Oct 282014


Andrea Rossi–E-cat–Industrial Heat LLC–new Photo of Rossi ‘Working’ to Create a ‘Hot Cat’ Scam Test


It should be clear to everyone by now that when Rossi claims he is “working” hard in his lab, up to now all that meant, is that Rossi was busy developing the next test to try and fool everyone. Remember that from the very beginning Rossi was always changing the test setup.

Now Rossi is no idiot, he spent a lot of time trying various methods for each test until he found a setup he thought would fool the people looking on, and even those taking measurements. Rossi would never let a test or demo take place until he had tested the setup himself many times and knew exactly how it would operate. Everything was planned well in advance.

In every picture we have to date of Rossi working in his “lab,” the testing setup consisted of nothing but some temporary tables, and just enough equipment to put that particular dog and pony show together. We can never forget Krivit’s picture of the plumber’s tool bag at the e-cat “demo” Krivit filmed.


In contrast here is Celani working in his lab. A real lab we might add. Oh yes, his IS talking about Rossi there.


Rossi’s hardest setup for a test to date is definitely the two hot cat tests. It took Rossi working full time from November 2011 till November 2012, a full year before the hot cat testing began. But till now no one has seen a photo of Rossi working hard to create the phony dog and pony show called the hot cat.

A source sent us this picture, and told us it was from the book “E-Cat ‘The New Fire’” by Vessela Nikolova. We were also told that all of the other pictures in the book were already available on the internet, that this picture is the only new one.

Here in all his glory is Rossi working hard setting up the tests to fool the Swedes. You notice we did not add Levi to that group. See the comments and highlighted picture after this raw picture of Rossi in his “lab.”

If you click on the photo it will open up a larger picture.

RossiTest3 RossiTest3H

We want to bring to your attention the three highlighted areas.

  1. You will notice that Rossi is using an IR camera to monitor the temperature.
  2. Also notice that Rossi is testing the three input legs from his own power panel to see if he can read any current in them.
  3. And last of all notice that this version of the device is different from the ones in the 2013 and 2014 tests and reports. We take that to mean Rossi didn’t need the exact device used in the 2013 and 2014 tests to set up the scam, just a tube, some resisters, and a K-TC.

This e-cat looks very similar to the early ones, (first test), with the resistors going straight along the body instead of in a spiral like the last test. This one does not have the flange on one end, i.e. that means this is not a real test for a commercial device.

The control boxes look identical to the control boxes in the latest Elforsk-Levi 2014 Report #2.

We were told the caption under the picture read:
“Andrea Rossi working on a Hot-Cat in his laboratory in Ferrara, Italy.”
We were also told that there is no comment as to when the picture was taken.
Now that is interesting because we are told, Vessela Nikolova is claiming copyright for this picture, so this must be a recent picture. (Her book just came out).

Rossi and Darden are telling us that Industrial Heat LLC has their research lab in the USA. Why then is Rossi doing research on the hot cat in Ferrara, Italy, if it’s true that Industrial Heat LLC owns the rights to the e-cat, and their operation is at:
111 East Hargett Street
Suite 300
Raleigh, NC 27601 USA

Darden said that his company Industrial Heat LLC built the hot cat in the USA and shipped it over to Switzerland. We are also told that Industrial Heat LLC purchased the rights to the e-cat and started operations in the USA in 2012.

See our story here: Thomas F. Darden LIES about the ‘Elforsk-Levi Test #2’


The smell just keeps getting worse and worse.


October 28, 2014