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Andrea Rossi E-cat Patent Application Rejected in 2016
What’s Next for Rossi and Industrial Heat, LLC?


After some email exchanges with Jed Rothwell, J. T. Vaughn, (Industrial Heat, LLC)
and others we decided to add a few paragraphs to the end of this article.
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January 19, 2016

Has Rothwell just destroyed any hope for Rossi to get new investors? We tell you what the latest “peer reviewer,” we mean patent examiner, has to say about the Lugano test and supposed e-cat replications. Not only was Rossi’s real e-cat patent application rejected again [01/11/2016], but Mats Lewan is wrong in claiming that the patent that was issued to Rossi in 2015, was for the e-cat. And even if it was for the e-cat – which it wasn’t – the statements published by Lewan in 2015 would clearly anticipate an invalidation of the two 2015 patents issued to Rossi. Rossi has used patents as an integral part of ALL of his scams and fraud methodologies starting with Petroldragon. For more on how Rossi has used patents in his scams please read these articles:
Report #5: Rossi’s Profitable Career in Science
Comparing Rossi’s Latest EPO Patent Filing with the Rossi/Levi/Essen Report
Rossi’s EPO Patent Denied
Rossi’s Patent Application Rejected at both EP and USPTO

This website FreeEnergyScams.com is a non-commercial website, fighting sometimes it seems, like Quixote. You will notice there are no Google ads, or pay to view sections. The things we are fighting against – ignorance, incompetence, ineptness and free energy frauds and scams, have real world impacts, therefore we claim fair use for the quotations used in this article.

Investing in real R&D is a good thing, because every new device and invention goes through R&D of some type, and quite often the inventor or discoverer needs a little help to get their device ready for sale or manufacturing. The investor helps the inventor and in return the investor may handsomely benefit by being involved from the beginning. But when a person takes an investor’s money based on fraud, misrepresentation and/or outright falsehoods, the only ones who benefit are the con-artist and his partners.

Scammers also remove money from the field that could have been used for development of really useful devices. Scammers also make it more difficult for legitimate inventors to get funding. With the Andrea Rossi e-cat scam there is another aspect to the story that makes it a little more complicated. In Rossi’s e-cat scam we now have people and investment funds who are taking money from other people. The first person to do this on a large scale was Roger Green in Australia, please see these articles, E-Cat Australia Roger Green; next, the newly formed Industrial Heat, LLC, along with the Woodford Fund are giving other people’s money to a felon convicted of fraud who is clearly running a free energy scam. This is one of the things we are fighting against on this site.

Rossi’s apologists say, “if Rossi is running a fraud why hasn’t he been arrested”? We say, “there may be many reasons a conman has not been arrested, but irrespective of an arrest, by the time a scammer or con-artist gets arrested it is too late, because then no one will invest in the scammer anyway. A potential investor first must obtain as much knowledge as possible, second they must have the thinking ability to understand the facts and knowledge they obtain, and finally they must have the wisdom to discern between valid R&D and scams long before the con-artist is arrested, if they don’t want to lose their money that is.” Much valid R&D is very risky anyway and therefore hard to obtain much needed funding, we don’t need con-men and fraudsters making it even more difficult for everyone. We don’t need greedy investors buying into their scams with other people’s money, nor do we need media whores and bloggers making money off of these scams either.

That is what this website is all about, to show people the inner workings and methods of scams and scammers. It is hogwash and a cat’s-paw developed by the scammers themselves to say you must invest in every crazy idea that comes along, just so you don’t, “throw out the baby with the bathwater.” Not every idea is going to get funded, even good ones sometimes. It is time the people threw out the scammers and fraudsters who are using science and technology as a method to confuse and misrepresent.

The device Rossi shipped to Industrial Heat, LLC, was the original 1MW device used at the October 28, 2011 demo, with Botox and new makeup. This was the low temperature e-cat. The device that Rossi is claiming is the subject of the 1 year test is also this same low temperature e-cat. We ask, “before giving Rossi any money why didn’t Industrial Heat, LLC require a simple inexpensive black box calorimetric test of just one of the 10KW modules like those used in all of the 2011 demos, but this time tested by a certified and true 3rd party, like a major university”? That would have provided verification and settled the argument for all time about whether Rossi had any devices that worked as claimed.

If Rossi refused the test they should have walked away. But some find it hard to walk away, why? It is our opinion and firm belief that everyone who has given Rossi money for his e-cat scam has done so out of pure greed, and that includes Industrial Heat, LLC, irrespective of all their good work cleaning up pollution. And the fact that the Woodford Fund and the investors in Industrial Heat, LLC put their money into the new private company Industrial Heat, LLC, instead of one of the other companies Darden already owned or the well known Cherokee Funds tells us all we need to know. In another article we will cover other issues such as interesting facts relating to funds going into Industrial Heat, LLC. We must make ourselves clearly understood here, we are NOT saying the Woodford Fund and Industrial Heat, LLC, are involved in fraud or breaking any laws. We are, though, accusing them of massively poor judgment, by investing in and becoming partners with the felon, jailbird and con-artist, Andrea Rossi.

Rossi on USPTO “Peer Review”

In a desperate attempt to gain some kind of credibility for his latest scam and fraud the “e-cat,” (sorely needed because no credible magazine will publish any peer reviewed paper put out by Rossi, his partners, or testers, although they have tried mightily to get them published), Andréa Rossi has been claiming that a patent issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office is a “peer review.”

In a very general nature that may be true. For example, anytime a colleague or another qualified person reviews any prepublication article or book, product, or any type of device for someone, that could be a form of “peer review” as used in a general sense. But Rossi is not claiming the use of the phrase in the general sense, he claims the USPTO granting of a patent is as good as, or better than a peer review by a magazine like Nature or Science.

For instance read this comment by Rossi, one among many from his own blog:
1-17-2016-01Rossi concludes by saying:

“[…] the peer reviewed publication of an approved USPTO patent has consequences that no other publication has in the industrial, technological and commercial echelons and fields of applications of the world.”

Based on Rossi’s many statements concerning the USPTO review process we conclude, using the same analysis used by Rossi, a USPTO patent application rejection would be just as good a “peer review” as an “approved” patent.

1-17-2016-02Rossi says, “[…] the time of chatters is over, we are at the ”moment of truth”[…],” we agree.
Now therefore, let’s look at what the USPTO patent examiner had to say about Rossi’s e-cat patent application, the Lugano test and the many supposed replications.

The only cold fusion/LENR patent that has been issued to Andrea Rossi to date is the e-cat patent issued by Italy. That application was filed only days before Italy’s new patent system took effect, and therefore is basically worthless; that’s what we were told by our Italian patent attorney. Technically it is unenforceable because it lacks full disclosure. All of Rossi’s early e-cat patent applications at the USPTO, PCT, WIPO and EP have been rejected.

The two (2015) patents that were issued to Rossi in the USA since he received his thermoelectric patents used in the DOD/DOE scam, (patents which he subsequently abandoned), are not for cold fusion/LENR devices. Anyone who did NOT know anything about Rossi and his e-cat, would never in a hundred years think those two patents had anything to do with cold fusion/LENR. This is very clear when you read the claims. The claims are what is protected by the patents. When there is a discrepancy, conflict or disagreement between a claim and the body of the text the claim wins. The text is only valid (for IP protection) as long as it describes, explains or expands upon the claims themselves. Patents are only valid if they provide enough information for the subject of the patent to be replicated by “a person with ordinary skill in the art.” Many issued patents are later overturned in court when challenged.

The subject of this article, the patent application, US 2011/0005506 A1 – “Method and Apparatus for Carrying Out Nickel and Hydrogen Exothermal Reaction,” was rejected twice before. Rossi paid for a re-examination using material from the supposed replications, among other things, to try and pull the wool over the patent examiner’s eyes. The patent examiners at the USPTO are more intelligent and much wiser than the people Rossi surrounds himself with, so Rossi’s trademark use of other people’s data, reports, and articles to get other people to do his bidding, or give him money, does not work at the USPTO.

Rossi has 3 months to reply. Since Rossi is playing with the bones of other people, (and has been all through this e-cat scam, starting from the moment he was released from jail and incarceration for fraud related to the Petroldragon scam), we believe he will keep wasting money on this application to milk it for all its worth. We also believe that soon this fight will be over without a patent being granted.
To fully appreciate all of the comments by the patent examiner look at the material Rossi submitted for his re-examination. Rossi received his first final rejection on 03/12/2015. On 06/12/2015 Rossi filed for re-examination. All of the older material previously submitted was still available for the new examination, along with the following material: (PDF of USPTO patent rejection.)

1. A rebuttal of the 3/12/2015 final rejection.

2. Exhibit C, Andrea Rossi’s declaration. They say, “In the attached Exhibit C, the Declaration of the inventor, Andrea Rossi, attests to the fact that he had no contact with the persons who carried out the experiments of Exhibits D-F.” These were the supposed replications.

3. Exhibit D is a copy of a paper published by A.G. Parkhomov in the International Journal of Unconventional Science, Issue 7(3), pp 68-72 (2015)

1-17-2016-03Cover page.

4. Exhibit E is a copy of another paper published by A.G. Parkhomov in the International Journal of
Unconventional Science Issue 8(3), pp 34-38 (2015). Rossi claimed that this paper, “provides additional evidence of the operability of the claimed invention.”

1-17-2016-04Cover page.

5. Exhibit F is a copy of a paper authored by Songshang Jiang of the China Institute of Atomic Energy. Rossi claimed, “This report also demonstrates the operability of the present invention.”

6. Exhibit G is a copy of a paper authored by Dr. Michael C.R. McKubre, Director of the Energy Research Center of the Material Research Laboratory at SRI International.

The Patent Examiner’s Analysis and Rejection

1-17-2016-05As you can see all of Rossi’s claims have been rejected for the third time.
The following document images are the text of the 01-11-2016 non-final rejection by the USPTO.


A Few Comments on the USPTO Rejection Paper

We will highlight only a few of the many interesting comments by the patent examiner.

“The affidavit filed by the inventor on 12 June 2015 is acknowledged, however the
arguments of the affidavit are not persuasive. Applicant avers that the two submitted
papers demonstrate independent confirmation of the device operability. Examiner
respectfully disagrees.”

Our thoughts exactly!

“Regarding the Parkhomov papers, as discussed previously, the purported
reaction cannot be initiated without substantial energy. Assuming arguendo that a
nuclear reaction occurs between hydrogen and nickel, it is fundamental that such a
reaction produces both β and γ emissions. However, the paper author explicitly states
that no such radiation was measured by the attendant dosimeter. The absence of any
detected radioactive signature is an indicia of inoperability.”

Could this be why Rossi has changed his tune again? Now Rossi claims that Li is the fuel. How can anyone replicate a Rossi device when Rossi doesn’t even know himself what the fuel is? What will it be next, some new type of interdimensional reaction with Tachyons and Hydrogen? Maybe Rossi should consult with Axil who seems to think he has it all figured out. Of course we know why nobody can replicate an e-cat producing gobs of extra heat with any type of credibility, they just have not learned the fine art of measurement scamming yet.

“The only indicator of operability in the Parkhomov papers is the claim of anomalous heat production. As has been stated previously, there are many potential sources anomalous heat in such a setup. One glaring example might be a chemical reaction between the nickel and lithium hydride. Or a reaction between the aluminum components and one of the fuel constituents. However, if the reaction is indeed chemical and it is coming from elements that have been purified in the production process, it is axiomatic that the reaction cannot be exothermic.
As such, the Parkhomov papers are not persuasive.”

This is interesting, what the patent examiner calls a possible chemical heat source, is exactly the same reaction Rossi is now claiming as his cold fusion/LENR reaction, “reaction between the nickel and lithium hydride.” There are some who think all of the many lithium battery failures are caused by cold fusion/LENR, but if that is the case then why doesn’t someone have even one replicatable experiment to prove this?

“Applicant traverses the operability rejections, arguing that the dummy system served as a proper control because the only difference between the control run and the experimental run was that the latter system contained fuel. “Instead of building two identical systems, the operating characteristics of the same reactor was determined, with the same experimental set up before and after the fuel loading was carried out.” It is hard to believe that Lugano et al. could certify this fact, because by the Applicant’s own admission, they were not permitted to inspect the machine internals. How can a person determine if there is fuel in the device if he is not permitted to see within it? This kind of passive acceptance discredits any claim of operability made by the group. As such, the Lugano report still remains unpersuasive.”

We think the phrase “passive acceptance” was being very kind. The Lugano team took much more than looking inside the reactor at face value. They also believed every word Rossi told them. We find it hard to believe they certified anything about the results. If Rossi was not at the site of the testing for the full 30+ days he must have trusted them to some extent, and if he trusted them, he should have just shipped them one of the devices with operating instructions. The team should have tested the device using water as a medium with a specialist in calorimetry on the team. At the levels of excess heat claimed by Rossi a horizontal flow system is the simplest and most accurate of this type of device. See: calorimetry

Speaking of the A.G. Parkhomov papers the patent examiner had this to say:

“[…] the Examiner reiterates that one of ordinary skill in the art would have serious cause to doubt the credibility of any article published in the Journal of Unconventional Science.”

The examiner definitely had no respect for the articles and peer review at that journal or for Rossi using those papers as an attempt to prove his devices work as claimed.

• If Rossi really wanted to obtain a patent and IF Rossi really had a true working device like he claims, it would be a simple matter to make arrangements with the USPTO to have one of his devices tested to the satisfaction of the patent examiner. Once Rossi passed that simple test he would be issued his cold fusion/LENR patent within days.

• It is misleading and a twisting of the truth for Rossi and his apologists to claim an unjustified conspiracy at the USPTO for denying Rossi’s patent application and further it is a thinly veiled excuse to justify Rossi continuing the e-cat scam.

The examiner continues:

“Applicant cites Newman in support of the contention that an applicant is not required to know how a device operates in order to receive a patent for it. While this is a correct statement of the law, it is premature. The Applicant has not proven if the device works; much less how it works. For the reasons discussed above and below, there is no credible assertion of operability.”

We have been saying that since 2011.

“The Applicant argues that the blog posting cited as Exhibit B, if it is not a credible reference, it should not be used in the rejection. This is a circular argument. The reference is not believable because it not peer reviewed. It demonstrates the precise form of undiscerning “review” that seems peculiar to the cold fusion art. Notwithstanding this observation, the reference was originally cited by the Applicant, not the Examiner.”

This is absolutely absurd, Rossi sends a blog post to the USPTO as proof someone thinks his device works, then, along with other reasons, it is rejected because it is not peer reviewed, later Rossi complains it should not have been used in the prior final rejection. This statement also shows the value of a true peer review.

“Examiner reiterates the prior arguments as further notes that while Applicant is not bound by theory, the claimed invention is explicitly directed to “A method of carrying out an exothermal reaction of nickel and hydrogen.” To date, there is no credible evidence of this reaction.”

Another thing we have been saying about the e-cat since 2011.

“The specification is objected to as directed solely to an inoperable device. Specifically, the present invention appears to be derived from the discredited “dry LENR” process embodied by Andrea Rossi’s “e-Cat” device. As discussed below, claims directed to this mode of fusion have been rife with fraud and fail to measure up to even cursory examination under the generally accepted laws of physics.”

It seems the examiner is talking about others including Rossi, and we absolutely agree with the fraud part.

“First, there is the issue of nickel. Nickel-62, one of the reactant isotopes, has the highest nuclear binding energy of any known isotope. In laymen’s terms, this means that nickel-62 is the most stable and non-reactive nucleus in the known universe.[…]”
“Putting aside the theoretical considerations, there is the additional matter of verifiability. To date, there exists no credible independent, peer-reviewed evaluation of the e-Cat device. Nor has there been a credible attempt at explaining the purported nickel phenomenon. Additionally, attempts to independently verify the Rossi device appear to have been met with resistance.”

And here is Rossi’s scam in a nutshell, Rossi has been trying since 2011 to get credible evidence that the e-cat works as claimed, first by his own testing and demonstrations, then through reporting by Lewan and Allan, and finally by quoting other supposed replications. All have failed. Rossi’s own disciples are now bracing themselves for a possible negative report of the 1 year test. It is our opinion, based on Rossi’s prior actions, that Rossi’s new upcoming report, if it materializes, will fail to definitively prove anything either, and we believe that is just the way Rossi now wants it. After analyzing Rossi’s e-cat scam from 2011, we have come to the conclusion that Rossi’s new strategy requires lack of a definitive conclusion of whether the e-cat works as claimed or not.

We believe this because of what happened when some of the e-cat licensees threatened to take Rossi to court and Rossi had to refund them their money. Of course some of Rossi’s most devout disciples, such as Rothwell, Lewan, Gluck, Acland, etc. claim that the e-cats work as claimed but only part of the time. Rossi loves it when people claim this because it fits in perfectly with Rossi’s new strategy. That is why Rossi has been using his F9 statement so much for the last year, (F9, means:“[…]at the end of this period of tests and R&D the results could be either positive or negative”). If the e-cats worked all of the time as claimed then Rossi would have to start selling them, right? We believe Rossi’s new strategy is to go into a perpetual R&D phase, only promising to sell e-cats in the future. Rossi can only claim to have e-cats for sale without actually producing them for a limited time. (Previously Rossi has been claiming the 1MW e-cat plants work as claimed and therefore have been for sale to the public since late 2011). Maybe Rossi has decided the time has come to end that chatter, it started on April 13th, 2010, almost 6 years ago. Look at only a few of the hundreds (thousands?) of comments by Rossi about his customers. In all of the comments by Rossi in this article be sure and look at the dates.

1-17-2016-151-17-2016-161-17-2016-171-17-2016-181-17-2016-19More by Rossi about “chattering.”


“Now, it’s time for the wannabes to pass from chatters to facts: make a real reactor able, as my one did for years, to give energy to a factory, I mean megawatts, not watts. My reactor has been tested from some of the most important scientists of the world and from major industries in the power production sector, and after the tests they have bought from Leonardo Corporation, the Company who is filing a suit against you for patent infringement, real reactors, not chatters and wannabe stuff.”

1-17-2016-211-17-2016-22To too many words only facts can give answers.

1-17-2016-231-17-2016-241-17-2016-25“By the way, to remain on the subject: your comment is the number 27 000 of this blog.”

27,000 chattering blog comments at least 25-30% (or more) are by Rossi himself, still with no proof his device works or that he has a real customer who is not a licensee or shill.

1-17-2016-261-17-2016-27This comment by Rossi was just before the October 28, 2011 demo.

“And in the case this test will go not well, we will learn and remake another, and another, and another, but, be sure, we will arrive to the target.”

What target? Get someone to give Rossi $100M for a license to sell or make worthless off-the-shelf hardware?

1-17-2016-281-17-2016-29In our opinion this is one of the biggest and most outlandish lies and falsehoods Rossi has ever said on video, in print, or on his blog. And it is a phrase Rossi uses over and over again.

Rossi’s only source of income since his Petroldragon days was from “the bones” of others. Except for one short period when he was working for someone else’s company when he first came to the USA, on the run, we might add, from the law in Italy. Rossi went bankrupt because of his Petroldragon scam and fraud, and it was because of his fraudulent activity during that time that he was arrested and jailed for fraudulent activities and sentenced to 7-8 years in prison, time that he spent in prison in Italy, dreaming up the e-cat scam. A sentence and conviction that has never been overturned. Rossi’s arrest for fraud came right in the middle of his Thermoelectric DOD/DOE scam and fraud, that is why that scam ended prematurely.

Rossi’s income from Petroldragon was based on fraud and on the bones of others. Rossi’s income from the Thermoelectric DOD/DOE scam was based on fraud and on the bones of others, this time the US Government. Rossi’s income from his e-cat scam is based only on fraud and on the bones of others. Rossi’s e-cat fraud income is from investors and money the licensees pay for a worthless license to sell non-existent, and non-working, e-cats; licensees such as Industrial Heat, LLC.

The reason Industrial Heat, LLC, paid so much money for their involvement, millions of dollars instead of the hundreds of thousands the other licensees paid, was because Industrial Heat, LLC, not only received a worthless license to sell worthless e-cats, they also received a worthless license for the worthless IP. (Where is the IP? There is no proof the e-cat devices work. Rossi has no e-cat patent. We ask again, where is the IP?) Relating to the IP, Industrial Heat, LLC, also paid for a worthless license to manufacture the worthless e-cats. This can only call into question the critical thinking abilities of Mr. Thomas Francis Darden II, J.D. and Mr. J. T. Vaughn owners and managers of Industrial Heat, LLC, who are major players also in the $B Cherokee Funds that are taking money from private and public pension funds among other sources.

1-17-2016-301-17-2016-321-17-2016-331-17-2016-34“Buy a plant”? Right! Three of Rossi’s licensees tried that, they had buyers ready, but Rossi refused to sell. Do you wonder why? We don’t, that would have been the end of Rossi’s e-cat scam. It was because of the Lugano test and the involvement of Industrial Heat, LLC, that convinced the buyers now was the time to buy. It was widely reported, and we have private communications with one of the licensees, that yes, they threatened to sue Rossi, and yes, they received their money back. So maybe some of the money Darden and Vaughn invested with Rossi went to the right place after all.

We could quote hundreds more but we think you get the picture.
Concerning the certifications remember all of Rossi’s e-cat certifications never are about whether the e-cats work as claimed, i.e. as a cold fusion/LENR device, but only address safety issues. Also the SGS certificate posted on Rossi’s official website ecat.com, was used illegally by Rossi, and CAN NOT be used to sell e-cats, but was for that one prototype only. Please read these articles about the SGS certification:
SGS the Final Certification Story – Rossi Violated Law
Rossi’s Lies to Investors about SGS Certification

Rossi can never sell an e-cat, he can only promise to sell them in the future. Rossi’s e-cat scam is an investor scam. People who do sell actual devices that do not work, many times, go directly to jail.

The patent examiner continues:

“A person of ordinary skill in the art would have cause to doubt the operability of the claimed invention for three reasons. First, the inventors make the incredible claim of exothermic fusion of hydrogen and nickel in a laboratory environment. For the reasons discussed above, the known and existing laws of nature do not support this reaction. Next, the proponents have only been able to produce an ash that reflects the standard isotopic distribution of copper, not the distribution of copper that would occur if nickel were actually undergoing the fusion process. Finally, the absolute dearth independent confirmation and the carefully crafted “demonstrations” would cause a person of ordinary skill in the art to doubt the operability of the device as claimed.”

You just have to love this phrase, “carefully crafted “demonstrations.”” If a person of ordinary skill in the art would run from Rossi and his claims, who did Industrial Heat, LLC, have looking at Rossi’s electric heater?

One of the things that really becomes clear and stands out in all of the various patent application denial documents, is the various sources the patent examiners tap into in their evaluations, analysis and reports. For instance, in the non-final denial which is the subject of this article, the examiner mentions Brian Ahern, Swartz, Thieberger, (The Physics of why the e-Cat’s Cold Fusion Claims Collapse), Aleklett, Popular Science, and many others.

We wish more people would publish critiques of Rossi’s tests and scams in quotable sources. For instance Thomas Clarke has written a seemingly interesting but not well written analysis of the Lugano test, and then he put it on Jed Rothwell’s site. The paper we read was missing Clarke’s contact information in the paper. It would be nice and useful if Clarke would publish a revised version, adding for instance his algebraic results, and then put it on a quotable site.

We have absolutely no faith in the integrity, data, conclusions and analysis in all of the scientific documents on Jed Rothwell’s website. No less than the most quoted and qualified of the critic of the critics of cold fusion Gene Mallove claimed Rothwell censored quite a bit on Rothwell’s website. Mitchell Swartz has been very critical of the type and amount of editing by Rothwell on many of the papers Rothwell has posted. Some of their fiery jousting went on and off for months at a time. And Jed himself talks of his editing papers before publishing them on his site. The comments below involved Jed Rothwell, Mitchell Swartz and, Ed Storms. In the beginning Storms was very active with the site, but not so much now.

We only mention this at all because Rothwell’s site is the most quoted place for people to go to see papers relating to cold fusion/LENR. Our experience in reading scientific documents translated into another language is extensive. Rothwell claims he has edited documents posted on his site extensively. But Rothwell is not a scientist. We believe only a scientist that is an expert with a particular field should translate and edit scientific documents for publication in that field. We also do not believe all of the statements Rothwell has posted trying to defend his actions. For instance Rothwell claims that when he edits a paper he only posts it after the author approves every detail of the paper. But we ask, if the author cannot write and/or speak in English, how can they approve Rothwell’s editing and/or translation? In scientific work, very small changes in a document can change the meaning drastically. Another example, Rothwell claims the authors approve the editing, but we see two problems with this; first when the author reviews the edited documents they may not look at the new document closely or in detail, they may just glance at it; second, in some cases in editing documents from symposiums the authors were not asked approval and/or did not get a chance to review the edited documents.

Here again we want the readers to be very clear what we are saying here – we ARE NOT saying we think Rothwell deliberately changed some of the documents to say what he wanted, we are only saying there is the possibility that there are errors in the documents.

Some of the material on Rothwell’s site is interesting. But we would never use a scientific cold fusion/LENR document posted only at that location for proof of anything. In our opinion, any document that is to be used for proof of anything, even descriptions of tests and experiments, must come from the authors themselves, or from a qualified and peer reviewed publication.

We are aware that some hold Rothwell’s site in godlike cult status, that is the only reason we are quoting so much from Vortex concerning this issue. These are some of the quotes addressing the issues of editing and censorship. All of these quotes are from the website:
Since these are photos of the pages, if you are interested in reading the source there is enough info at the top of the pages for the reader to find them.


Final Thoughts

Not much to say about all of this except that Rossi has now changed his strategy in how he is filing his patent applications. In the past he wanted everyone to know and read about his patent applications, now he tries to keep them secret as long as possible.

We think that is part of Rossi’s new strategy, because Rossi is planning to take his e-cat scam and fraud to a whole new level in 2016. Rossi is starting to believe he is made out of Teflon. Rossi is starting to feel he is invincible. Why might Rossi think that, other than the fact he has obtained millions of dollars by scams and frauds in Italy and now the USA, and is still walking around a free man? Let’s look at just a little of what has rolled off his duck like feathers so far:

1. First Rossi had to overcome objections to his past scams and frauds. Please read these articles:
Andrea Rossi Scam History
Andrea Rossi – Petrol Dragon – Omar
The E-cat & Thermoelectric Scam of Andrea Rossi
You must watch this video about the Petroldragon scam. In the articles about the Petroldragon scam here on this website we post the English translation of the speaker as text below the video.

Still people believe in Rossi, the con-artist, felon, fraudster and scammer.

2. Starting in 2011, every time Rossi would put on a semi public test or demonstration of his e-cat many people would say that he had not proven or verified anything. But there would always be some people that would believe he had something even without convincing proof. During 2011 until Focardi’s passing this was mainly because Rossi was holding onto Focardi’s coat tail. Without Focardi, Rossi would have been cast aside long ago.
But Rossi still was not able to get the funds he eagerly coveted. So Rossi would put on another test or demo, and lose some believers but they were replaced with more who would follow his every word, like any good disciple. [Just read works by or about Hubbard to see how this works.]
Since no one, (except for one case, see below), who tested any of Rossi’s devices, looked for or ruled out all of the possible ways Rossi could have used misdirection, false or meaningless equipment readings, or outright fraud, his demonstration results were inconclusive for some people.
Still people believe in Rossi, the con-artist, felon, fraudster and scammer.

3. Steven Krivit published articles and videos about his trip to Rossi’s, “factory.” Krivit also published his now famous “Rossi caught in the headlights” video.
New Energy Times Videos
2011 – Analysis of April 28 Ny Teknik Video of Andrea Rossi & His Energy Device
Still people believe in Rossi, the con-artist, felon, fraudster and scammer.

4. Remember the Defkalion Green Technologies breakup with Rossi? DGT claimed they knew how the e-cat worked and tried unsuccessfully to copy Rossi’s scam, but DGT was proven to be running a fraud and scam by an insider in the company.
Still people believe in Rossi, the con-artist, felon, fraudster and scammer.

5. To try and obtain credibility Rossi claimed some Universities (Uppsala, Bologna) were testing some e-cats and that National Instruments was building his control boxes. But all of these organizations formally denied the claimed connections given by Rossi, (Bologna twice).
Still people believe in Rossi, the con-artist, felon, fraudster and scammer.

6. Rossi was claiming his e-cats were nuclear devices, and he claimed to be manufacturing his e-cats in Florida, [hundreds of them], but when the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control came knocking at his door, Rossi said the e-cat was not nuclear, and he never made any e-cats in the USA.
Florida BRC Report
Still people believe in Rossi, the con-artist, felon, fraudster and scammer.

7. The Australian, Mr. Smith offered a $1 million prize for an e-cat test that proved the e-cat works as claimed. A test that would be verifiable and conducted by a true 3rd party organization, Rossi refused, all the while collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars from “investors.”
Still people believe in Rossi, the con-artist, felon, fraudster and scammer.

8. Rossi claimed that the 1MW plant that was used for the demo on 10-28-2011 was approved by the secret customer, sold and shipped, and that the secret customer ordered 13 more that Rossi was manufacturing. But then photos of the same device showed up in some later photos. Rossi claimed repairs required by the secret customer was why it was still at his warehouse. Finally we saw photos of this same device being shipped to Industrial Heat, LLC years later.
Still people believe in Rossi, the con-artist, felon, fraudster and scammer.

9. When the only known time an e-cat was tested by a true 3rd party, they quickly determined it did not work as claimed, and Rossi’s partner, Hydro Fusion pulled out from presenting a talk at the 2012 meeting of Rossi’s investors. The potential $10-20Million investment fell through.
Still people believe in Rossi, the con-artist, felon, fraudster and scammer.

10. Rossi has admitted lying to and deceiving his partners and people testing his material.
Still people believe in Rossi, the con-artist, felon, fraudster and scammer.

11. Rossi’s e-cat scam is what you call an “investor” scam. Rossi has no intention of ever selling e-cats to the public. Rossi only wants people to buy “licenses” to be able to sell and/or make e-cats themselves. To be able to sell licenses Rossi has been claiming since October 28, 2011 that 1MW e-cat “plants” are for sale to the public. When at least three different e-cat “licensees” had customers lined up to buy some of these 1MW “plants” Rossi refused to sell any. The “licensees” became angry and threatened to sue Rossi and take him to court. Rossi was able to defuse the situation only by buying back those “licenses,” and returning their money. Is that one way Ponzi schemes work?
Still people believe in Rossi, the con-artist, felon, fraudster and scammer.

12. Rossi with Levi his partner, convinced a team to test his new “hot” e-cats. After two tests by that team, which were not convincing in any way, but still resulted in the so-called Lugano report that Rossi sent to the patent office, Rossi finally landed his first big suckers and marks, Darden and Vaughn, who started Industrial Heat, LLC. Rossi made a lot of money off of that deal. What did Rossi do with his money? Rossi bought over a dozen condos in the Miami area with part of the money he received. Rossi is supposedly sitting on the technology that will give mankind all of the pollution free energy it can use, and instead of reinvesting the money in his own technology – to be able to get this new tech out to the planet as fast as possible, and in the process make $Billions – Rossi buys condos.
Read this article — We give the addresses of 15 properties in the Miami area that are owned by Andrea Rossi and his partners, all purchased after Industrial Heat LLC raised $11.5M with a SEC filing.
Still people believe in Rossi, the con-artist, felon, fraudster and scammer.

13. Rossi was still claiming his e-cats were nuclear devices. Rossi was also claiming Industrial Heat, LLC was manufacturing the 1MW e-cat “plants” in North Carolina. But again when the local Nuclear Regulators knocked on the doors of Industrial Heat, LLC they claimed Rossi was not credible and some did not even know who he was.
JT Vaughn Tells Investigators Rossi is NOT Credible
Conclusions Drawn from the N. C. Radiation Protection Report
UPDATE – Conclusions Drawn from the N. C. Radiation Protection Report – UPDATE
Still people believe in Rossi, the con-artist, felon, fraudster and scammer.

14. Rossi knows the part of the scam using the low temperature 1MW e-cat plant has run its course. So Rossi has been grooming his followers with the “exciting” news of a more powerful and versatile e-cat called the e-cat X. This will of course, make all of the other e-cats obsolete, starting a new round of patents, testing and certifications. Rossi has never said where the “hot” e-cat, fits into all of this now. Remember, the hot e-cat was the device that hooked Industrial Heat, LLC.
Still people believe in Rossi, the con-artist, felon, fraudster and scammer.

15. One of Rossi’s most ardent and devoted supporters, Sterling Allan, who has published more positive stuff about Rossi than anyone else, (Rossi uses Allan’s publications in his patent applications), has been living in his parent’s basement for over a year, and sells phony and fraudulent free energy devices on his website. Allan has lost all touch with reality in our opinion, based on his writings and videos. Allan has been on a year long quest to call down Jesus to have a meal with him. Allan claims this quest kept him out of jail after he molested a female child. Allan also believes he in god the father in the flesh, and along with trying to get Jesus to have lunch with him, Allan in on a search for his heavenly wife, (god the mother?), who he claims came down to earth and is here now.
Sterling D. Allan waiting to be Arrested for Sexual Abuse with a Child
Sterling D. Allan Partner of Andrea Rossi is being Investigated by the FBI and Local Sheriff

Sterling’s Quest to Sup with Jesus
August 30 – Present of Sterling’s Quest to Sup with Jesus
Still people believe in Rossi, the con-artist, felon, fraudster and scammer.

16. And the madness continues.

So Rossi will continue to obtain meaningless patents, perform endless testing to obtain meaningless certifications and for what? To get new investors, of course. And with each round of investors Rossi will ask for more money. There is one thing you can be sure of though, Rossi will never sell any e-cats to the public.

In our opinion if the people running Industrial Heat, LLC really wanted to help the planet like they claim, they would put a stop to this madness. They would help other investors stay away from these types of scams. How would they do this you ask? First they would file criminal charges against Rossi and his partners for fraud, next they should take Rossi to civil court to get all of their money back with interest, and possibly more. They should also make public statements distancing themselves from Rossi, because at some point this is going to hit the real media, and not in the way Rossi’s disciples, licensees and investors are hoping, but a way which will expose Rossi for the conman and fraudster he really is.

If Industrial Heat, LLC waits till then to do anything, in our opinion, it is very possible Industrial Heat, LLC would not be able to do enough damage control at that time, and their publicly funded Cherokee Funds might suffer beyond repair. How could people investing pensions and public funds in Cherokee continue to invest if two of the leaders of those funds were so incompetent that they became partners with a conman and felon and then when it became clear to everyone that the e-cats do not work as claimed they refused to file fraud charges and a civil lawsuit when Rossi failed to provide a working device? Something Rossi has never done and never will do.

Did Darden and Vaughn base their investments on anything Rossi wrote, said or did, or were they influenced by anything Rossi was directly involved in? Did they use any of the information stemming from Rossi to buy into the e-cat scam? If so was any of this information false or misleading? If it was that is fraud. This becomes crystal clear when you read court cases brought on by the SEC, they use over and over again, false statements and misleading facts as evidence to send people to jail, obtain civil judgments and win court cases.

Rossi’s e-cat scam and fraud started in 2008 with Rossi publishing his paper on his own blog, and filing for a patent, falsely claiming he had heated his whole factory for over a year with one of his e-cats. Rossi still to this day refuses to allow a true independent 3rd party test of any of his various e-cats, so why anyone would believe Rossi has a device that works as he claims is the only true mystery in this farce.

Some Final Comments Concerning Mats Lewan and Jed Rothwell

Early Jed about Rossi

All of these quotes are from the website:
Since these are photos of the pages, if you are interested in reading the source there is enough info at the top of the pages for the reader to find them.
Jed Rothwell’s second post about Rossi – in 2010, it seems so long ago….:

1-17-2016-45Rothwell continues:

“As I said about Mills, the only thing that is absolutely foolproof is a
fully independent replication. But an independent evaluation is pretty darn
good, and better than what we have now. Rossi knows that.

You may get a bad impression of Rossi because of the patent and paper. I
certainly did. Ed Storms said — with considerable justification — that the
paper proves nothing. Okay, so please suspend judgement and wait for a paper
from people who write in English better than he does. If it never appears,
draw your own conclusions.”


“This has nothing to do with the results, but I would like to point out again that everything about this website impeaches the credibility of the claims. It cries out “Fake Flake, FAKE, FFFAAAKKKEE FLAAAAKKKEEE.””


Rothwell and Lewan Quotes About the New Energy World Symposium

This brings us up to date in the Rossi story. The only thing going on in the future of note, is the New Energy World Symposium being put on by Mats Lewan. This seems a little strange because Lewan says he does not know who the customer is, or the name of the testing agency. Plus Lewan says the Symposium will not even take place unless there is positive results of Rossi’s 1 year test. Of course Lewan’s definition of “positive results” keeps getting weaker the more he addresses that issue. Lewan says the symposium isn’t just about Rossi but it won’t take place unless Rossi actually produces something bulletproof this time? And again-what??

Mats Lewan says:

“In February 2015, Rossi and IH started a one-year commercial test of the
technology on a customer’s industrial site, with a plant producing one
megawatt of heat—the average consumption of about 300 Western households,
including electricity, space heating, water heating and air conditioning.
The test is expected to be concluded in March 2016 and the results should
be released shortly afterwards, controlled by a third-party certifying

The New Energy World Symposium will be held in June 2016 only if the
released result is clearly positive.”

What is more interesting to us than Mats Lewan, a high priest, proposing to have this gathering of Rossi’s disciples, is Jed Rothwell’s reaction and comments about it.
All of these quotes are from the website:
Since these are photos of the pages, if you are interested in reading the source there is enough info at the top of the pages for the reader to find them.

Quoting from the above — Jed Rothwell said:

As I said, once researchers learn how to control the reaction I am sure
they will be able to dial up any COP they want. It is absurd to worry about
this issue now. It is absurd to even discuss it. As long as the ratio is
high enough to allow conclusive calorimetry, it makes no difference. For
that matter, it makes no difference whether a reaction is 1 W, 10 W or 1
MW. As long as you can measure it with confidence the only thing that
matters is whether you can control it. An uncontrolled 1 MW reaction is
useless. A well-controlled 1 W reaction is worth trillions of dollars, and
if properly developed, it will produce revolutionary changes to our


This 1 MW plant is a crude prototype. It was fabricated without deep
knowledge of how cold fusion works at the theoretical level. Without such
theoretical knowledge, there is no chance cold fusion will ever be
controlled or made into a practical source of energy. In the 21st century,
the public and the regulators will *never* allow a nuclear reactor to be
used. That is out of the question. It is unthinkable.


I meant to say:
In the 21st century, the public and the regulators will never allow a
nuclear reactor to be used *without 100% certainty that it is completely
understood and fully in control*.
They may not allow it under any circumstances.


This reactor as it now stands has no future and no practical use except as
a testbed in R&D. So it makes no difference whether it produces much less
energy than it takes to keep the machine running.


It also makes no difference whether this machine produces 100 W, a kilowatt
or a megawatt. The machine is utterly impractical, dangerous and useless no
matter what the power level is. This is a NUCLEAR FUSION REACTOR, not a
damned toy.


Before any machine like this can be used, thousands of individual prototype
machines will have to be manufactured and tested by regulators,
universities, national laboratories, insurance safety laboratories and many
others, for many millions of hours. This is a massive undertaking that will
require years and billions of dollars to complete. By the time it is
finished, cold fusion reactors will be safer than combustion reactors and
far safer than fission reactors.


I do not know who the customer is, but if this customer intends to use this
for any practical purpose he is insane.


Nonsense. 100 W would be ideal. Any more than that is worse than useless at
this stage in the research. Higher power is dangerous, and it will only
delay the necessary research.

end of quotes.

So there you have it folks. Rothwell is saying, we paraphrase, that anyone who is working on or developing a commercial cold fusion/LENR device at this stage of the game is hurting the field more than helping. And anyone who would invest in commercial development at this stage of the game has a screw loose. Therefore, in our opinion, Rothwell believes all funds should go into scientific research with the intent of creating a fool proof experimental cold fusion/LENR device that can be mass produced and shipped to other researchers, and along with that a clear understanding of the theory. Or at least publish a true peer reviewed paper, maybe in Nature or Science, that describes an experiment that can be scaled, is repeatable by anyone anywhere, can vary the power at will and is safe.

We ask though, what is driving the current interest in cold fusion/LENR?  Before Rossi came on the scene, before 2010, the people on Vortex were complaining the field was dying, if not already dead. We will answer our own question. The renewed interest is driven by greed, that is why there are so many new companies in this field, over 24 we estimate, and still not one has a working device, and none of these companies are putting their scientific research out where the public can see it.

But Rothwell also believes Rossi has built cold fusion/LENR devices that work, it is just that Rossi cannot control them. Regarding that belief we also think Rothwell has a screw loose somewhere maybe more than one.



ON Jed Rothwell

We are aware that Jed Rothwell is an unofficial spokesman for the cold fusion/LENR community. So out of courtesy for Rothwell’s status we anatomized this article resolving to add these new vivifying paragraphs, which we excogitated is not even needed.

Rothwell has asked us to remove or change the first sentence in our article –
“Has Rothwell just destroyed any hope for Rossi to get new investors?” Rothwell said in an email:

update1The only thing we can imagine is that Rothwell thinks that words written and read by many people, published only on the internet have no impact or consequences in the real world. Rothwell undoubtedly is living in a different Matrix than the rest of us.

It is also clear though that Rothwell’s attention span and/or intellectual grasp of the total article is deficient. When anyone with a full deck reads Rothwell’s elucidations in the section of this article titled, “New Energy World Symposium,” in our opinion it is very possible that Rothwell just destroyed their hope for a quick profit. Read again these comments by Rothwell, speaking about Rossi:

“This 1 MW plant is a crude prototype. It was fabricated without deep
knowledge of how cold fusion works at the theoretical level. Without such
theoretical knowledge, there is no chance cold fusion will ever be
controlled or made into a practical source of energy. In the 21st century,
the public and the regulators will *never* allow a nuclear reactor to be
used. That is out of the question. It is unthinkable.”

“I meant to say:
In the 21st century, the public and the regulators will never allow a
nuclear reactor to be used *without 100% certainty that it is completely
understood and fully in control*.
They may not allow it under any circumstances.”

“It also makes no difference whether this machine produces 100 W, a kilowatt
or a megawatt. The machine is utterly impractical, dangerous and useless no
matter what the power level is. This is a NUCLEAR FUSION REACTOR, not a
damned toy.”

“I do not know who the customer is, but if this customer intends to use this
for any practical purpose he is insane.

“Nonsense. 100 W would be ideal. Any more than that is worse than useless at
this stage in the research. Higher power is dangerous, and it will only
delay the necessary research.”

“”We” are not learning anything yet. Thousands of researchers and engineers
worldwide will have to work on this technology for many years before “we”
know anything about it it, and before anyone knows enough enough to deploy
it. The process is not even begun yet. The notion that Rossi and a small
group of people can do this by themselves in isolation is preposterous. You
might as well expect a 10-man construction crew to build a thousand mile
long 4-lane highway, or 2 rocket engineers working at home to build a
Saturn-5 Moon Rocket.”

At least 6 cold fusion reactors have exploded for no known reason, some of
them producing far more energy than any chemical reaction could have.
Rossi’s reactor threatened to go out of control once, and one time when it
turned on it produced an enormous burst of radioactivity, which was
measured by Celani. It was off the scale. Fortunately, it only lasted for a
millisecond or so. Otherwise it would have killed everyone in the room.
Think for a moment what would happen if one of his large reactors were to
go out of control and explode or irradiate people. A large-scale accident
could easily bring about the permanent demise of cold fusion. Research in
this field might be banned. After Mizuno’s accident at Hokkaido University,
the University refused to let him conduct any more experiments.”

Now if an investor jogging around on the internet, reading the latest material about cold fusion/LENR, and especially about Rossi and Industrial Heat, LLC read those words by Rothwell, and if they knew that most people in the field considered Rothwell the field spokesman, and if they believed Rothwell was speaking the truth, then in our opinion they would be crazy to invest in the development and/or for licenses for commercial cold fusion/LENR reactors at this time. Whether the offer was from Rossi or anyone else, like Brillion, for instance. In our opinion it is very possible, if not 99.99% likely the potential investor would feel the same way.

According to Rossi and Rossi claims this also for Industrial Heat, LLC, all they are selling at this time or in the immediate future are the 1MW plants.

We also published a paragraph where we clearly say it is a paraphrase of Rothwell’s thoughts. All we did was extrapolate quotes by Rothwell such as the ones above and try to say what Rothwell might be saying should be done if commercial development wasn’t ready yet. We were not quoting Rothwell, those were our thoughts based on Rothwell’s comments.

We hope this clears up any misunderstanding Rothwell may have in getting a grasp on the meaning and structure of our articles which we try to keep at an 8th grade level so most people who might consider investing in Rossi’s e-cat will be able to understand the issues involved.

ON J. T. Vaughn

Days before publishing this article we contacted many people in the field asking for their latest thoughts on Andrea Rossi, for publication. J. T. Vaughn, Industrial Heat, LLC, responded after the article was published. We want those at Industrial Heat, LLC to have a voice on this website if they so choose. Therefore we left the door open, we replied back:

“Thank you for responding.
The offer will always be open.
If you ever change your mind, whatever you might say will be published exactly as given.
With your approval, of course, before the page goes public.”

End of update.
January 19, 2016


This is a non-commercial site fighting against free energy frauds and scams, we claim fair use for the quotations used in this article.

Free Energy Scams.
January 17, 2016