Apr 242016


The best way to educate the public about what is and isn’t a fraud and scam is to show examples from both sides of the coin, so to speak. Therefore to lead by example we are going to start giving examples of legitimate research, in cold fusion / LENR and other forms of “free energy,” irrespective of whether their work is successful or not. In this context we label success as a working commercial device, the driving force behind the legitimate workers in cold fusion / LENR and free energy, and this is what the goal has always been, that is why people spend so much time and money working in this field. We have always said from the beginning we support good research in any field.

John Dash with his research and in his educational work was one of those doing legitimate work in his field. Even though we still do not know of a commercial cold fusion / LENR device that works as claimed, even resulting, we might add, from the research of John Dash, at least Dash was a true scientist and a excellent educator, which is very obvious from the words of the enthusiastic students themselves in the video.


Published April 24, 2016

The video, dated August 26, 2003 shows a group of students with John Dash, a cold fusion / LENR pioneer, who are discussing their experiments and work in cold fusion.

John Dash started working with students in cold fusion beginning in 1989, mostly at Portland State University. The video we show here though was filmed at MIT.

John Dash died on April 13, 2016 at the age of 82. We have always thought what a shame it is that this video has not been available for the world to see. Anyone today who would try to stop this from being shown should have their head examined.

This video has a somewhat unbelievable past. Peter Hagelstein, Mike McKubre and Mike Melich, through threats and intimidation, have been able to keep it suppressed until now. The full story is covered other places on the internet, we don’t need to go over the details here. What is important is that we have been able to find a copy in a dusty corner. We blew off the dust and will present it below for all to see. Now the question is, why did Peter Hagelstein, Mike McKubre and Mike Melich go to such lengths as to threaten people to keep this video from public view?

We have only one final comment – this video is  copyrighted and any copying or posting of this video anywhere will be dealt with severely via DCMA charges.

For your viewing pleasure, and for the first time since 2003, here is John Dash and his students talking about their work with cold fusion!!



April 24, 2016