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Published on May 15, 2016

The headline is a little misleading, actually this is what we believe the headline should read. But if you read this very short article you will have to agree with us that this is how Rossi should be directing his research.

We believe Rossi should abandon the e-catX for a new device called the E-PET.

Think of the marvelous invention Rossi would have if he would only combine all of his fabulous miracles together into one device. The tree huggers will love this new magic device that will convert their garbage to free electricity and heat.

When trying to follow the blogs about the lawsuit we found Axil Axil has been writing so much gobbledegook about the lawsuit that our brains went into a FOG. When we had this insight we didn’t know right from left, up from down, truth from lies, a scam from a real business; so we are depending on you, our dear readers to let us know if we can still think clearly, or have wondered off the beaten path. ((If it works for Peter at EGO, it might work here. Of course on second thought we forgot to get (DSM) Doug Marker’s opinion first, we bad.)(Did we unknowingly channel Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown, Ph.D.? Is our reputation now ruined?))

Rossi could call it the – Petroldragon Thermoelectric LENR Reactor or E-PET. This is how it will work.

There will be a hopper where you will throw all of your garbage, from banana peels and old newspapers, to your old car tires. From one part of the device there will be a constant flow of coal, fuel oil (better than anything coming from underground) and natural gas. You could sell the coal to your local power company to make a little extra spending money. The fuel oil and gas will be the source of heat to trigger your e-cat nuclear reactors. Any oil and gas left over can be used to power your water heater, kitchen stove, and heating your house.

The second part of the E-PET will be a multilayered device.

1) The first layer completely surrounding your e-cat nuclear reactor would be Rossi’s 20% efficient thermoelectric panels, these will provide all of the electricity needed to run the operation and to regulate and control the e-cat nuclear reactor. All of the leftover electricity could be used to charge your new Tesla Roadster, which you can now afford since you won’t have any utility bills.

2) Layered next over the thermoelectric panels will be Rossi’s magic lead shielding that doesn’t melt even though it is between the 1500 degree reactor and the working fluid. See Rossi’s patent applications for how this works.

3) And then will come the final layer containing the working fluid, water, providing unlimited heat at 125 C++ using hot water and/or steam. This can be used to run an electrical generator producing electricity you can sell back to the local utility for a huge amount of money. Or it can be used for process heat in your chemical factory like Rossi did for a whole year.

4) If you can make a deal with your local mafia run garbage collectors you can start a business taking their garbage, saving them money, running it through your machines, and then selling the electricity to the national power grids. You would become a billionaire over night.

Just say-un


Published on May 15, 2016