in cold fusion / LENR and other forms of “free energy,” irrespective of whether their work is successful or not. In this context we label success as a working commercial device, the driving force behind the legitimate workers in cold fusion /LENR and free energy, and this is what the goal has always been, that is why people spend so much time and money working in this field. We have always said from the beginning we support good research in any field.

John Dash with his research and in his educational work was one of those doing legitimate work in his field. Even though we still do not know of a commercial cold fusion /LENR device that works as claimed, even resulting, we might add, from the research of John Dash, at least Dash was a true scientist and a excellent educator, which is very obvious from the words of the enthusiastic students themselves in the video.

04/18/2016 – For all those idiots out there who write and read in English, but clearly do not have a clue what words actually mean, we added a new sentence to our article —
Edmund Storms Says – Exaggeration, Fraud, and Lying is Necessary to Commercialize E-cat, Cold Fusion / LENR

This paragraph now reads —

An additional comment below, only for those who still believe Rossi does have working technology, we DON’T, (added). Even if a person did accept the assumption that Rossi’s e-cat worked as claimed, Rossi’s actions are still immoral, unethical, and fraudulent. Fraud by definition means using false and misleading actions, statements and omissions relating to obtaining or trying to obtain money or benefits from a person. (Person is used here in its legal sense, i.e. a natural person, business or organization).

04/17/2016 – Quite often the same people with their head in the sand who refuse to see that all Rossi is doing is running an investor scam, also claim the major problem cold fusion/LENR is not commercialized is because the USPTO won’t grant patents on cold fusion/LENR. Nothing could be further from the truth. The USPTO is well aware that unscrupulous characters use patents and patent applications in their fraud schemes, as a means to combat this the USPTO has special requirements for certain types of inventions. But the USPTO would have no problem whatsoever issuing a cold fusion/LENR patent, if the patent application was complete and the inventor provided proof they had a device that worked as claimed. Patents are not issued for ideas or for R&D, patents are issued for devices that have UTILITY, i.e. have value as a product or method to make a product.

04/15/2016 – To put things in perspective —

From 2010 until today Rossi has been claiming he was making and selling the low temperature 1MW e-cat plants. This was the only way Rossi could sell licensees, because nobody would buy a license if there wasn’t anything to sell.

Even today Andrea Rossi is claiming he has all that is required to make and is in fact now selling the low temperature 1MW e-cat plants!

But Rossi’s past licensees tell a different story. Why didn’t Rossi sell to them?

How soon everyone forgets.

  • Andrea Rossi

    Bernie Koppenhofer:
    You are too intelligent not to understand that a company cannot be happy of all the blogosphere hurricane around this issue. Our Customer spoke his satisfaction with facts, not words: he ordered 3 units like the one he tested during this year with a company set up specifically for this purpose.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Gerard McEk:
    1- No, I want not to put the money of people at risk until I am not sure that all is right.
    I have enough money to spend to start the mass production, the rest must arrive from the products sale. I want not to sell paper, I want to sell products. I am an industrialist, not a yuppy or an opera ballet etoile.
    2- I am not able to answer now
    3- yes, of course, when we will have finished the R&D on course and will be ready to produce it massively, which will follow suit the end of the R&D (F8)
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    We will not do any more public demo.
    We will sell our products.
    Warm Regards

But wait a minute — What about when Aldo Proia and others tried to buy 1MW e-cat plants, identical to the one in the year long test that was just completed by Rossi and Industrial Heat LLC. Aldo Proia was an e-cat licensee. Here is part of what he said —

“Moreover, in September 2014 we (Prometeon) placed an order for a 1 MW E-Cat®; as far as we know, it was the first signed order ever for an E-Cat®! Before accepting the order we warned our customer that they had 99% probabilities not to see their E-Cat®, but they still hoped to get it as they trusted Mr. Rossi, despite everything. As we expected, instead of organizing a party and giving the good news to the world, EFA/Leonardo Corporation never let us have all the solicited documents necessary to close the order: e.g. a supply contract, a maintenance contract, guarantees about the E-Cat® and the future fuel supplies, a technical manual with a detailed description of how to integrate an E-Cat® in an existing industrial environment and with a SCADA,…
Moreover, in one year and a half of work we found many customers seriously interested in buying the E-Cat, nominally already on the market, and we presented pre-orders and requests for demonstrations to both EFA and Mr Rossi, but we never had any kind of cooperation, we never received the purchasing contracts and it had never been possible to organize e demonstration. As far as we know, also other licensees had customers interested in installing an E-Cat® and they faced similar problems.”


“A few weeks later, in the month of December, we received a formal letter from EFA saying that our license contract was canceled because “we didn’t get enough orders, like it was written in the license contract”!! Obviously this was ridiculous and it was the final confirmation, if still needed, that it would have been impossible to see a working E-Cat®, probably for a long while.

In the following months we tried in every way to find a friendly solution to this very uncomfortable situation, also with the intermediation of Industrial Heat and Mr. Andrea Rossi, well informed through our letters, but it was not possible and surely not for our responsibility.

Finally, to avoid the risk of wasting time and money in a long, unhealthy legal battle, we decided to give up and to accept the buy-back, even because we did not want to have to deal with similar “partners” any more. Regarding the superior price offered, Rossi’s words suggest that we had good profits from the buy-back, while clearly the opposite is true.”