Aug 102017

Giuseppe Levi writing as “randombit0” – Why it Matters.

Published August 10, 2017.  All of the information in this article is based on our right under US law to publish our OPINIONS, about who and what we think about “randombit0.” Like all of our articles – gems are buried all through them.

We call out the scumbag and cockroach “randombit0” to debate like a man, and to start using his real name, Giuseppe Levi. Further Levi needs to immediately start answering in detail ALL of the questions that have been asked concerning not only the “Lugano” demo report, but every other test and demo he was involved in concerning Andrea Rossi and his phony e-cat fraud props. In many respects the promoters and enablers of these types of free energy frauds and scams are just as guilty as the originators, because the frauds and swindles would never work very good without them.

After refusing to answer detailed questions about all of the tests and demos that Levi was involved in relating to Rossi’s e-cat fraud and scam, Levi has no moral right to go onto a blog in disguise and lambaste critics of those tests and demos and of Rossi’s e-cat scam.

We normally have no desire to “out” anyone writing under a pseudonym, in a blog or any other publication. Sometimes people have a good reason not to go public with certain information. For instance has had to turn over to the FBI complaints concerning threats directed at us because of our coverage of Andrea Rossi and other scammers. Therefore “outing” people just does not interest us, even though we have proof of some good ones! The Levi case is different though, here’s why. Let’s look at these various reasons in a little detail.

Because we know people will be reading this article whose first language is not English we will define all of the words that matter and that might be misinterpreted.

  • Giuseppe Levi is a partner with Andrea Rossi in his e-cat fraud and scam.

Partner (general usage)
A person who shares or is associated with another in some action or endeavor; sharer; associate.

Partner (legal and business usage)
Partners are considered as ostensible, dormant, or nominal partners.
A nominal partner is one who has not any actual interest in the trade or its profits, but, by allowing his name to be used, he holds himself out to the world as having an apparent interest. He is liable as a partner, because of these false appearance he holds forth to the world in representing himself to be jointly concerned in interest with those with whom he is apparently associated.

Nominal Partner:
Person who has an interest in the success of a partnership firm but, legally, is not partner because he or she neither owns a part of the firm nor actively participates in its affairs. Often a nominal partner is a well known, well connected individual whose name lends credibility and recognition to the firm, and is paid a fee for this service. Also called limited partner or ostensible partner.

You will notice that these definitions include those who are monetarily compensated and also those who are connected but do not receive compensation.

By-the-way because of these various meanings of the word partner, someone who is told by Rossi, “hey, you do this, (add what you want here, i.e. write a story, book, publications of tests, etc.),  for me now, and I will make sure you get compensated in the future,” if that person does the thing talked about, then they become a real legal partner with Rossi in his e-cat scam or whatever other swindle Rossi is running at the time. This applies if it is understood they will receive any type of compensation, and even if it is not directly stated.

It must be made very clear here we are NOT talking about real news reporting or someone writing an article or book about the scammer or technology, unless they did so with the clear understanding they would be compensated by the scammer for the publication.

That is one of the reasons we could say honestly and truthfully in our articles about Sterling Allan that he was a partner with Andrea Rossi.

The following list is NOT exclusive, it is used only to give some examples.
Using these general, legal and business definitions all of the following people were or are a partner with Rossi in his e-cat scam. Focardi, Levi, Allan, Lewan, Acland, everyone who has purchased a license or sublicense to sell or manufacture e-cats, etc. (This also includes anyone who may have claimed to pay Rossi for a license but did NOT actually give Rossi any money. We know who you are.) And also anyone who allows their name to be used on the JONP, Board of Advisers, to try and give it some type of symbolism of legitimacy are also a partner in Rossi’s e-cat fraud and scam. Rossi’s phony JONP blog was created as one of the tools Rossi has used from the start in his e-cat fraud and scam.

Prof. Michael Melich (DOD – USA)
Prof. Alberto Carnera (INFM – University of Padova – Italy)
Prof. Pierluca Rossi (University of Bologna – Italy)
Prof. Luciana Malferrari (University of Bologna – Italy)
Prof. George Kelly (University of New Hampshire – USA)
Prof. Stremmenos Christos (Bologna University – Italy)
Richard Noceti, Ph.D. (

  • Giuseppe Levi was involved in almost every test of an e-cat that Andrea Rossi used in his e-cat fraud and scam, and also in the publishing of the test reports. Most of the time Levi was named first author in the test reports.
  • Giuseppe Levi was directly involved in the setup, testing and reporting of the four most influential props used in the e-cat scam; 1) the first public test in January 2011; 2) the November 2011 test of the first 1MW “plant”; 3) the first “hot” e-cat test at Ferrara; and 4) the “Lugano” test that was used in 4+ patent applications, both with the USPTO and the EU.
  • Since Giuseppe Levi was the person along with Rossi who was in direct control of the “Lugano” test he was the person who was most responsible to answer any questions concerning the testing methods or results. Levi’s name is the first on the top of the official paper from, but the paper is so unprofessional that the preferred contact/s with connecting emails are not even listed.
  • Giuseppe Levi, along with other members of the testing team, was contacted within days for further clarification of various details of; methods, materials, equipment, the involvement of certain parties and the science, including the calculations, by many people, including some academics and scientists.
    Due to the nature of the claims; (free energy from cold fusion/LENR); the use of the report, (used in patents); and the purpose of the test, (trying to obtain more money from investors and licensees); the authors, including Levi, had an obligation to society, the scientific community, the cold fusion/LENR community and any current or future investors in Rossi’s e-cat scam to respond to the requests for clarification and more data. To this day all of the authors have been silent, including Levi. Even though they promised to answer all valid questions. From the lawsuit Andrea Rossi et al. v. Thomas Darden et al., the public has become aware of more direct involvement of Rossi and Levi in the “Lugano” test than was previously known.
  • Now though after refusing to publicly answer any questions concerning all of the e-cat tests, Giuseppe Levi who is hiding behind the skirts of a pseudonym, “randombit0”, on lenr-forum, one who does not have the cahonies to speak openly using his real name, has the gall to lambaste people who criticize, Rossi, Levi, and especially the “Lugano” test.

We cannot publish all of the private information we have in relation to the person using “randombit0”, but what we can do is give the readers enough public information that they can make up their own mind.

Here are some notable comments by Giuseppe Levi writing as “randombit0” on lenr-forum.

Levi writing as “randombit0” wrote his first comment on Apr 27, 2016, outing MY. MY is the harshest critic of Rossi and Levi on the whole internet. It is interesting that Levi showed up right when the lawsuit was filed. It is clear that Rossi went into overdrive getting all of his partners and friends to start a PR campaign right about the time the lawsuit was filed.

Levi writing as “randombit0” wrote on May 5, 2016 some comments starting his lambasting campaign. This was the same day the lawsuit Andrea Rossi et al. v. Thomas Darden et al., was filed with the court.

Levi writing as “randombit0” on May 6, 2016, the day after the lawsuit was filed, started writing with an intimate knowledge about the “Lugano” test, info that was not public. Look at these interesting comments:

But forget to say that the clamps have 3 different settings (1,10,100 A) and another HIPOTHESYS could be that the OWL was not a mistake but an explicit request by IH, Rossi or both to not disclose the actual value of the peak, setting the clamps temporarily to a range lower than the reading.
We must remember that the authors were in strict conditions imposed from both Rossi and IH.

We are interested here in the second comment. “We must remember that the authors were in strict conditions imposed from both Rossi and IH.” How did he know this? At this time there was no public information that IH had imposed any “strict conditions,” on the authors of the “Lugano” report. Remember this was ONE day after the lawsuit was filed. Most people at this time had very little knowledge about IH’s involvement in any kind of detail, about anything.

Levi continues: “The picture on the report had the ONLY purpose to check if all harmonics ware readable by the instrument, not to give current values.” Here again this had never been published, so how would anyone not involved in the test know this? How would anyone not intimately connected to the test KNOW the ONLY purpose of the picture?

And the last statement in this segment we want to mention is this:

What you say refers to a VERY OLD test after which Rossi changed his mind and accepted that all electrical measures should be done with an appropriate instrumentation as the PCE830 is.
Your statesmen has nothing to do on which should discussed in this group, and serve only to present Rossi as the evil, and who trust him as stupid.”

Here again only someone very close to Rossi and the tests would know when and why Rossi changed his mind about the tests. Rossi was very tightlipped about any details of his testing, because you must always remember Rossi is running a scam and he must be VERY careful that something does not slip out to point to facts clarifying the details of the e-cat scam.

The lawsuit Andrea Rossi et al. v. Thomas Darden et al., brought forth light and details about Rossi’s e-cat scam that would never have been obtained any other way minus a criminal investigation.

A lot of people are Rossi enablers and indirectly helping him by writing things like; Rossi is very paranoid but this is because he has a world changing cold fusion/LENR device that is going to save all mankind from many evils. This is so far from reality that it calls into question the sanity of the people claiming this. Some who do it are hired by Rossi or are directly part of the scam. But others do it because they have lost the ability to think clearly. Getting people to say things like this is one of the favorite tools of a successful scammer.

To use Rossi’s favorite way to get people’s attention in the past:

THE ONLY REASON ROSSI IS PARANOID is because he is CONSTANTLY AFRAID SOMEONE WILL FIND OUT DETAILS of his e-cat fraud and scam and the details will  therefore BECOME PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. The devil is in the details they wisely say.

THHuxley wrote, criticising Levi:

“The 1.5K posts on Mats site were useful – we could review all the old tests and the evidence against them is compelling. I, for example, had not realised how innacurate Levi’s claimed tests results were (impossible high flowrate). Also we got Levi’s reply to the thermography issue which shows he is either not competent at general physics (quite likely) or in this case not replying with any due consideration. Levi’s now known false results mean that Ferrara, conducted by him, cannot be trusted.
Penon is shown to be completely unsuitable for the job of writing independent test reports.”

Levi writing as “randombit0” responded with:

“From what I see the rest of your post is a personal attack against Levi.
I have never met him but reading his public curriculum I see he has been awarded by a PhD in Sub nuclear Physics, a Post Doc and a permanent tenure as Assistant Professor in Physics.”

Well, Levi, of course you haven’t met him, you are him.

Levi writing as “randombit0” wrote this on May 7, 2016 two days after the lawsuit was filed:

We are not going to quote every statement made by Levi but one trend became obvious very fast. Levi was always making statements trying to throw people off from his true identity. Here Levi is claiming he only wants to talk science but he has already talked about a lot more than just science, in just a few days. He said here:

“So we are NOT discussing of science here.
I think that in this case the Jurors must be warned that too many people in this forum seem to have a stake and too many seem not expert of the field.
I would like to write about Science. Just Science. So Mr. Clarke are you ready ?”

Remember Levi joined the discussion as a scientist when the lawsuit was filed to fight back against the critics and to try and justify the “Lugano” report. Rossi knew that for many years this is the only test report that most people really believed. The Swedes even said in their first report that it was lacking, and another was needed. Here is Levi claiming to only want to talk about science, but talks about influencing the jury through this blog.

Levi, by this and other statements about the trial, clearly thought that his writing and arguments on the blog lenr-forum was going to directly influence the trial and maybe even the jurors. Levi thought maybe his writing here would convince many people that the “Lugano” test was proof the e-cat really worked as claimed.

Levi writing as “randombit0” continues to write about 80-90 comments all about the “Lugano’ test. Strange isn’t that one person would write 90% of their comments about just one thing? And all of these comments were in different threads. It was like Levi read all of the discussions on the blog but only made comments in discussions about the “Lugano” test.

Another important consideration is that Levi’s grasp of the science involved in his comments about the “Lugano” test were way above Rossi’s head. Rossi can talk a lot of science gibberish, just like Axil Axil, and fool many people who do not look carefully at the details, but Rossi knows very little real science. Rossi can only reply to questions involving science by ignoring them, or just quoting some textbook or wiki. That is why Rossi ALWAYS has other people write any papers with real science in them starting with the Focardi/Swindler paper.

And then Levi mentioned another fact about the team that was not well known before:

“And how can you be sure that none of the Lugano team was expert in Thermography ?
Did any of you know that one member of the team is expert in criminal scientific investigation and has quite a good knowledge of chemistry, physics and almost any kind of laboratory technique ?
A very nice guy to talk at indeed !”

Levi writing as “randombit0” wrote a VERY revealing statement on Sep 10, 2016. You may hardly be able to believe this, but Levi wrote it:

“I’m not writing about sports and supporters here but about Science.
Eventually in Court there will not be my avatar, but me, with other experts. And at that time would be clear WHO is trying to poison the Jury.”

Levi here is claiming he was going to be a witness at the Andrea Rossi et al. v. Thomas Darden et al., trial.

Then towards the end of Levi’s comments, after the “Lugano” arguments had slowed, Levi went into talking about the trial, and bashing people who are against Rossi and friends and his e-cat scam.

Our one last comment we want to make about this issue. On May 29, 2016, only  three weeks after the lawsuit papers were filed, before IH had even replied to the lawsuit, Levi writing as “randombit0” wrote this about working at the Atlas experiment at CERN:

“Just a question Stephen I see that you proudly use an image of the ATLAS experiment at CERN. I worked there and still have many friend and colleagues there. CERN is a beautiful place to work with many expert, enthusiastic and curious people.
Have you really been there ? Have you seen how many experiments, activities and studies (even uncommon and outside the “main stream”) are done there ? I think not.”

As anyone knows who has looked into Levi, most of the scientific articles with Giuseppe Levi’s name on them that have any real scientific value is about work done at CERN or on the Silicon Photomultipliers. Articles where Levi’s name is among many and not near the top of the list. Here is Levi’s Curriculum vitae from

Giuseppe Levi
Assistant professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Academic discipline: FIS/04 Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics

Curriculum vitae
1990: Graduates with full marks (110/110) at the University of Perugia. Dissertation title: Muon spectrometer project and development of a new detector for the study of fundamental interactions up to the TeV scale.

1991: Awarded one of 25 “National Institute for Nuclear Physics” (INFN) scholarships for recent graduates; second highest score on a national basis.

Contributes for about six months to the “Borexino” project for the development of a solar neutrino detector at the Gran Sasso National Laboratories.

1992-95: Ph.D. student at the University of Bologna. Visiting Student at the Hamburg DESY Laboratories in view of his dissertation; contributes to the ZEUS experiment.

1995: Awarded Ph.D. Dissertation title: “Installing the ‘Wall’ detector and identification of forward J/psy’s at ZEUS”.

1996: Affiliated to the Bologna chapter of the INFN where he joins the AMS experiment group for an orbital space spectrometer, working both in R & D and as a systems analyst. Teaches lab classes (Laboratorio 2) to 4th-year students and is part of the examination board.

1997-98: Awarded 2-year post-doctoral fellowship by the U. of Bologna.

1999: As of Oct. 1st, 1999, Assistant Prof. in Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics (tenure track position awarded by public contest) at the U. of Bologna.

2000-06 Assistant Prof. ( Ricercatore ) at the U. of Bologna; takes part in the AMS2 experiment, and teaches classes as part of the “Experimentation in Physics 1” and “Laboratory 4” courses.

2001: Holds exercise classes in “Physics II” at the Cesena campus, Degree Course in Information Sciences.

2002-07: permanent tenure as Assistant Professor conferred.

Courses & classes taught:

– Full course: Complex Systems Physics (Cesena Campus course in Information Science) for Academic Years 2002-2003 to 2004-2005.

– Lab course (Esercitazioni di Laboratorio III), Degree Course in Physics (Bologna Campus).

– Classes in Nuclear and Sub-Nuclear Physics, Advanced School for Health Physics, 1st year.

Co-referee to various dissertations, and referee for one dissertation in the Degree Course in Information Sciences.

2007 to present: Continues his research within the AMS while also pursuing other lines of fundamental and applied research in Physics.

In charge of the AMS02 Montecarlo production for Bologna.

In charge of the DASIPM Bologna group for the development of silicon photo-multipliers (position held up to 2009 under the DASIPM2 program).

In 2010 he initiates his collaboration with Prof. Casali’s group, porting the tomographic reconstruction algorithm to parallel processing on a Microsoft HPC cluster. The case was selected by Microsoft and published on the MS site. Results were published.

Using a cluster installed by himself in Bologna, he works at a genetic classification project with Prof. Daniel Remondini.

In the course of Academic Years 2010-11 and 2011-12 he has been teaching Parallel Programming and Distributed Systems for the Degree Course in Information Sciences and Technology in Cesena.

In 2011 he has also been working in the field of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.