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Published on April 16, 2016

Very seldom do we write about individual researchers working in the Cold Fusion / LENR field because we like and encourage true and valid R&D in anyone’s field of choice. What we are against is fraud and scams in the field of science and technology. But when we read these statements by Edmund Storms, a leader in the field of cold fusion / LENR, we cannot keep silent any longer. When hundreds of organizations and government bodies around the world are fighting fraud and corruption, and when hundreds of people are going to jail and/or receiving large fines for fraud and corruption every year, for Edmund Storms to make a comment like this is unconscionable, totally unwarranted, and it tops Rossi, if that is possible, in unbelievablity. The statements themselves are unethical and dishonest, and we find it atrocious that Edmund Storms would say these things and more so that Peter Gluck would repeat them on his public forum. We have now lost ALL respect, if we had any left, for both Edmund Storms and Peter Gluck. (And for the idiots out there, yes we are going to have to repeat them ourselves, but only to be able to write this article, and correct the false statements.)

A leader in the cold fusion/LENR movement, a CV-Bio of Edmund Storms can be read here.

To put this article in context let’s look at some of Gluck’s quotes by Edmund Storms about Rossi a few months earlier.

On December 5, 2015 Gluck wrote a different article quoting Edmund Storms. Here are some quotes –

“This was power politics at its worst.  This worked because Fleischmann and the rest of us were playing the honest game of understanding nature for everyone’s benefit. In contrast, a few powerful people were only protecting themselves using any dishonest tool they could find. We and they were not playing by the same rules and we still aren’t.”

“Facts and what is real do not count in government these days. Self-interest rules. We in LENR have not created a self-interest for anyone of importance outside of a few groups having special needs, such as NASA. Even these groups have to hide their work to avoid being tarred by the bad science claim.  In short, no one of importance needs LENR. Once the need is demonstrated, the attitude will change instantly.  Perhaps Rossi will show that need or perhaps another country will create the need for the US to take an interest.”

Then on April 12, 2016 Peter Gluck posted an article that is the subject of this article.

This statement by Edmund Storms was quoted by Peter Gluck on his blog EGO OUT. Gluck’s ongoing style is to post a person’s statement without giving the source. In this case, we had to verify, resulting in Gluck telling us that Storms had posted this on a blog somewhere and he copied it with permission. Here is what Gluck posted in its entirety with Storms’ comments below in red, along with our comments.



-We all agree that the LENR process is real. We all agree that significant excess energy can be made when unknown and rarely produced conditions are applied to certain materials.  I think we all can agree that the LENR effect can operate in NiH just as it operates in PdD. 

It is clear that Storms is writing to a small group that believe the above comments to be true. Because 99.99% of scientists do NOT believe those statements are true. In addition, if “significant excess energy” is only created in “unknown and rarely produced conditions” then not one person has any right to apply for a patent based on cold fusion/LENR, because patent protection is intended only for commercial and workable inventions, with UTILITY, that is why they are called utility patents in the code.

The basic question is whether Rossi found a way to cause significant energy to be made by LENR using NiH. 

We agree that is the basic question in relation to Rossi’s fraudulent e-cat fraud scheme. It was the question put forth immediately after Rossi’s and Focardi’s January 14, 2011 demo. And Rossi has made sure it never gets publicly answered. With the recent lawsuit filed by Rossi against Industrial Heat LLC, IH now has the moral obligation and public duty, since they mightily promoted Rossi during their initial PR release where they told the world they bought into Rossi and were looking for investors, to set the record straight and get the court to order a true and independent 3rd party test about whether any e-cat works as claimed.

All of his actions make sense If we assume he was successful. 

Of course to make an assumption like that a person would have to forget or not research 90% of what has happened in the Rossi e-cat farce since 2008, let alone look at the other two frauds and scams run by Rossi before this one.

An additional comment below, only for those who still believe Rossi does have working technology, we DON’T. Even if a person did accept the assumption that Rossi’s e-cat worked as claimed, Rossi’s actions are still immoral, unethical, and fraudulent. Fraud by definition means using false and misleading actions, statements and omissions relating to obtaining or trying to obtain money or benefits from a person. (Person is used here in its legal sense, i.e. a natural person, business or organization).

This is just another false statement by Storms. Actually just the opposite is true. Any person who looks at all of the actions and details in Rossi’s e-cat farce from day one, starting in 2008, see our article here about how it all started – Andrea Rossi’s E-cat Project Began with Intentional False and Misleading Statements – if they are truly neutral, can only rationally come to the conclusion that Rossi’s e-cat project has been a fraud and scam all along, and it’s never changed. All of Rossi’s actions are more clearly in line with all of the major historical frauds and scams than they fit any other explanation. No time to go into the details here but research these frauds and scams – Papp; Dennis Lee; John Rohner; John Worrell Keely; Barry Minkow (Barry Minkow was a featured guest on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show!); Gregor MacGregor; Victor Lustig; George C. Parker; Harry Perrigo; Steorn; etc. etc.

Put yourself in his shoes. You discover a heat source worth trillions but cannot get patent protection for your idea. Your only protection is secrecy. Once the successful recipe is generally known, you have lost any claim to financial reward.

There are many different reasons Rossi has not been able to get his first e-cat patent applications approved. One is that Rossi has consistently failed with full disclosure in the applications. Since full disclosure is required, (a person knowledgeable in the field must be able to make a working device), if Rossi wants to keep his recipe secret he should not apply for a patent. Another reason is that many of Rossi’s claims were anticipated. Another reason is that the documents submitted by Rossi to try and prove the e-cat was replicated was found not to be persuasive by the patent examiner. See our article here about the latest e-cat patent rejection by the USPTO. As we state in this article, Rossi at any time can make arrangements with the USPTO for a test that they would accept, and if the test resulted in positive results, baring other reasons, Rossi’s patent application would result in a patent, but Rossi has failed to do this since 2008. So we don’t feel sorry for Rossi one bit, and the reason the USPTO has not issued a patent for the e-cat lies squarely on Rossi’s shoulders not on the USPTO.

The amount of money involved eliminates trust being part of any future business relationship.  Consequently, Rossi is forced to play a very dangerous and difficult game involving deception and in some cases lying. 

We agree with Storms that if Rossi’s claims were true a lot of money would be involved, and in a case like that a person must be very careful when entering into any contract or business arrangement. This would be especial true if the parties had no earlier working relationship. But we do NOT agree with Storms that just because of the nature of the e-cat and its possible impact if it worked as claimed, that necessitates deception and lying. Nor do we believe that Rossi was “forced” into deception and lying. Rossi started the e-cat farce with false and misleading statements from day one.

First of all Rossi is running an investor scam. From day one it has been clear Rossi never intended to sell any e-cats to a real customer. An investor scam like this requires a contract stating that the mark is getting a license to either sell and/or manufacture e-cat devices. It is inherent in a contract of this kind that a product is ready to sell to the public. So if a licensee tries to sell an e-cat Rossi will always find ways to not have to provide one. Any claimed sales by Rossi will be to a person that is a partner with Rossi in his scam, like the famous “Colonel,” at the October 28, 2011 dog and pony show.

From 2010 until today Rossi has been claiming he was making and selling the low temperature 1MW e-cat plants. This was the only way Rossi could sell licensees, because nobody would buy a license if there wasn’t anything to sell.

Even today Andrea Rossi is claiming he has all that is required to make, and is in fact now selling, the low temperature 1MW e-cat plants!

But Rossi’s past licensees tell a different story. Why didn’t Rossi sell to them?
How soon everyone forgets.

Andrea Rossi
April 14, 2016 at 1:44 PM
Bernie Koppenhofer:
You are too intelligent not to understand that a company cannot be happy of all the blogosphere hurricane around this issue. Our Customer spoke his satisfaction with facts, not words: he ordered 3 units like the one he tested during this year with a company set up specifically for this purpose.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
April 11, 2016 at 7:43 AM
Gerard McEk:
1-No, I want not to put the money of people at risk until I am not sure that all is right.
I have enough money to spend to start the mass production, the rest must arrive from the products sale. I want not to sell paper, I want to sell products. I am an industrialist, not a yuppy or an opera ballet etoile.
2- I am not able to answer now
3- yes, of course, when we will have finished the R&D on course and will be ready to produce it massively, which will follow suit the end of the R&D (F8)
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
April 11, 2016 at 1:27 PM
We will not do any more public demo.
We will sell our products.
Warm Regards

But wait a minute — What about when Aldo Proia and others tried to buy 1MW e-cat plants, identical to the one in the year long test that was just completed by Rossi and Industrial Heat LLC. Aldo Proia was an e-cat licensee. Here is part of what he said —

“Moreover, in September 2014 we (Prometeon) placed an order for a 1 MW E-Cat®; as far as we know, it was the first signed order ever for an E-Cat®! Before accepting the order we warned our customer that they had 99% probabilities not to see their E-Cat®, but they still hoped to get it as they trusted Mr. Rossi, despite everything. As we expected, instead of organizing a party and giving the good news to the world, EFA/Leonardo Corporation never let us have all the solicited documents necessary to close the order: e.g. a supply contract, a maintenance contract, guarantees about the E-Cat® and the future fuel supplies, a technical manual with a detailed description of how to integrate an E-Cat® in an existing industrial environment and with a SCADA,…
Moreover, in one year and a half of work we found many customers seriously interested in buying the E-Cat, nominally already on the market, and we presented pre-orders and requests for demonstrations to both EFA and Mr Rossi, but we never had any kind of cooperation, we never received the purchasing contracts and it had never been possible to organize e demonstration. As far as we know, also other licensees had customers interested in installing an E-Cat® and they faced similar problems.”
“A few weeks later, in the month of December, we received a formal letter from EFA saying that our license contract was canceled because “we didn’t get enough orders, like it was written in the license contract”!! Obviously this was ridiculous and it was the final confirmation, if still needed, that it would have been impossible to see a working E-Cat®, probably for a long while.

In the following months we tried in every way to find a friendly solution to this very uncomfortable situation, also with the intermediation of Industrial Heat and Mr. Andrea Rossi, well informed through our letters, but it was not possible and surely not for our responsibility.

Finally, to avoid the risk of wasting time and money in a long, unhealthy legal battle, we decided to give up and to accept the buy-back, even because we did not want to have to deal with similar “partners” any more. Regarding the superior price offered, Rossi’s words suggest that we had good profits from the buy-back, while clearly the opposite is true.”

This problem would not exist if patent protection were available. 

This is a false statement, see our comments above about Rossi and his patent application. Of course every disciple of Rossi has to create in their mind some reason to continue to believe in Rossi, and what better way than to blame all of Rossi’s troubles on the USPTO, instead of believing what is more likely which is this whole e-cat farce is a fraud and scam. Of course most people working in the cold fusion/LENR field including Storms think that if Rossi’s claims are true, that makes their cold fusion/LENR claims more likely true also, even though Rossi has absolutely NO PROOF of any kind that any of his devices work because of and based on cold fusion/LENR.

The latest fad seems to be if you claim to produce free energy it must be from cold fusion/LENR. First all free energy device were mechanical, then they were electrical, then they were magnetic, now they are cold fusion/LENR, next they will be based on some other newfangled idea created from some crazy new science theory.

I predict this same problem will affect all efforts to commercialize the LENR effect.  A person only has two choices. If he finds a method to make a material nuclear active, he either has to make it know to the public and then gain mainly fame (aka Tesla), or keep it secret while trying to raise money to create a commercial product on your own. 

Now Storms’ brain is really misfiring, sending him clearly into La La Land. The problem Storms is talking about is his imaginary views of the USPTO. See our comments above about patents.

We wish people would quit talking about Tesla who clearly have no idea about what they are talking about. We have studied Tesla and his work in great detail, read every publicly available English patent and major magazine/newspaper article  about Tesla’s work. Tesla obtained over 300 patents worldwide. Tesla was extremely secretive in his R&D work but he also gave many public speeches and demos, wrote many articles, and even gave many tours of his lab to people. Tesla also worked with many different companies to sell and develop his inventions. Yes, there were a very few inventions Tesla did not patent, and in his later years, mostly around his birthday, articles were published about his far out ideas and dreams. But what Storms is implying here, that Tesla put all his inventions out in the public domain, and his only return was “fame,” is not true at all. Tesla made millions of dollars off of his inventions during his lifetime. Tesla’s fame came only because he was one of the greatest scientists and inventors this world has ever seen.

Storms is saying that a person who has a cold fusion/LENR invention only has two choices in the development path, i.e. make it public domain or keep the IP secret while trying to raise money for development. We don’t agree, we think there are four ways.

  1. Put the idea out in the public domain, and try to find ways to capitalize on that method.
  2. Do not file for a patent and just try to get funding by showing people valid working devices.
  3. File a patent application with full disclosure, which is required for a utility patent, and try to get funding before the patent is issued. If not successful continue to try and get funding after the patent is issued. In both cases valid demonstrations of working prototypes would be enough to get all the funding needed.
  4. File a patent application with full disclosure, which is required for a utility patent, and start selling the devices one at a time, stamping patent pending on each one. As the word gets around, eventually reaching the major news outlets, offers of large scale manufacturing and untold wealth will result.

But most people forget that it is very easy to prove that Rossi has been claiming since at least early 2010, that he had/has commercial 1MW e-cat plants for sale.

The fact that no one working in the field of  cold fusion/LENR, who claim to have working commercial devices including Rossi, who will not go the route of step 4 above is all the evidence we need that all of them are running a fraud and scam, that is if they are collecting money for anything other than R&D.

If as Rossi claims, he has certification to sell the 1MW e-cat plants, and if as Rossi claims his “Heater Patent” covers both the low and high temperature e-cats, Then all Rossi has to do is set up a showroom and start building his 1MW plants, putting them in his showroom with a price tag. The fact that all Rossi does is write on his blog and file lawsuits against his licensees, tells us all we need to know that the e-cat is a fraudulent scheme.

Naturally, some exaggeration, fraud, and lying would be involved because people do not like to give money without knowing the secret, which cannot be revealed.  I do not excuse or support Rossi, but I do understand his problem.

Now we come to the heart of this article. Storms saying that “Naturally, some exaggeration, fraud, and lying would be involved” is absolutely the worst and most atrocious thing we have ever heard or read by anyone in the cold fusion/LENR field. Remember Storms is applying his comments not only to Rossi, but anyone working in the cold fusion/LENR field.  And yes, Storms does support Rossi, we could give many quotes.

In our opinion neither Storms, Gluck or Rossi should ever be allowed to speak or give any presentation at any event or publication covering the cold fusion/LENR field.

And the fact that nobody but freeenergyscams.com is willing to publicly speak up about this shows you just how low and sick the whole cold fusion/LENR field has become since it was taken over by the convicted felon, fraudster and scam artist Andrea Rossi.

The problem lies squarely in the patent office and the DOE.

Right, put all the blame on the critics, USPTO and DOE, not on the fraudsters and scammers.

A no win situation has been created by the skeptics.

How is this even possible? How could any skeptic stop a real working device from hitting the market? If someone has a working cold fusion/LENR device, just file for a patent with full disclosure and immediately start making and selling your invention, one at a time if necessary, stamping patent pending on them. There is nobody in the world that could stop that. And if the patent application is original and meets all the other requirements it will be granted. The best proof of concept in the world is a showroom with devices for sale to the public. Even if the public has to be an industrial client, based on the product’s certification.

I believe Rossi made sure he revealed nothing of value about his process and provided false leads to keep people from finding his method. 

Rossi has no technology, other than electrical heaters, he has no reason to lie and give false leads about that unless of course he is running a fraud and scam, which is the case here.

I believe he had not mastered the method well enough for commercial use and needed money to do this. 

This is the most ridiculous statement Storms has made yet in his diatribe. If this was true, which we DO NOT believe for one minute, this would be a very good reason for the USPTO to reject Rossi’s patent application. If all Rossi had, as many in the cold fusion/LENR field claim, was a R&D device that rarely and without knowing why produced some excess heat, then it would not be ready for a patent, because a patent requires enough disclosure so that someone knowledgeable in the field could make and use one. We might hear more about this is the up and coming lawsuit between Rossi and Industrial Heat LLC.

IH provided some of this money, but without being told the secret method to activate the material. IH does not want to spend 89M$ unless they know the secret, which is reasonable but contrary to Rossi’s self-interest.

So according to Storms, Rossi has not only tried to fool the USPTO by not providing full disclosure, but Rossi has also tried to fool a licensee. Which is actionable criminal and civil fraud of course.

So we will see the mud fly and watch one more father being eaten alive. 

We have absolutely no idea what Storms means by “father being eaten alive.” But what we do know is that the only way any of Rossi’s licensees has made any money is when they sell sub-licenses. We also know that any time one of Rossi’s licensees tried to make money the real and legal way, based on their contract, that association fell apart. Read up on the split with Defkalion, the lost customers who tried to buy 1MW plants, the experience of the licensees in Europe, the other licensee buybacks. Rossi’s fraudulent e-cat scheme seems more and more like a RICO driven Ponzi scheme.

Meanwhile, the CO2 in the air keeps rising and the fission reactors keep getting older and more brittle.

Too bad someone will not sell, or even prove they have a real working cold fusion/LENR device. That could sure help solve some of the world’s problems. The best way to advance cold fusion/LENR is for the cold fusion/LENR field to clean house and get rid of people like Andrea Rossi, Edmund Storms, and Peter Gluck.

Peter Gluck has been posting most of our recent articles, let’s see what he does with this one.

We would love to see a combined rebuttal addressing each of our points in detail, with separate sections by Andrea Rossi, Edmund Storms, and Peter Gluck.


Published on April 16, 2016