Apr 142016

Industrial Heat LLC  vs. Andrea Rossi – the Don Corleone of Free Energy


Published on April 14, 2016

Since we know for a fact that Andrea Rossi does not have, never did have, and very, very likely never will have, (we give it a generous 0.00000009% chance), a cold fusion/LENR device that works as he has claimed through the years, and we know for a fact that Rossi’s e-cat project, using any standard both civil and criminal, is a fraudulent scheme, we would like to take this opportunity to state on the record what we think Industrial heat LLC should do in relation to the lawsuit filed by Rossi. We believe that IH et al, in an attempt, to further their programs to make the world a better place, got sucked into Rossi’s e-cat fraud and scam, just like Focardi before them. IH et al, were dealing with a master fraudster and felon, who had perfected his craft over his lifetime, and it is understandable they got in over their head. What is important now though, is what they do in answer to the lawsuit. Now they have a chance to clear their name, and put a stop to the fraudulent e-cat scheme once and for all time. If they don’t do the right thing now, it is possible they may never recover from the bad publicity.

It is our opinion this is what Industrial Heat LLC should do now.

Step 1 – Under no circumstances should they enter into any type of settlement with Rossi.

Step 2 – All parties should file an answer to the lawsuit. Either jointly or separately. The summons and service gave them only 21 days to answer. If they don’t answer they automatically lose of course, a no brainer. Here is a copy of the summons for Tom Darden.


Step 3 – File a counter suit against Rossi and Leonardo Corporation. Since every statement, document, video, etc. connected to this e-cat scam is part of an elaborate fraudulent scheme that started in 2008, this counter suit should demand every penny be returned to Industrial Heat LLC, that they gave to Rossi. In addition, the counter suit should ask for additional damages, attorney fees, court costs, discovery costs, etc.

Step 4 – Discovery

  • During the discovery phase IH et al, should do an exhaustive gathering of every scrap of material that relates to Petroldragon and the Thermoelectric scam (we can help in that regard, we have a ton of unpublished documentation), to show Rossi’s history of running scams in the past.
  • IH et al, should also of course, obtain every scrap of data Rossi has concerning the e-cat scam since day one.
  • IH et al, should also contact and get depositions of every person who has/had any connection whatsoever with Rossi and his e-cat scam.
  • IH et al, should contact every person or organization that has tested or tried to test any e-cat, and get depositions from them.
  • Etc.
  • In other words, IH et al, should not only be thinking of their involvement, but they should go for the juggler (Rossi is a clown in this farce) and prove the e-cat has been a fraud and scam from day one.

Step 5 – IH et al, should require that the court order that two or more designs of the e-cat device be tested at a national lab or a major university qualified to test this type of device. We would recommend the NIST material testing lab just up the street from their home in North Carolina at Gaithersburg, MD, or someplace similar. If Rossi’s claims were in fact true, it would impact not only the USA but the entire world in ways we cannot even imagine.  Because of the claims being made, and Rossi’s fraudulent past, the e-cat requires this  level of testing to set the record straight. Rossi was claiming all through 2011 that the UNIBO was actually testing his e-cat devices, but we cannot forget that UNIBO had to publish two different PR releases countering Rossi’s claims – saying they were going to test the device but Rossi failed to uphold his end of the contract, so in the end they never tested any of his e-cats.

“The Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML) sets the definitive U.S. standards for nearly every kind of measurement employed in commerce and research, sometimes across more than 20 orders of magnitude. PML is also a world leader in the science of measurement, devising procedures and tools that make continual progress possible. For more information, see What We Do.”

“The Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML) develops and disseminates the national standards of length, mass, force and shock, acceleration, time and frequency, electricity, temperature, humidity, pressure and vacuum, liquid and gas flow, and electromagnetic, optical, microwave, acoustic, ultrasonic, and ionizing radiation. Its activities range from fundamental measurement research through provision of measurement services, standards, and data.

PML applies its measurement capabilities to problems of national significance through collaborations with industry, universities, professional and standards setting organizations, and other agencies of government. It supports the research community in such areas as communication, defense, electronics, energy, environment, health, lighting, manufacturing, microelectronics, radiation, remote sensing, space, and transportation. PML establishes spectroscopic methods and standards for infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma-ray radiation; investigates the structure and dynamics of atoms, molecules, and biomolecules; develops the electrical, thermal, dimensional, mechanical, and physical metrology for measuring the properties of precision measurement devices and exploratory semiconductor, quantum electronic, nanoelectronic, bioelectronic, biooptical, optoelectronic, and quantum information devices and systems; and examines the thermophysical and interfacial properties of streams of flowing fluids, fluid mixtures, and solids. It develops and disseminates national standards by means of calibrations, measurement quality assurance, standard reference materials, technology transfer, education/training, and a comprehensive weights and measurement program to promote uniformity and accuracy at the international, federal, state, and local levels. It generates, evaluates, and compiles atomic, molecular, optical, ionizing radiation, electronic, and electromagnetic data in response to national needs; measures and improves accuracy of the fundamental physical constants; and develops and operates major radiation sources for measurement science and metrology.”

Step 6 – The court case. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever in a clear thinking mind that IH et al, will win the court case Rossi filed against them and win their own counter suit.

Step 7 – Collect all of the land, houses, gold, bank accounts, and other material Rossi has been stashing away through the years in both the USA and Italy after they win their lawsuit.

Step 8 – As soon as IH et al, has collected all of the material they can get their hands on through discovery, they MUST take that material to the proper authorities, FBI etc. and file formal criminal charges against Rossi for a slew of felonies and misdemeanors.


Published on April 14, 2016