Apr 092016

Arrest Warrant Issued for John P. Rohner

Published April 9, 2016

An arrest warrant was issued for John P. Rohner when he failed to appear at a court ordered hearing in Las Vegas, NV.

John Rohner is one of only a small group of really deluded people who still claim that the Papp engine works as claimed. They still wrongly believe you can get more energy out of a some Noble gases than you put in, just by sending an electrical charge through the gasses. Michael McKubre, a disciple and follower of the fraudster Andrea Rossi and his e-cat, also believes the Papp engine has merit. If anyone, who still has the ability to think clearly, reads the book by Papp about his magical submarine ride, you will see just what a fruitcake Papp turned out to be.

Previously John Rohner had been convicted of contempt of court, (a separate charge from the original SEC charges Rohner was also found guilty of at a different hearing), in relation to his SEC civil fraud case. The Court held a hearing on March 28, 2016, at which the Court held Rohner in Contempt of Court. The hearing on April 8, 2016 was to determine what, if any, sanctions would be handed down on the contempt charge.

At the last minute, one day before the hearing, John Rohner sent an email to the court saying he would not be able to attend the hearing. Based on the fact it had been established in the past during the court proceedings, that Rohner was a liar, and had a history of misrepresentations to the court, the court chose not to believe Rohner. When Rohner did not appear by the evening of April 8, 2016, the court issued the arrest warrant.

Here is a copy of the minutes of proceedings relating to the Contempt of Court hearing on April 8, 2016.


Published April 9, 2016